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On Angels' Wings...

... for the love of a mortal

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Unexpected Destinies Chapter 202
cas dean
Title: Unexpected Destinies
Rating: R
Spoilers: up to and including Exile on Main St., AU from the end of season 5
Warnings: AU, slash, war/battle scenes
Word Count: 2,928
Summary: The Battle of Sabratha begins...


Simiel felt the lips of her vessel pull down as if tugged by invisible strings as she recognized Raziel standing beside Michael and Raphael. So, the demon's psychic had been right, another archangel had reappeared to join Michael's side. Miriel, one of her few remaining sisters who had joined Lucifer had said that Raziel hadn't been seen in millennia. She'd thought him dead or insane after Jophiel's death but clearly she'd been mistaken. She didn't expect that he would view his bond mate's death as purely Jophiel's own fault. Lucifer hadn't wanted to kill her, he had in fact given Jophiel ample opportunities and time to lay down her weapon unharmed, but she had refused and instead fought on, forcing their older brother's hand.

Instead of joy, Raziel's presence now only filled Simiel with frustration and regret for what he was about to force her or Lucifer to do. In the end it mattered little to their plans, though, and would merely complicate matters slightly, but she was sure that she could manage. And if not, her brother had plenty of cannon fodder about that would suite perfectly as a distraction if needed.

The arrival of Heaven's garrisons didn't surprise Simiel so much as it annoyed and displeased her. There they were, all those brothers and sisters of hers that were so much better than the creatures that Father had betrayed them for. She just didn't understand it. How could they be loyal to someone who had cast them aside as if they were both expendable and replaceable? How could they continue to follow Him so blindly?

She was Loyalty and even she didn't get it. To be loyal was to be true, but not in the face of complete, utter and outright betrayal. Simiel had tried to understand it before and had failed, so now it was no more than a passing thought. Her own loyalties had always lain with her older brother Lucifer who had been her closest sibling from the day of her creation and, unlike their Father, he had never given her any reason to question or doubt her unfailing commitment to him.

"Simiel," Lucifer sent. "Is that Raziel whose presence that I sense?"

"Yes, it is, Brother, and before you ask, he is standing with Michael," Simiel replied. "I will take care of him."

"Very well, but then let the demons help with Raphael."

"I can handle it, Lucifer."

"Do not forget that Castiel will also be close by, Sister. He always is when Dean Winchester was involved, even before they bonded."

The contempt and disgust in her brother's voice as he spoke of the abominable connection perfectly matched Simiel's own feelings on the matter. Even having to inhabit the shell of a human was enough to make her feel soiled if she thought about it too closely. She couldn't imagine actually touching one voluntarily, forget entirely about actually bonding with it. If it wasn't with Michael right now, she'd take a lot of pleasure in tearing it apart for daring to have ruined her naive little brother so thoroughly. Unlike any of the others, there was no hope for Castiel and all that there was left to do was to put him down.

It wouldn't even grieve Simiel to do as he was no longer a brother of hers or even an angel at all anymore, not with how Castiel had chosen to pollute his very Grace. In fact, it would be her pleasure to finally end his ruin.

Like putting down any other creature that had lost its way, much as Father had done with the Great Flood.

In that way Simiel was almost looking forward to being able to end the thing that had once been one of her little brothers. It was a last act of filial obligation that she could perform in memory of what he had once been.


From the moment that Michael had vanished with Dean, Bobby had been ready to go, needing to follow the boy into battle as he just couldn't stand to not be there with his favorite Winchester. Castiel, however, had needed to do a few things and it had been all that he could do not to snap at the idjit angel.

Only the knowledge that Castiel loved and cared for Dean more than even he could possibly comprehend stilled his tongue, but it was difficult. The knowledge that arguing would only slow things down helped a little, but he still wasn't used to just standing around and waiting while one of the boys was in trouble. It grated on his nerves and he wasn't the only one.

"Sam," Gwen warned when the youngest Winchester looked like he was going to step up to where Castiel stood stock still once more.

"I can't do it any longer!" Sam exclaimed.

"Interrupting Cas right now won't help."

"But I have to do something!"

"Do you have everything that you need?" Bobby questioned. "Knife, gun, shotgun, ammo?"

"Yes, damnit, Bobby! I'm not some dumb rookie," Sam snapped.

"No, but you're not exactly thinking straight right now either," Gwen countered calmly.

"My brother's out there facing Lucifer! You weren't there the last time, you didn't see what Lucifer did to him."

"He's got Michael with him this time," Bobby reasoned, trying desperately not to think of all of the blood that he'd found about when he'd been resurrected the last time.

"Yeah, so now he'll really want to kill Dean," Sam retorted.

"Yeah, well, Raziel and Raphael are there too," Gwen pointed out. "And we all know that if Dean were already in trouble that the absolute last thing that Cas would be doing right now would be just standing there."

That seemed to finally get through to Sam and the boy calmed, for which Bobby was grateful. It hadn't been doing anything for his own nerves even if it served as a suitable distraction. Glancing at his own supplies, he cursed as he realized what was missing.

"The water guns!" Bobby muttered, dashing to the weapons room.

The unexpectedness of it all had led him, and clearly the others, to just grab their usual weapons on autopilot, forgetting their newest one. Bobby still couldn't believe that he was taking a kid's toy (though colored an acceptable navy blue) into a full scale battle, yet at the same time he couldn't believe that he hadn't thought of it himself. It just made so much sense after Dean had first described it. As he grabbed all of them, he couldn't help but smile at the memory of the neon pink one that Dean had bought Gwen in jest. She'd really tried to kick his ass for that little stunt during their next sparing match, but she just hadn't quite managed it, even with that as an incentive.

"I'll get the extra Holy water," Sam said as he entered the room.

"Good," Bobby muttered as Gwen helped him load their guns.

By the time that they were done, so was Castiel, for which Bobby was ever so grateful.

"So what's the situation?" Sam demanded.

"Not good," Castiel replied gravely. "I shall put you down behind the first garrison. They are attempting to cover the retreat of the humans who were in the area. You should be able to help achieve that far better than my brothers and sisters can."

"What? No, I want to help fight!" Sam exclaimed.

"Sam-" Gwen began.

"The faster we get the humans out, the less of them that can be possessed," Castiel interrupted. "And so the less demons that Lucifer has as well as the more people saved or a lower body count. No matter how you look at it, that is helping."

"We'll do it," Bobby stated before Sam could argue.

It might not have sunk in for the idjit boy just yet, but Bobby had never been under any illusions whatsoever as to his position or ability to help in this particular battle. Not with the scale of it this time and all of the angels and demons that would be involved. It was almost enough to make him question the logic of even attempting to help out, but it just wasn't in him not to do so.

"Bobby-" Sam protested.

"Shut up, ya idjit. Do you want to get there or not?"

Sam's mouth snapped shut at that and Bobby nodded once at Castiel as he took Gwen's hand. "Let's go."

"Prepare yourselves, I've been told that it's not pretty," Castiel replied as he reached out to touch Bobby and Sam.

"Is a battle ever?" Gwen asked just before the world vanished around them.


Castiel had briefed all of his garrison leaders on their battle plans before Lucifer had forced their hand and altered the location of the battle, but it meant that they were all well aware of what the archangels had originally had in mind. Therefore he'd only needed to inform them of the alterations that he wished them to make to their strategy.

Still, it had taken far longer than Castiel would have liked even though he knew from Michael that Lucifer had yet to actually arrive on site. Just the knowledge that his bond mate was out there already and he wasn't was enough to make him anxious and want to be there at his beloved's side. It got to the point where he wished that he wasn't the Sheriff of Heaven and only had to worry about himself and Dean, but he knew he couldn't do that. Besides, then he'd probably be worrying about their backup.

As they approached, Castiel took great care to select a spot well away from any immediate fighting to put down his friends. Sam might not like it, but he knew that it was better if they had a few moments to orient themselves before needing to fend off any demons. He knew that he'd made the right decision when he saw the looks of pure and utter shock that crossed their faces as they took in the chaos all around them.

"We need to get all of the humans out that way," Castiel informed them, pointing towards the best exit road. "And the heaviest part of the fighting is that way."

"Where's Lucifer?" Sam demanded.

"We don't need to worry about him, Sam," Gwen tried.

"I want to know."

Castiel regarded his brother-in-law (he believed that was the correct human phrase) for a moment before relenting. "Lucifer has apparently not yet arrived, but Dean and Michael are over there."

His bond mate was easily visible as his brothers had chosen the highest ground around to make their initial assessment of the situation. Castiel felt that it was just another sign of Lucifer's continued arrogance that his brother hadn't already had it claimed before their arrival, even if it was pretty small and not the best place for a command post that he'd ever seen.

"What's with all of the angel blades?" Bobby asked, pointing towards angels that had them out but were exorcising demons with their bare hands.

"I have instructed all of my brothers and sisters to have them out," Castiel explained. "That way you can more easily see who is an angel and who isn't as only strong demons can pick up and wield an angelic blade."

"Oh, okay, good thinking," Gwen said.

"Go," Sam urged and Castiel worried that his hesitance had been too obvious. "Go help Dean, we'll be good here."

Castiel only waited long enough to check that Bobby and Gwen agreed with Sam's sentiment before flying off.


"I'll get the children out," Raziel stated looking over at him.

"Good, I will cover Michael's back," Raphael replied, glad not to have to deal with the terrified and traumatized children.

He would have had he needed to, as Raphael knew how important they were, but he had no experience with human children. He found the adults difficult enough to understand and he'd been told that children were even more trying due to their immature minds not yet having formed properly. One of his sisters had told him that the logic of human children was whimsical at best.

"Is Lucifer still calling to you, Mike?" Raziel inquired.

"No, he has stopped," Michael replied before taking to flight.

Raphael and Raziel instantly followed, though they split from their older brother's path just before landing. The crying children screamed upon their sudden arrival and he winced at the sound and the sight of the blood on the dead ones.

"This is completely unacceptable, Simiel," Michael thundered. "They were innocent and helpless."

"They were human, that is reason enough," Simiel shot back.

"Come here," Raphael told the children in Arabic, gesturing for them to crowd behind him while Raziel took the first few to safety.

The sudden disappearance of his brother with some of their number clearly frightened and unnerved them, but faced with the choice between him and Simiel, they clearly decided to take their chances with him as they rushed to hide behind him, huddling together. Movement to his left drew his attention towards the demons that were circling the ruins and he materialized his blade, hoping that it would be enough to hold them at bay until Raziel had successfully taken all of the children to safety. It left him only partially able to keep an eye on Michael, but without Lucifer's presence, he knew that his older brother could keep an eye on his surroundings as well as Simiel.

Besides, Raphael knew that Dean would never forgive him if he sacrificed the children's lives in order to watch his bond brother's back.

The screaming of the children told Raphael that Raziel was back and he glanced over quickly to see his brother just grabbing hold of as many children as he could and flying off with them rather than attempting to calm them first. It was probably for the best as he doubted that Raziel would be successful in reassuring them, not with what had already happened and all of the carnage transpiring all around them.

Two particularly daring or stupid demons attempted to sneak in behind him and Raphael whirled around to face them. The first he skewered on the end of his sword, while he pressed his palm to the forehead of the second, easily burning it out of existence. He saw little need to waste time banishing the demons back to Hell as that would only leave them free to work their way out in the future to terrorize and attack humanity again at a later date. No, it was far better to just destroy them entirely and ensure that they could never harm anyone ever again.

The next time that Raziel returned, his brother was accompanied by two of their sisters and together they managed to gather the last of the children so Raphael turned all of his attention back to Michael and Simiel.


"Jesus," Bobby swore as he had a brief moment to look around.

Not for the first time since arriving was he seriously wondering what in God's name he'd been thinking when deciding that coming here was a good idea. The whole place was a veritable warzone.

An angelic and demonic warzone.

With all of the power and might that the other participants had, it was a miracle that he was even still alive at all no matter that he hadn't even been here all that long. Despite that, Bobby had already lost track of the number of times that he'd nearly been killed since arriving. It was all just a blur of fighting and for each demon that he managed to drive off, another ten seemed to take its place. At first he, Sam and Gwen had tag teamed the demons trying to chase after the fleeing tourists, but he'd gotten separated from the others five or ten minutes ago. He wasn't quite sure how it had happened, but one minute they'd been back to back and the next he'd looked over his shoulder to find them gone. He was trying to find Sam and Gwen again, but it seemed that every time that he turned around he was faced with yet another demon determined to kill him.

"Eat this," Bobby growled, pumping the demon trying to disembowel him full of rock salt.

The black eyed son of bitch was flung back with the force of the shot and Bobby used the opportunity to put his back up against the nearest crumbling wall. Able to catch his breath, he used the shelter to reload his shotgun from his rapidly dwindling supply of rock salt rounds. He'd already used the last of his Holy water to refill his water gun for the last time, though he'd resisted firing it, preferring to leave it in case of emergency. Which would be pretty damn soon if things kept up at this rate.


The call came from his left and Bobby turned to find a quartet of demons standing just a short distance away. Although he didn't recognize their meatsuits, there was nonetheless something vaguely familiar about them and he frowned as he tried to work out why, especially with how distracting the leftmost female one was. The memory failed to come to him until the demon at the other end of the row spoke once more.

"I am legion, for we are many."

Oh shit. That was Envy.

Which meant that the others had to be Lust, Wrath and Sloth.

He was so screwed.

A.N.: Okay, so I've finished watching season 9 and OMG! That ending? That was awesome, I love it! (angst-queen remember?) I really, really, really love it!
So, what I'm asking you guys now is to rec me your favorite fics dealing with that episode and what happened. Nothing that spoils season 10 as I've not seen anything there yet, but whatever got written during the break that was good. I'll even leave the OTP a little to read a different pairing which I'm sure those of you who've seen the episode can guess. Please?

Chapter 203

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I can *see* the battle, and your explanation of Simiel just rocks!

New chapter is now up.

Poor Bobby! Still, you can't have the Apocalypse with the sins!

Oh, how convenient, I can log in with my Twitter account.

Thanks for the update. Poor Bobby...

Yes, poor Bobby. There's more on his situation in the newest chapter.

Another awesome chapter. :) I love getting a feel for how the different players feel going in. I can feel Sam's frustration, Bobby's trepidation, Simiel's revulsion. Great job!

Thanks! And most of the chapters in this battle with be multiple pov as there is just so much going on and doing it like this makes it easier to show the timing of everything.

wohoo, let the battle begin!

Nice to see an update so soon!
It's interesting to read more about Simiel's view of things - talk about misguided loyalty here...and Raphael really seems to have gotten the point of humanity now; he's even copying Dean in calling Michael 'Mike' :)
Poor Bobby, I hope he's going to get some help with the remaining Deadly Sins.
...is it just me or is Sam back in the 'spoiled brat and prideful idjit' area in this chapter? I mean yeah, he wants to help, but he's got no chance in an angelic battle with Lucifer, so he should shove it with the complaints.

As for a post-S9 AU, try 'It's dark inside' from FictionalNutter. It's IMO more of a humoristic take on the new situation than angst, but worth the read.

Re: wohoo, let the battle begin!

Yep, misguided, but still loyal. It was interesting getting into her head. As for Raph, he hasn't called Michael Mike, that was Raziel who did it in this chapter.
Lol, more on that in the new chapter.
Well, both brothers do tend to go into fights where they're hopelessly outclassed on a regular basis in the show. So it wasn't so much that he's regressing as being his old self.
Thanks for the link! It's quite interesting.

Wah cliffhanger end! I'm on tenderhooks for Bobby now. Sam still annoys me a lot, and I don't fault you for it because he does give me the same feeling in canon too.

Yep, a cliffy. There will be a lot of those over the course of this battle. In fact if a chapter ends without one it'll probably be a surprise!
Me too :)

Good job as always, it's good to have you back! What pairing were you talking about when you wrote about the end of season 9 (I haven't seen it, didn't like the way it was going, though I do know what happens at the end)? I wanted to ask, when you're finished with UD, are you going to continue Atlas Shrugged? I'm so craving a time-travel story, and there are very few of those in the SPN fandom (which is crazy, come to think of it. So much potential!)! And from what I remember, this first chapter was pretty awesome.
Well, anyway...
See you soon!

Let's just say it's also one that can be abbreviated D/C.
It is one of the things on my to do list afterwards. I make no promises as to when though.
More of UD up now.

Ooh! A new chapter so soon. Can't rec any fics though, this is the only Supernatural fic I've read in years...

What, really? There are a lot of good ones out there.

This was so amazing! I can't wait to read more!!!!!!

More up now...

Aw, yeah! So glad I came to check for updates when I did!

There's even more up now...

I really, really hated season 9 of Supernatural, I thought most of the episodes were cheesy and the plot was nowhere near as clear as season 8's. I think my hopes for s9 were dashed once the dog episode came out - that killed it for me.
But hey, opinions are opinions, and mine is no better than yours.
This chapter was great, I really loved the descriptions of the battle - and of the children. It was chilling.

You did? Why? There was so much more of a Dean focus than there has been for the past few seasons. Did you watch it all or did you give up partway through?

Post Season 9 Finale stories

Have been following this story for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed it, tho' this is the first time I have commented.

Have you tried 'A Demonstrably Bad idea' by Lampito on ffnet? Perhaps it is not your cup of tea as it is not totally angsty... but it is worth a read!

Re: Post Season 9 Finale stories

Thanks for following and commenting, it's appreciated!
I had a quick peak, but I can't do that genre. silliness and comedy can work for me, but there needs to be a core of consistency and seriousness as well. Thanks for the rec though.

Simiel, I'm really starting to like her. She's very interesting.

Lol, like isn't the word most people would use but I get you.

Update, I'm so happy that you didn't abandon this fic.

And YES!!! I love the season 9 ending so much. Finally a curve ball I wasn't prepare for it. I only hope the writers won't let this great plot point going to waste. Unfortunately I didn't have much luck finding story dealing with the ending. But please let me know if you come across any good one =)

I never would, I love it too much!
Yay, glad someone else did. A lot of people seem to have been too teary over it. I love it when my favorite characters are put into bad situations! All I've found is what was rec'd above.

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