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dean laughs

On Angels' Wings...

... for the love of a mortal

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And Trickster Makes Three, Part 6
dean pain
Title: And Trickster Makes Three
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Dean, Gabriel/Dean/Castiel & Gabriel/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: set early season 5, particularly "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester" & "Changing Channels", plus a minor little spoiler for some information we learn about angels in "Exile on Main Street".
Warnings: slash, AU, switch!Castiel, sub!Dean, bare backing, orgasm denial, Grace!sex, oral, het, dom!Gabriel, threesome, reference to previous gender bending, wing!fic, double penetration
Word Count: 51,385
Note: This fic was written for the deancasbigbang 2014. It is the third in the Trinity Trilogy and cannot be read on its own without reading the first two fics in the trilogy.
Summary: After Avalon, Dean is plagued by doubts about his role in his new relationship with Castiel and as he struggles to come to terms with it, he also has to deal with Sam asking questions and the little fact that there is an Apocalypse going on. So when Gabriel shows up, it does not make things any easier, but rather far more complex, especially when Dean starts to subconsciously remember his last meeting with the archangel.

Beta: aerilex

Artist: chemart - Art Masterlist

Awareness returned to Dean with a painful shock and he was already crawling away backwards from the source of it even before he realized just who it was that was standing over him.

"Lucifer," Dean spat, pulling himself upright with the help of a conveniently placed table.

A quick glance around showed that they were in a nondescript hotel lobby of some kind which luckily was deserted other than them. Well, unless it had gotten that way because the guests and employees had already all been slaughtered.

"Dean Winchester," Lucifer replied, looking at him like he was a bug to be squashed.

"That's my name, don't overuse it," Dean retorted, taking stock of himself.

Other than being unconscious, the only thing that seemed to have happened to him was that he'd been disarmed. Which, though annoying (he'd liked that shotgun!), was hardly important as it wasn't like he could have done anything with those weapons anyway.

"You are irreverent, outspoken and fierce, I can see why you would interest Gabriel."

Dean blinked, completely thrown. "What?"

"Oh, did you think that your bonding with my brothers wasn't known? Or that I wouldn't be able to see it?"

"I hadn't really given it much thought."

"Why? Did you not think it significant that you had brought two angels so low? Especially when one is an archangel. I would think that you would consider it a significant victory to have tarnished them so."

Disbelief was the first and foremost emotion that Dean felt, though it was swiftly followed by anger. "Now look here, you arrogant, prejudiced bastard, I did not ruin either Cas or Gabe. I love them and they me."

Though a mirror on the wall nearby cracked unexpectedly, Lucifer himself showed no emotional response to his words and Dean cursed as he remembered how hard to read most angels were. Castiel had come so far and Gabriel was so human that he'd lost track of what normal angels were like. Not that the devil was a normal angel, but in this particular case he was more like them than not.

"It would be so easy to destroy you so that not even Gabriel could save you," Lucifer merely replied.

As far as threats went, it wasn't the most creative or original that Dean had ever heard, but it scared him more than any other threat ever had. Not only because of who was making it, but also because he knew what it would do to his lovers and brother to know that he'd been completely incinerated rather than merely killed.

"Yeah, so why don't you?" Dean asked, raising his chin in defiance.

"It would mean not being able to face Michael, and I will not let you deny me that."

Oh, fuck, Dean so didn't like where the devil was going with that!

"I won't say yes," Dean stated.

"We shall see. You broke once or I wouldn't be here."

"That was before I knew what was at stake!"

Lucifer moved closer and it was all that Dean could do to stand his ground. Unlike Gabriel, the devil had no qualms about spilling his power everywhere and it crackled against his skin, making it crawl. It was as Lucifer came to stop close to him that he felt a faint flicker at the back of his mind where his bonds were anchored. Hope flared through him, but he suppressed it immediately and prayed that the devil was so confident of his superiority that Lucifer wasn't reading his mind. He focused most of his attention on the here and now, but he did also start chipping away at the block keeping him from his lovers.

Without warning, the devil's hand shot out and grasped his chin, turning it first one way and then the other.

"Hey!" Dean protested, trying and failing to pull himself free. "Dude, paws off."

"I can see why you would have fascinated Oberon."

Dean froze at those words. Oh this wasn't good. "I'm just inherently likable," he shot back.

"I rather doubt that was what intrigued him," Lucifer replied. "I must remember to congratulate little Castiel. That was a very clever idea of him, though I do now remember hearing of his tactical prowess before from Anael."

That Dean didn't quite know what to say to. Part of him wanted to pretend that it had been his idea in order to prevent any of the devil's attentions from swinging to his lovers, but it seemed like he was already too late for that.

"Well, you know, whatever we can do to be a thorn in your side," Dean said instead.

"Do you believe that your words have an effect or do you just babble when afraid?"

Dean scowled. "I don't babble, buster."

"If I didn't know my brother, I would say you're a very poor submissive, but I do know Gabriel, which leaves me to conclude that it must be unlocked."

"I've got a very long and colorful track record of not doing what I'm told with only a few exceptions, so I wouldn't hold your breath."

When Lucifer released his chin, Dean had only a second of relief before he was raised by the throat and shoved up against the wall. His attempts to pry the fingers off only resulted in him being lifted up higher so he could only breathe by balancing on the tips of his boots.

"I do not need to breathe," Lucifer stated calmly. "I am not so fragile."

Dean didn't know if it was his own growing desperation or just sheer coincidence, but suddenly there was a flicker at the back of his mind from his bonds.

"Cas? Gabe?" Dean asked desperately, reaching back at them.

"Dean, stop," Castiel ordered. "Do not try to open our connection any further."

"What? Why not?"

"To do so would be to alert Lucifer to our success," Gabriel explained.

"Oh, you have a plan then?" Dean asked.

"Yes," Castiel replied.

"Do you trust me?" Gabriel demanded.

"What? Yes, of course," Dean responded immediately.

"Then say yes and let me in."

At this Dean had to resist the temptation to physically display his surprise. "I thought I could only house Michael."

"It is generally not recommended as it is uncomfortable and dangerous," Castiel explained. "But as you were meant for Michael, you will be more than capable of handling Gabriel, even enhanced with my Grace and strength."

"Okay, yes," Dean replied before focusing back on Lucifer. "Good for you."

Even as Dean could start to feel something happen at the back of his mind, he could tell how the devil's gaze turned more critical. It caused an automatic gut reaction within him but he forced it down and instead concentrated on making himself as small within his meat suit as possible. It was something he could do only because he had been a soul before and therefore knew himself as such.

"You are even more pathetic than most of the other humans," Lucifer stated. "How can you be deemed the pinnacle of all of Father's creations? His long awaited Righteous Man?"

"I can't answer the latter," Dean answered, feeling as if his voice came from far away. "But as for the former, maybe you and God hold different priorities. Could be why you were put into time out in the first place. Hasn't it taught you better than to throw temper tantrums?"

"Dean!" Castiel hissed even as Gabe made a vaguely strangled sound. "Stop antagonizing Lucifer."

"S'okay, Lucy, has already said he won't kill me, he wants to face Mike."

"Yeah, well, Deano, Lucy, as you've so irreverently nicknamed him, is not known for his even temper. He can be pushed past it quite easily to do something he'll later regret but by that point it'll be too late for you."

"So you want me to play nice with the devil?" Dean choked as Lucifer tightened the hand around his throat.

"You impertinent little mud monkey. Has it occurred to you that Father may have left precisely because of how atrociously you turned out? Because even the best of his beloved humans was in the end a disappointment of the highest degree?"

That hit home in a way that Dean would never admit to but something must have shown on his face as the devil smiled triumphantly and relaxed his hand a little.

"That's right, Dean," Lucifer continued cruelly. "Is there a father that you didn't disappoint and drive off?"

"Is there one you haven't?" Dean shot back unthinkingly.

Luckily just then Dean could feel his bonds blow open and then Gabriel was rushing in.

"Oh, and Lucy, surprise!" Dean spat before he folded in on himself completely.

It was by far the strangest experience of his life, deliberately pulling away from his meat suit like this, but then Gabriel was there, his lover's Grace pouring in to fill the space he'd left. He could also sense some of Castiel there and he had no idea how that was possible, but it made it even easier to relax into the experience and to not instinctively resist.

Gabriel was bright and intense and Dean could easily see how his archangel could burn someone up. Yet for all of that his lover didn't burn him when Gabe's Grace touched his soul. It did feel like it could overload him quite easily, but it stayed just on the right side of 'too much' as Gabriel slipped inside of him, filling him up entirely. Both of the handprints on his arms itched and glowed and his bonds were blown open wider than ever before.

When Dean finally connected with the outside world again, it was to see his reflection in Lucifer's eyes and what he saw stunned him. His eyes and mouth were aglow with celestial light and gave him a weird ethereal glow so that in some ways he hardly recognized himself.

"No!" Lucifer exclaimed letting go of his throat and stepping back in horror. "Impossible... Gabriel, how?"

"Hello, Lucy, long time no see," Gabriel replied and boy did that feel weird for Dean.

He could still feel everything but he was no longer in control. Dean was now instead just a passenger, but rather than feeling like he'd been shoved aside, he felt like he was being lovingly and protectively cradled and shielded. The latter was an odd sensation, but a nice one as well. Plus the fact that he could sense and feel both of his lovers helped.

"How are you doing this?" Lucifer demanded. "He is not your vessel."

"No, but he is my sub and we are fully bonded as such," Gabriel explained.

"He has corrupted you, Brother!"

"I am not the one who has been corrupted, it is you and Michael who have lost your way. You first and him since."

"And you think you are correct?" Lucifer sneered.

"I am one of the few still following Father's last command to look after humanity."

"Father is gone, Gabriel. End this pointless charade before it gets you killed. It's not worth dying for."

"You're the only one seeking to become a kin slayer here, Brother," Gabriel replied.

Dean felt a flash of realization as he got that doing so was precisely what Gabriel thought that he'd have to do here. It gave him hope that they could end this Apocalypse here and now, but at the same time he felt horrible for needing to have his archangel in this position at all. A tendril of Grace curled around him and he recognized it as Cas and he tried to respond without doing anything to distract Gabe.

"You leave me with little choice," Lucifer stated.

"There is always a choice," Gabriel countered. "And you can't harm Dean if you want to face Michael."

"He doesn't need to be whole for that."

With that Lucifer lunged forward with his blade and Dean felt the adrenaline shoot through him as Gabriel reacted and moved, drawing his own blade out of wherever angels stored them. They met in midair with a reverberation that sent a shock through Dean and he realized there must be a Grace element to it that he didn't fully understand.

"Oh, did I mention that Castiel was here as well?" Gabriel asked tauntingly when a shocked expression crossed the devil's face.

"Grace linked and shared," Lucifer murmured as he pulled back and laughed. "Well played, Gabriel, but you're forgetting one thing, Brother. Dean is human."

As Lucifer went on the offensive again and Gabriel reacted, Dean could feel a weird tugging at his soul but since it came from his lover, he tried to relax into it. There was also a flood of power and more Grace from his bonds and it took him a moment to realize that Gabe was somehow siphoning off power from both him and Cas to boost his own power. It seemed to be enough as his archangel was holding his own, much to Lucy's obviously growing disbelief and shock.

"You underestimate humans once more, Lucifer. Dean's more powerful than you give him credit for. And unlike what would be the case with Michael, he's actively letting me use his soul's power."

Was that what he was doing? It was news to Dean, but he was glad to learn that he was actually doing something other than just sitting on his ass. An odd sensation from behind him was the only indication he had that Gabe was about to do something. Then things went fuzzy before they were on the other side of the room.

Dean shook his soul head as he tried to process that before he stared. On the other side of Lucifer stood another version of himself, only that version had two large pairs of wings protruding from his back. Of course, with Gabe and Cas in him just now, he'd have wings. It was kind of cool because between them, the angelic blade he held and the defensive position his archangel had them in, he (they?) looked bad ass. Well, other than the strange glow anyway, that just made them look like sparkly vampire wannabes.

Then Lucifer turned around and glanced at both of them in disappointment. "You forget that you learned all your tricks from me, Gabriel."

The foreign sense of pain and regret that shot through him made Dean feel really bad about having to have his lover in this situation, but it had been almost inevitable that they'd end up here given the devil's determination to wipe out humanity. Wordlessly, Gabriel made both them and the fake them advance on Lucifer and though he desperately wanted to inquire as to his archangel's strategy, the last thing that he wanted to do was to distract Gabriel now of all times.

What happened next happened so quickly that Dean had trouble keeping up. One moment Lucifer stood equidistant between them, angelic blade held at the ready and the next he'd moved, striking out and burying his sword to the hilt in the other Dean. Gabriel moved equally quickly and had skewered the devil before Lucifer had fully realized that he'd miscalculated.

The look of complete and utter shock on the devil's face would normally have caused triumph to shoot through Dean, but the knowledge of what Gabriel had to do next killed the impulse at the source.

"You may have taught me everything, but you constantly underestimate humanity," Gabriel stated sadly.

"How'd he do that?" Dean asked, directing his thoughts at Cas.

"When he took you as his vessel, Gabriel deliberately hid some of our combined powers. Then he gave the duplicate the appearance of that amount of power while unmasking our own," Castiel explained.

"Making us look too powerful."

"Yes, exactly."

"Do you know what you've done?" Lucifer demanded, blood leaking from his lips.

"Freed humanity from angelic interference," Gabriel stated before he pulled his blade up once, sharply.

There was a sudden bright flare of Grace like the sun before Lucifer feel back to the floor with two dark wings burned into the carpet. For a moment they just stood there, staring at the corpse of the vessel in shock, hardly able to believe that it was all over. When it finally started to sink in, Dean felt relief at the knowledge that it was really done. When it was echoed by both of his angels it took him a moment to realize that there was also a relief in having that whole Sunday dinner fiasco come to an end despite how painfully it had done so. That was what Gabe had wanted, after all, even before his archangel had decided to join them.

Before Dean could say anything to either of his angels they were no longer alone in the room. His heart sank as he realized that it was Zachariah.

"Michael?" Zachariah inquired uncertainly.

Gabriel snorted. "I've not been away that long, Zachy boy."


"There you go, I knew you could do it."

"But... what have you done?"

"Cancelled the Apocalypse, duh."

The look of sheer horror and disbelief on Zachariah's face made Dean laugh. It was about time that someone put the bastard in his place. The douche deserved it after all that Zachariah had done to him and Sam.

"But it was ordained by Father!" Zachariah sputtered helplessly.

"Father is gone and before you mention Michael, he can come talk to me if he doesn't like it."

With that Gabriel spread their wings and took to flight. Angel Air was quite different from this point of view though Dean still couldn't quite process it all, probably because he was human. When they landed, though, it was in his and Sam's motel room and they made his brother jump a foot in the air.

"Dean?" Sam demanded.

"Nope, just give us a few minutes," Gabriel replied.

"Is everything alright? Is Dean okay?"

"Dean is fine and Lucifer is dead."

"What's going to happen now?" Dean asked. "Is Michael going to come after you for this?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes. While Michael will be mad, furious even, he has never been big on smiting his siblings. Besides, he is far more practical than Lucifer and will see that there is nothing that he can do now."

"Okay, if you're sure."

"Yes, Deano," Gabriel laughed and Dean could feel fondness all around him.

It probably wasn't very sub-ish behavior of him, but he couldn't help it. He'd just always felt the need to look after those he cared about from as far back as he could remember.

"Okay, Cas, you first," Gabriel instructed and Dean was surprised to find them standing before the beds, one each of which held his lover's immobile vessels.

Gabriel brought them to Jimmy's meat suit and touched his forehead. With a last caress against his soul, Cas flowed out of them and back into his vessel. Dean watched in fascination as the lifeless body came to life and Castiel's wings appeared.

"Careful, Dean, those thoughts of yours are getting rather sappy," Gabriel teased.

"Bite me," Dean shot back, not caring that his archangel had caught the 'beautiful' and 'stunning' that had crossed his mind.

"Come on, let's get me back to where I belong before your brother loses his patience."

Though Dean couldn't move his head to check on Sam, his brother was hovering close enough for him to catch a glimpse out of the corner of his eye. Then he focused his attention instead on Gabe's vessel as his lover reached out and touched the body's forehead. As Cas had done, Gabriel took one last opportunity to envelope his soul before leaving him.

The loss of his second lover from within him made Dean sway a little as he was distracted from reclaiming his meat suit by the yearning to have his angels back with him, but luckily Sam was there to steady him.

"Dean? Are you alright?" Sam demanded, looking him over. "Are you okay? Did Lucifer hurt you?"

"He's fine, Sam," Castiel reassured, stepping close. "Just give him a moment to reorient himself. Being a vessel can be overwhelming."

"But he'll be fine?"

"Of course," Dean replied, shaking his head a little.

Now that he'd fully expanded within his body once more, he felt better. His bonds were more open than ever before and he could feel both Cas and Gabe really well. It wasn't quite like what it had been a few minutes ago, but now he had his autonomy as well so that was definitely a plus.

"I was so worried!" Sam stated, pulling him in for a hug.

"Yeah, I know, Sammy," Dean responded, not even wanting to think about what it must have been like for his brother. "But aside from a little rough handling, nothing happened."

"Good," Sam stated pulling back before hesitating. "Is it really over?"

"Yep," Dean said, looking at his angels and trying to decide how best to handle things. "How about we go have a drink to celebrate the aversion of the Apocalypse?"

"What, just a drink?" Gabe asked, stepping close and clapping Dean on the shoulder. "I think we can do a little better than that. It's seven point three billion lives we saved today, that calls for a hell of a lot more than a simple drink!"

Dean mock groaned though secretly he was curious as to just how a former Trickster would go all out.

"And then afterwards, I've got something special planned," Gabriel continued silently.

And apparently his angel could send emotions across the bond deliberately because that had been laced with more lust than it should have been. Dean couldn't help but wonder if he'd been tempting fate with his earlier thoughts. Oh well, it wasn't like he'd ever cared much about the fact that he lived dangerously.

When Dean was slowly woken it wasn't to the heart wrenching terror of a nightmare but rather to the delicious burn of being stretched and light teasing touches to his cock. Unthinkingly he mewled and pushed back against the- two? three?- fingers inside of him.

"Good morning, mine own," Castiel smiled before kissing his inner thigh tenderly.

"Morning, big boy," Gabriel added as fingers danced up his stomach and chest to his nipples.

Dean whimpered his reply as one finger found his prostate. He'd always loved morning sex and that hadn't changed now that he was the one being taken instead of doing the taking. If anything, it felt even more wonderful as he could still be half sleep for it, all loose and pliant. As if to prove his point, Castiel spread his fingers once more before pulling them out, much to his dismay.

He must have made a sound of protest because both of his angels chuckled, one of them nipping at the skin on the back of his neck before Cas started to push into him. "Patience, mine own."

Dean moaned at the nickname, his habitual delight of it clashing with the desire to have his lover take him from the front so that he could see him, though that vanished as soon as Gabriel shifted to be a little higher. His archangel claimed his lips in a dirty kiss and he moaned at the dual assault. When Gabe pulled back, he did so entirely and Dean nearly protested, but just then Cas thrust into him, hard, and he keened instead.

"Come on, big boy, time to get up," Gabriel said, tugging at his arms.

"Move?" Dean complained, not at all sure what his lover had planned but quite intrigued even if he really didn't want to move just now.


His two angels must have coordinated the move between them because they got Dean up onto his knees with his arms braced against the bed's headboard in no time. And all without Castiel slipping out from where his lover was buried to the hilt inside of him.

"Feel good?" Gabriel asked, appearing beside him.

Dean looked at his lover incredulously. Wasn't his moaning and straining erection enough indication that he was? Before he could reply, Gabriel's one hand came up to his neck to pull him into another dirty kiss while his lover's other hand dropped down to Dean's cock. He moaned as Gabriel gave him a few hard pulls which coincided perfectly with Castiel's thrusts within him and he knew that he'd come soon if they kept this up.

Not that Dean expected that he'd be allowed to. Not with the strange, giddy mood that both of his lovers were in.

Just as he'd feared, Dean soon felt a band of Grace wrap itself around the base of his cock even as both Castiel and Gabriel tightened their hold on his soul, preventing him from reaching that critical point that could almost quite literally fry his mind.

"Cas! Gabe!" Dean whined when his lips were finally released, kiss swollen and wet.

"Ah, ah, ah," Gabriel tsked when Dean tried to shift to face his archangel head on. "You just stay exactly as you are, big boy. You're gonna need that headboard real soon."

The promise in those words and his lover's lust dark eyes made Dean moan even as he tried to figure out what his lover was up to. He knew that there had to be something, but the fact that Gabe didn't seem to want his mouth or hands left him at a bit of a loss.

"We're gonna do something new tonight. Something which I know you've never had done to you and which I highly doubt that you ever did to a girl either," Gabriel teased.

Knowing that his archangel was enjoying himself far too much, Dean decided to appeal to the more sympathetic of his two lovers. "Cas!"

Both of his angels laughed and Castiel slowed his by now lazy thrusts even further, leaving Dean with only a gentle glide of cock within him that was more torturous than anything else. Even clenching down in the way that he knew that Cas loved didn't entice his lover to speed up.

"Guys!" Dean whined. "Please."

"Please, what, big boy?" Gabriel teased.

Bastard. "Please, take me!"

"You want us to fuck you?"




Dean was already opening his mouth when gentle fingers pushed his jaw back up.

"No, not there," Gabriel whispered softly.

It took a few seconds for the full meaning of those words to hit Dean, but when they did it was like an electrical shock. His eyes widened in surprise and he gaped at his archangel.

"I... you want..." Dean stammered.

"Double penetration, yes," Gabriel confirmed, watching him closely.

Dean wasn't even sure why his lover did that. It wasn't as if Gabriel needed to look at him to know how he felt about that particular suggestion, not when his lover could just feel it. Or maybe it was because he himself didn't know how he felt about it. His immediate response had been overwhelming shock, but after that it was a complex mix of disbelief, incredulity, intrigue, desire and fear. And though there was a part of him that had literally sat up and perked its ears, the same part of him that had been so taken with the dominance of Miss Chocolate Martini, the possessiveness of Cas and all of the power play implications of adding Gabe to the mix, there was also a whole lot of fear. And it was growing rapidly as he thought more about the logistics of the proposition. One cock already stretched him tight, he couldn't imagine what two might be like.

Of how much it might hurt.

"Hey," Gabriel chided. "You trust us enough to say yes, but not to do this right?"

The words made Dean's fear stop in its tracks and he blinked. His archangel made a really good point there. He had allowed his lovers in, given them free access to his soul and meat suit knowing full well that there was nothing to make them give either back to him and yet he hadn't even hesitated. So why the hell did he trust them any less now, with this?

Dean moaned as Cas shifted behind him, sliding further in until his lover was plastered against his back. His angel's arms then wrapped around him and Cas settled his chin on Dean's left shoulder.

"Do you remember our first time, mine own?" Castiel asked.

"Yes, of course," Dean replied immediately.

"Was there any pain then?"


"Do you think that would have been the case with a human lover?"

"No," Dean replied, getting the point.

"All you need to decide is whether you want to do this," Castiel said. "If you do, we will take care of the rest."

"And if you don't, then that's perfectly fine too," Gabriel added.

That his lovers were sincere with that offer, Dean knew for sure. So, did he want to try this? There was a part of him that didn't, but then some part of him had been afraid of every step that he'd taken of this nature since Avalon, so he ignored it to focus on what else he felt. Sexually speaking, there wasn't much that he hadn't been willing to try at least once before if with the right partners and now he definitely was. So, physically, if it wouldn't hurt, what would it feel like? Being even fuller than he currently was?

That made Dean's mouth go dry and he was nodding even as, impossibly, more arousal shot through him.

Gabriel grinned. "You won't regret this."

"I'd better not," Dean shot back. "Otherwise I might have to go find myself a better dom. I hear Michael's looking."

Dean yelped and then moaned as Gabriel snarled and his archangel's Grace tightened possessively around his soul. "No, mine!"

"P... prove it."

"Careful, mine own," Castiel laughed. "Provoking a dom is like playing with fire."

"Maybe I want to burn."

"Oh, you'll burn alright," Gabriel promised just as Dean felt a slick finger touch the stretched rim of his entrance.

God, it felt like Castiel was sealed tight inside him with no room to spare. How on Earth was Gabriel going to get a finger in there, much less his whole cock?

All coherent and rational thought fled Dean as his archangel wiggled and pushed his finger before managing to slide inside to the first knuckle.

"Holy fucking hell!" Dean exclaimed, the pressure intense, but then, so was the pleasure.

"I was rather hoping for Heaven instead of Hell there, big boy."

"Gabriel," Castiel pleaded and it was the first that Dean had thought of how this would feel for his first male lover.

Just the thought of it was enough to make him whine and he tried to thrust forward with his hips, but they were kept carefully immobile by Castiel.

"Slowly does it," Gabriel continued on shamelessly. "Patience is a virtue."

"As if you've ever been patient in your life," Castiel shot back.

Gabe laughed but obliged and pushed his finger in deeper. It... Dean had no words for the sensation as he gasped and clutched at the headboard for dear life. He wasn't going to survive this. Not if this was what one finger felt like. He was a dead man for sure.

But, oh, what a way to go!

Dean lost all track of time as his archangel slowly but surely opened him up more than he'd ever been. A nuclear bomb could have gone off outside and he'd never have known it, that was how completely his two lovers and what they were doing to him absorbed his attention. Somewhere along the line, his head had come to rest on his hands and a nearly endless stream of embarrassing little noises fell from his lips, but he was so far beyond caring anymore that it wasn't even funny. He probably wouldn't have even recognized himself anymore, but damn did it feel good!

His soul was entirely encased in Grace, both Castiel's and Gabriel's, while his body was as strung out on pleasure as he believed that it could possibly get. But then Dean had thought that earlier and somehow, impossibly, it had then increased even further. Peripherally he was aware of all of the wonderful little sounds that Cas breathed into his hairline, but he was definitely aware of how his lover felt as their bond was wide open just now and all of the pleasure and arousal that flowed into his soul spiraled him even higher himself.

Then, abruptly, most of the pressure and pleasure was gone and Dean and Cas both cried out in loss.

"Hush you two," Gabriel soothed them. "It's time for the main event."

Main event? Dean swallowed thickly as he suddenly realized that it had only been Gabriel's fingers in him alongside Castiel's cock. What in all that was holy would it feel like to really have Gabe in there with Cas? Not to mention for them to be fucking him together?

Then his angel was pulling out of him and Dean keened at the loss, feeling more empty than he could possibly imagine. Before he could protest any further, though, Gabe's hands were on his hips and he was being bodily lifted and placed into Cas' waiting arms.

"Are you ready, mine own?" Castiel asked, eyes blown.

"Yes!" Dean cried out, whimpering as he felt both of his lovers position themselves at his slicked and stretched hole.

There must have been more silent communication on their part as Dean didn't hear anything spoken aloud and yet they moved as one, slowly pushing up into him. He forced himself to relax as much as possible though he found that he was clutching at Cas' arms as his angels pushed slowly but steadily into him. His own moans had stopped now in favor for breathing deeply though his lovers had taken up the slack and he could only imagine what this felt like for them.

"Fuck!" Dean shouted as he was stretched past what he thought was possible.

Yet, as promised, Dean felt absolutely no pain. There was pressure, oh there was pressure! And pleasure. The latter was racing up his spine and zipping along the bonds between all three of them. One thing was for sure, if it wasn't for his angels, then he'd have come long ago. By now he was used to being pushed past that boundary, though, and it was good that he had been because he could already tell that this would take him even further than he'd ever gone before.

Dean was gripping Castiel's arms so hard he feared that he might bruise even an angel and every muscle in his body strained as the pressure grew and grew until, finally, it lessened as the heads of his lovers' cocks popped in past the rim of his entrance.

"Shit, fuck!" Dean exclaimed as he adjusted to the feel of having them both in him.

Gabriel laughed, dropping his forehead on Dean's shoulder. "So articulate."

Castiel huffed and leaned forward for a messy kiss when their eyes met. Dean forced himself to relax his grip on his angel's arms, just relaxing into it all. When Cas drew back to let him breath, he dropped his head back onto Gabriel's shoulder as his archangel's hands ran down his flanks.

His brain still mostly fried, Dean found it hard to force any words out, but he managed at least one. "Move."

"Castiel?" Gabriel asked.


Dean laughed at his lovers' monosyllabic replies, but it quickly turned into a moan as the pressure once again increased. Slowly but surely, inch by ever so slow inch, Cas and Gabe pushed deeper into him, stretching him wide and filling him up. He whined and wrapped his legs as best he could given the position around Castiel even as he reached back to clutch at Gabriel.

"Oh my..." Dean exclaimed, the rest lost in a keen.

"Fuck, but you're tight," Gabriel gasped before biting down on the meat of Dean's shoulder.

"Mine own, Gabe," Castiel moaned.

Then, finally, Dean felt them bottoming out within him and it was all that he could do to keep breathing. He was so full that he felt like he'd burst, but damn did it feel amazing!

It was... Dean couldn't describe it.

He was stuffed full, on the edge of orgasm and had his two lovers pressed up against him with their Graces fully enveloping his soul and taking it as surely as they did his body.

He couldn't be more submissive or more claimed and he loved it. For the first time since his own true nature had been revealed to him, Dean felt completely and utterly satisfied. Well not sexually as he still wasn't able to come, but in all other ways. There was no longer any part of him left out in the cold or desperately crying out for more. No, he had it now, all that he needed.

Now if only his lovers would just move and let him come.

"P... promised," Dean gasped out, voice high and needy. "Could... call... Mike."

Gabe snarled and then Dean's world went white with exquisite pleasure as his archangel shifted within him. After that it all became a blur of pleasure, pressure and need. His angels moved alternatively together and separately, constantly changing their rhythm, keeping him off balance. He honestly couldn't say which he preferred, when they moved together, it was like having his prostate stimulated by a cattle prod, but when they moved separately, it was a nonstop stimulation of his prostate. At some point he knew his lovers kissed over his shoulder.

It was all he remembered visually, though, as most of Dean's attention was focused on his body and his soul. Both of which were alight with pleasure and need and he was nearly senseless with it all.

When the Grace around his cock finally vanished, Dean howled and came, knowing one of his angels was using their Grace as he didn't black out despite the intense pleasure that shot through him. Whether it was because they felt that or because of how he clenched down on his lovers as he came, both of them followed him over the edge. He whimpered at the feel of them pulsing within him as their wet heat flooded inside of him.

Dean wasn't entirely sure how he went from there to lying collapsed on the bed snuggled up between his lovers, but he didn't really care. All he knew was that he was completely and utterly satisfied and boneless, drifting on the most blissful post coital haze that he'd ever experienced. Arms slid around his waist before wings followed suit and he was happy to note that both of his angels felt as unbelievably fantastic as he himself.

With Gabe and Cas still completely cocooning his soul, Dean slowly drifted off. For the first time in his life he could do so completely secure in the knowledge that he was both utterly safe and loved.

A.N.: I'd like to say a big thank you to my wonderful beta and artist, as this fic really wouldn't be what it is without the both of you! I hope everyone liked not only it, but the trilogy as a whole!

And for anyone who missed my last explanation post and is wondering what happened to me these past 10 months, you can see it here.

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asdfghjkl;!!! OMG! That was really freaking hot! The dynamics of relationships among angels...*dies*
And now I so sad it ended...I kinda wanted to see Dean hanging onto Gabriel/Castiel's neck in heaven lol.
Excellent come-back fic though! Totally worth the months of wait since I first saw the bigbang posting schedule! =D

Yay! Glad you liked it so much.
Well, I can't say anything about the heck thing, but there is one more scene that has been niggling away at the back of my mind so who knows? Perhaps there will be a little more.

Probably one of the BEST Gabe/Dean/Cas threesomes I have ever read.

Awesome! Reading your work is always a pleasure!

Really? Thanks, glad you liked it so much!


I loved it! Great conclusion to a scorching trilogy. Thank you!

Yay! Thanks for letting me know.

Awesome. Loved the angel relationship dynamics and the way you re-told the canon elements to suit your AU. A really fun read! :)

I'm glad you liked it!
Thanks for letting me know.

I thought I'd left a comment, but no...

I loved this. I thought it built on the story wonderful, and I loved the scorching hot sex! I love DP in fic, and there just isn't enough, so yeah. totally happy with that :-)

just well done, and thankyou for the wonderful conclusion to this story :-)'

edited to add: I love bratty subs, so I loved Dean teasing about going to Michael :-D

Edited at 2014-10-20 10:40 am (UTC)

Thanks! I'm really glad that you liked it so much and thanks for letting me know.

Ok so I've been waiting for this for sooooo long and it was definitely awesome. I love how you handle Cas/Dean so having Gabriel added in was a huge bonus. I have to confess I was reading the summaries for the big bangs and as soon as I saw this I knew it was yours and I was thrilled! It made me wish I could draw even a little so I could've claimed it and read it earlier, but sadly I can't draw.

Wonderful story, very verrrrry hot. I hope you'll write more Dean/Cas/Gabe in the future!

I'm really glad that it delivered on what you were hoping for!
Yeah, I was pretty sure that anyone familiar with the first 2 fics in the series would recognize it from the summary, but I didn't want to alter it to hide which fic this was.
Join the club, my creativity is restricted solely to the writing variety. I'm all thumbs with anything else.
Thanks for taking the time to let me know and who knows what the future will bring?

Oh My God !!!!! awesooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome !! as usual your writing is amazing ! i love your work :D

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

That was an amazing story (it took me 5 minutes to write this properly..) thanks for writing and posting!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it and I'm really glad you commented. With the longer fics that are posted in one go, comments are rare and thus even more appreciated than normal!

Keyboard smashing hotness

My heart thanks you! Season 5 left me feeling unsatisfied and cheated almost, which is why I especially love your re-write. I found it very believable that Gabriel/Dean/Cas on their own couldn't defeat Lucifer but were able to as a team. I have to admit that I love that you factored in Dean's status as the righteous man.

This was one of the first Dean/Gabriel fics that I've read and I'm really impressed with how you've handled them as couple - often in fanfic their similarities get in the way of a potential friendship and I really enjoyed the understanding that existed between them.

Lastly, out of curiosity I wanted to ask why you chose (if you'd considered)not to go with the conventional option of sam/gabriel as I've noticed that it popular pairing in fandom?

I'm glad that you liked it so much!

Well there are some really good ones out there that are well worth a read. Unfortunately it is a lesser pairing.

Why? Because I completely and utterly think that pairing to be impossible. There is absolutely no connection between Sam and Gabriel. Yes, "Mystery Spot" has Gabe focusing on Sam, but contrary to the pigtails thing most people pretend it to be, I see it as Gabriel tricking Sam and from "Tall Tales" we know that he tricks people that he doesn't like. Not ones that he likes. Then if you look at "Tall Tales", "Changing Channels" and "Hammer of the Gods" you will notice that it is always Dean who has the bigger interaction with Gabriel, often being with him alone or having the longer dialogue. There just isn't any real Gabe and Sam interaction beyond the blind hatred and tricking of "Mystery Spot."
While I readily admit that taking that and making it Dean/Gabe is stretching things, at least there is a basis for it. With Sam/Gabe there is no basis.
No, the reason it's popular in fandom is because the Sam fans felt that Sam needed his own angel and Gabe is pretty much the only other good one. Plus he's an archangel which, as one Sam girl said "Sam deserves as he's better than Dean and so would get a more powerful angel". And yes, that is a direct quote. The only way to make it work is to make either Sam or Gabriel OOC, which is why I never read fics with that pairing anymore, even as a background one, as I don't like the OOC.

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