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dean laughs

On Angels' Wings...

... for the love of a mortal

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And Trickster Makes Three, Part 4
cas dean
Title: And Trickster Makes Three
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Dean, Gabriel/Dean/Castiel & Gabriel/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: set early season 5, particularly "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester" & "Changing Channels", plus a minor little spoiler for some information we learn about angels in "Exile on Main Street".
Warnings: slash, AU, switch!Castiel, sub!Dean, bare backing, orgasm denial, Grace!sex, oral, het, dom!Gabriel, threesome, reference to previous gender bending, wing!fic, double penetration
Word Count: 51,385
Note: This fic was written for the deancasbigbang 2014. It is the third in the Trinity Trilogy and cannot be read on its own without reading the first two fics in the trilogy.
Summary: After Avalon, Dean is plagued by doubts about his role in his new relationship with Castiel and as he struggles to come to terms with it, he also has to deal with Sam asking questions and the little fact that there is an Apocalypse going on. So when Gabriel shows up, it does not make things any easier, but rather far more complex, especially when Dean starts to subconsciously remember his last meeting with the archangel.

Beta: aerilex

Artist: chemart - Art Masterlist

"Okay, now this is starting to get a little freaky," Dean stated as they turned yet another corner of the large hospital only to find it utterly deserted.

Just like the rest of the building.

"Starting? A little?" Sam repeated in disbelief. "I think you need to learn the meaning of understatement, Dean."

"Okay, so maybe it's more than a little freaky. Where the hell is everyone?"

"It's like they just upped and vanished on the spot. You ever heard of something like this?"

"No. What was it that Bobby said again?"

"You mean after he was done praising Cas to high heaven for repairing his legs?" Sam asked. "Just that there were whispers of something odd happening here."

"Whispers? That's all?"

"Apparently it started with a mandatory emergency vaccination that people had to come to the hospital to get."

"And what? They never returned home?"

"That's all that Bobby heard."

"Well that's just great. As if we don't have enough to do, what with tracking down and deringing three horsemen."

Sam snorted. "Did you ever pay attention in English class? I swear, it's like you don't even know the language half the time."

"Shut up."

The sudden clattering of something metallic echoed down the hall and both Dean and Sam went quiet. Judging from the sound, it came from ahead of them and towards the right, so they silently crept forward, carefully checking the rooms that they passed as they made for the fork on the corridor up ahead. Reaching it, Dean carefully peeked around the corner before stepping out into the hallway. He still couldn't see anyone, but there was more noise now, followed by cursing. Clearly someone was looking for something and not having any luck finding it.

As they crept down the hallway, Dean could suddenly guess which room it was that they'd want as there was light spilling into the corridor up ahead from what looked like it might be a nurse's station. Not really knowing what they were up against, they'd chosen to use their shotguns as their primary weapon, though they'd each brought their handguns as well as Ruby's knife and an ax. That way they should be covered for most situations.

When they'd reached the nurse's station, Dean held out his hand and slowly counted down so that when they moved forward, they did so together.

"Freeze!" Sam yelled, covering the brunette rummaging through the drawers while Dean scanned the area for anyone else.

"Hello, Sam," the woman said, turning around slowly. "You know, it's hard to send you a fruit basket if you don't let us know where you are."


"Meg," Dean growled, not finding anyone else.

"You're getting faster, Dean. Maybe there-" Meg broke off as she turned and caught sight of Dean, before looking at him speculatively. "Well, now isn't this interesting."

"What?" Dean demanded, not at all liking the look in the demon's eyes.

"You and your... glow shall we say."

"What are you on about now, Meg?" Sam demanded, fingers twitching on his gun in a way that Dean knew meant that his little brother was just itching for an opportunity to bury Ruby's knife into Meg's neck.

"What, you didn't think that sleeping with an angel would leave a mark?" Meg questioned, ignoring his brother to look right at him and Dean felt his heart skip a beat.

His first thought was to wonder how the hell she knew about that. His second was relief that he'd told Sam the truth about him and Cas' relationship as otherwise this would have been a shitty way for his brother to have found out.

"What are you talking about?" Sam demanded, glancing at Dean but keeping most of his attention on Meg.

"You don't know? Oh this is priceless. Daddy will be most interested as well I'm sure."

Dean's heart skipped another beat at the thought of Lucifer learning about him and Cas. Though he'd never met the devil, he could only imagine what Lucifer would think about one of his brothers sleeping with a human, and him of all humans too. It would not be good, that was for sure. But, first things first.

"Where is everyone?" Dean demanded. "What have you done with them?"

"I guess you could say that they're... everywhere."

"You killed them?"

"No, not quite. See this was our own little demon strip mall, with people lining right up for us to come choose from."

"You possessed them," Sam realized. "You put out that call about the vaccination and then took them as they came."

"Yep, I always knew you were the smart one, Sam. Why go out looking for meat suits when you can get them to come to you? Especially when we have so many who now need meat to do Daddy's bidding."

Horror washed through Dean and he didn't even want to think of how many people there had been who'd come in for the vaccination. Or how many of them had been kids. Lilith had proven that demons had no problem with possessing those far too young to even be able to comprehend what was happening to them or why. And what would happen to a kid like that who was freed? Would they ever be able to be normal again or would their innocence have been tainted forever or even corrupted?

"Where are they all now?" Sam demanded furiously.

"Like I said, everywhere. You're too late to help them, boys. Oh, that reminds me, how's Bobby doing? Has he gotten used to his wheelchair yet?"

"He's over that," Dean informed her gleefully. "He's up and walking again, which is more than I can say for you in a few moments."

For a moment it looked like Meg might reply, but then she was bailing on her meat suit.

"No!" Sam cried out, leaping forwards with the demon killing knife, but it was already too late. "No, damnit!"

"Cas!" Dean called out as soon as they were back in their motel room and the door had closed behind Sam. "Cas, get your feathered butt down here, pronto."

"Feathered butt?" Sam asked, amused.

"Shut it, Sam."

"Oh, real mature, Dean."

Before Dean could reply, his lover had arrived and Dean chose to focus on the bigger issue.

"Are you leaving supernatural marks on me, Cas?" Dean demanded, then blinked and continued. "Well, beyond the obvious one on my shoulder?"

Castiel frowned. "No, why would you think so?"

"We ran into Meg today, Cas," Sam explained. "And she knew about you and Dean being together."

"Yeah, she said something about there being consequences of being with an angel," Dean finished.

"Ah, yes, I see," Castiel said. "She was talking about your soul."

"My soul?"


"What about it?" Sam asked, looking between the two.

"The close proximity of Dean's soul to my Grace on a regular basis is allowing it to heal in a way that human souls can't do on their own. That type of healing normally couldn't start until the soul enters Heaven."

"Oh," Sam said, eyes wide.

Dean wasn't sure what to say and he couldn't help but wonder if that was why he'd been feeling better lately despite the fact that things were going to hell in a hand basket. And speaking of Hell.

"When you say healing, do you mean from what happened in Hell?" Dean asked.

It would explain why he'd felt so different (off and wrong) since returning topside.

"Precisely," Castiel agreed. "Though, as with all humans, your soul has acquired other injuries and insults to it. Just more than the average human soul would have."

"And you're healing them now?" Sam asked.


"How could Meg tell that?" Dean asked.

"The healthier a soul, the brighter it is and yours already glowed quite distinctively when I first met you, even in Hell," Castiel responded.

"We knew Meg before Dean made his deal," Sam said. "So she'd be able to tell what was happening quite easily."

"So will others be able to tell?" Dean inquired.

"Only if they've seen you before and either often enough or recently enough to be able to tell the difference," Castiel explained. "And they'd need to be able to see your soul, of course."

"That doesn't sound too bad," Sam stated, looking at him.

"That's easy for you to say, sasquatch. You're not the one getting glowier."

"That's not even a word, Dean."

"Sure it is, right, Cas?"

"I have never heard it before," Castiel replied seriously.

"Hey!" Dean protested as Sam laughed. "You're supposed to be on my side."

"I am on your side."

"Come on, Dean, no corrupting the angel," Sam teased.

"Ha! Me corrupt him? Trust me, that's not possible."

"No! No details," Sam protested.

"But you brought it up, Sammy."

"I swear, you bring up any details and I'll have the Impala repainted. In pink!"

Dean's eyes narrowed dangerously. "You wouldn't dare mess with my baby."

"Try me."

"Cas, if Sam messes with the Impala, can you drop him off in the middle of nowhere? Then he'll learn to appreciate my baby."

"Dean," Sam protested.

"Of course," Castiel replied and Dean beamed at him.

"Wait, what?" Sam demanded. "You're not being serious. Are you, Cas?"

"Of course he is," Dean said. "This is baby we're talking about!"

"I have observed that humans often appreciate things more after they have been forced to do without them for a while," Castiel stated simply.

Sam turned back to him and scowled. "And you say you've not corrupted him?"

"Dude, that's loyalty and loyalty is good."

"Why do I even bother? You're incorrigible."

"Thank you."

Sam laughed despite himself. "Of course, you'd take that as a compliment."

Dean was beginning to think that his lover was spying on him because Sam had hardly been out of the room for five minutes before Castiel had arrived.

"What?" Dean laughed. "Couldn't wait for me to go get us another room?"

"No," Castiel replied, kissing him.

Well, Dean supposed that they really didn't have to anymore seeing as his brother knew that they were together now. Still, the beds were both twins and if the library didn't have the books that Sam wanted, his brother would be back rather quickly and the last thing he wanted was to be walked in on.

Or flown in on, apparently. It was something he hadn't even considered before until he heard the faint flutter of wings which was followed by a loud wolf whistle.

"Well, hello, now there's a lovely sight," Gabriel stated.

Dean groaned and dropped his head to Cas' shoulder. "Make him go away."

"Oh, don't stop on my account, I really don't mind watching."

Of course the archangel wouldn't. Dean wasn't even sure why that surprised him as he really should have seen it coming.

"Gabriel," Castiel warned.

"What? It's true, little bro."

"What do you want, Gabe?" Dean asked, the nickname slipping out accidentally and he mentally cursed himself, that so wasn't going to help this situation any.

"Aw, you like me."

"Who said anything about that? I'd call Lucifer Lucy to his face if I had the chance. It doesn't mean anything."

"Whatever makes you sleep better at night, big boy."

On some level Dean was shocked by the archangel's audacity. Sure, he knew that Gabriel could be a bastard in many different ways, but he'd always gotten the impression that family meant a lot to the Trickster. Therefore all of this blatant flirting with him while Castiel was right there didn't make any sense. Why try and make any kind of move like that before his own brother? It just-


Oh, shit.

Angels normally formed threesomes.

The realization came to Dean in a flash and his jaw dropped. No, it couldn't be, could it? Was Gabriel really hoping to join him and Cas?

"You know, for someone so smart, you can be a bit slow on the uptake, Deano," Gabriel teased lightly, though his eyes remained rather serious.

Castiel stepped forwards between them at that and Dean was surprisingly grateful for the gesture, especially when Gabriel raised his hands and took a step back. It wasn't really much, but the meaning behind the two gestures was what counted.

"If I misread things, I can go," Gabriel offered, leaning around Cas to look at him. "But I really don't think that I did."

"Yeah, and what makes you think that?" Dean asked, curious despite himself.

"The way you reacted when I pinned you up against the door in TV land."

Dean swallowed as he thought about that particular incident before his eyes flew to his lover. Castiel had half turned and was looking directly at him, head tilted curiously. His automatic guilt was met with amusement but beneath that there was a genuine desire to understand. Surprisingly there was no possessiveness or need to dominate him, which he didn't fully understand. Did this have to do with the whole angelic threesome thing? Based on all that his lover had told him, Gabriel absolutely had to be a dom, there was nothing else that the archangel could be.

So, Gabriel a dom, Cas a switch and he was definitely their idea of a sub.

One plus one plus one equals three.

"Yeah, well Cas tends to pin me to walls, it was an automatic reaction," Dean replied, buying himself some time.

From Cas' reaction, Dean knew that all he had to do was say the word and his lover would tell Gabriel to shove off. The question was did he want that to happen?

"Why are you so calm about this?" Dean asked his angel.

"I have told you before, mine own, a threesome is normal for angels."

"Is that all it was? Because I have to admit, Deano, I was rather hoping that it might be something a little bit more than that," Gabriel stated, stepping around Cas.


"Because I like you, I always have."

"Always, huh?"

"Yes, Dean."

Uh-oh, any and all traces of humor and teasing were fully gone from the archangel's voice and posture and Dean stilled. There was no more levity about this, Gabriel was deadly serious and he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Lust he could understand, hell lust he was familiar with, intimately. But this, this wasn't lust anymore, this was more and he wasn't quite sure how to take that. People didn't normally feel that way about him, lust, yeah, more no. Not really, not until Cas and his angel'd had the exact same kind of instantaneous attraction to him.

What was it about him that drew in angels?

"I can prove it," Gabriel offered.

"Yeah, how?" Dean asked.

The archangel took a step back, raised his fingers and snapped them. The air around Gabe shimmered and changed and the next thing that Dean knew, he was staring at a gorgeous woman in a fire engine red dress. He swallowed as he instantly recognized her. No, it couldn't be!

"That is the woman from your dream," Castiel observed.

It was enough to blast past Dean's own shock and disbelief. "Cas!" he protested loudly, latching onto the distraction his lover had inadvertently provided.

"What?" Castiel asked confused while Gabriel gloated and transformed back.

"You dreamed about that night since, huh, big boy?" Gabriel asked, eyebrows waggling suggestively.

"Shut up," Dean groaned, suddenly getting an understanding and apologetic look from Castiel.

"Oh, come on, you loved that night, I know you did. It was awesome!"

"At least there's nothing wrong with your ego."

"Does there need to be?"

"Why a woman?" Dean asked, genuinely curious.

"You weren't ready for it to be a guy yet. Hell, you were hardly even ready to be submissive at all at that point."

Okay, both of these were valid points, Dean had to admit. Still. "Why approach me at all?"

"You reminded me of me. I'd come to see you and Sam out of pure curiosity as you were the two vessels, the ones that would end it all. Then I saw you and what happened in the woods and..." Gabriel shrugged. "I couldn't help myself."

"You couldn't help yourself?" Dean repeated in disbelief.

"Hey, this is me we're talking about here. I'm not exactly a paragon of virtue or patience, Deano. When I see something I like, I generally just take it."

"But you didn't," Castiel observed.

"Take Michael's vessel? Not all of us have your balls, bro."

"Whoa, what do you mean take?" Dean demanded.

"Normally when I find a human I like, I'd take them with me, give them everything they want."

"Sounds like you turned them into pets."

"Hey, I didn't force anyone. I only took the ones who wanted to go."

That Dean could believe. Gabriel was many things, but even as the Trickster Dean had never gotten the impression that the archangel could be truly malicious in that sense. Besides, with all of his powers, Gabe could very easily have dazzled them.

Wait a minute. Dean had been so focused on all of the unusual attention being directed his way that he'd overlooked something obvious. "Why are you focusing on me? There's two of us. You know Cas and I are together already and bonded."

"Yes, I do," Gabriel replied, looking at Castiel and Dean didn't miss how heated of a glance it was. "But Cas is a switch."

"Yeah, so?"

"So it means he flips between dom and sub, and right now he is in full on dom mode."

Dean's eyes flickered to his lover even as he reached back for the bond. He wasn't detecting any unusual possessiveness from Cas, but now that he looked a little deeper, he could detect an alertness and readiness. As if his angel was ready to react at any moment and whisk him away. He was so used to being the protector that he hadn't immediately recognized someone else standing watch over him.

"Huh," was all that Dean could say.

Gabriel laughed, stepping closer and reaching out to touch his face. "Still adjusting, big boy?"

There was plenty of warning and if he'd wanted, Dean could easily have avoided the kiss, but he didn't. He couldn't fully explain it, but he couldn't deny that he'd felt a pull towards the Trickster in Wellington and, if he was being strictly honest with himself, even before that as well. He'd just not been able to understand it before, or admit it to himself. As he gave into the kiss, he felt a shift along the bond and knew that Castiel was standing down so to speak and he suddenly knew exactly what Gabe had meant.

Castiel was a dom until he, Dean, had shown his willingness to Gabriel. Then his lover, satisfied that his sub was fine, allowed himself to shift into sub mode himself. Oddly enough, he felt rather touched by that instead of pissed off as he usually would have been. He was sure the fact that Gabe was a damn fine kisser had something to do with that.

When the archangel let him go, Dean was breathless and a little lightheaded. But not so much so that he missed the way that Gabriel immediately turned to look at Cas who had moved closer to them. They just looked at each other for a moment, but then Gabe was pulling Castiel in for a kiss and Dean was shocked at how unthreatened he felt watching them do that. He'd expected to feel jealousy or a rush of either fear or vulnerability; the sting of losing someone else that he cared about.

Dean didn't feel any of that, though. No, instead he could just see how incredibly hot it was to watch his angels together. That shot a rush of desire through him and he moved right in when Cas reached for him upon being released by Gabriel. He was tugged in close and kissed once more, during which he felt the archangel move in behind him, hands settling on his hips. The exposed side of his neck and the closest ear were already being nibbled on even before Cas released his lips and Dean knew that at this rate, rational thought would be out of the window rather quickly.

"Guys, Sam," Dean managed to point out.

"Might be informative for him," Gabriel murmured.


That argument seemed to hold more weight, though Dean wasn't sure that his archangel wouldn't just have transformed the two twins into a much larger bed if Castiel hadn't used the moment of inattentiveness on Gabe's part, to grab him and fly off. It wasn't a long flight, but it was enough and both of them couldn't help but laugh when Gabriel appeared a few seconds later with a little growl.

"I wouldn't have expected you to fall behind so quickly," Dean taunted before he yelped as he flew back onto the bed with a small gesture from his archangel, bouncing once, now fully naked. "Holy shit."

"You just love playing with fire, don't you, big boy?" Gabriel questioned, suddenly on top of him, now also naked.

Dean moaned at the skin to skin contact, the look on his archangel's face going straight to his cock. The anticipation and arousal his other lover felt and which reached him over their bond didn't help either and he knew that this was going to be over far, far too quickly. He bucked upwards when Gabe lowered himself down onto him. He was so caught up in everything that was going on, that it took him longer than it should have to realize that there was too many pairs of hands on him and that the one slowly opening him up belonged to Castiel. He moaned at the thought of Cas stretching him for Gabriel.

He whined as Gabe suddenly pulled back, but then he was being manhandled upright onto his knees and Cas was there in front of him. His first lover pulled him into a dirty kiss and he responded eagerly even as he felt Gabriel settle in behind him. He wasn't given any time to think as he felt the blunt end of the archangel's cock at his entrance just as two hands settled into place on his hips.

"I've been wanting to this for over a decade," Gabriel stated, voice wrecked as he began to push into Dean.

Dean gasped, clutching at Cas as his archangel pushed all the way into him in one go, hitting his prostate head on as Gabe bottomed out within him.

"Fuck!" Dean cried out as his cock was also taken in hand. "Gabe! Cas! Please!"

"Please what, mine own?" Castiel asked softly, fingers dancing over his erection, just shy of the pressure he wanted.

"More, harder, please!"

Almost obligingly, Gabe pulled nearly all the way out and thrust into him once more and Dean knew that he would have come if Cas hadn't chosen that exact moment to squeeze down on the base of his cock and he screamed. He missed his archangel's next words as he tried in vain to thrust his hips forward, but it was no use. Between the two of them, his angels had him effectively immobilized.

"Pay attention," Gabriel nipped sharply at his ear.

"Sorry," Dean replied, trying to think past the archangel's cock in his ass.

"Can I touch your soul, Dean?"


The word was out of his mouth instantly, but Dean didn't regret it for a second as Castiel's Grace that had already reached out and started wrapping possessively around his soul was joined by that of their archangel. It felt different from Cas, brighter and just more and he knew that he could drown in it quite easily, but he didn't care. Instead he yearned for it, for both of them and he mewled as they began to possess his soul just as surely as they were his body. Pleasure was nearly the only thing that he could feel and he was nearly senseless with it, so it took him a few seconds to realize that Cas had pulled away from him, but when he did he groaned his protest.

"Cas," Dean pleaded, wanting to follow his lover.

But then Gabe's hand was on his chin, turning his head for a sloppy, awkward kiss with the archangel. "Damn but you feel exquisite, Deano. I could stay in you all night."

The mere thought of not being able to come for that long made Dean keen, but then his archangel's hands shifted from his hip to his back and were pushing him forwards. He dropped to his hands willingly, moaning loudly at the few quick thrusts Gabriel gave at this new angle, nailing his prostate with more force than before. Then there were hands on his face and Dean looked up at Cas who stood beside the bed before him. The position placed Castiel's weeping cock right in front of him and before he'd even thought about it, he'd opened his mouth and licked the flared head. He groaned then, both at the taste and the feel of his lover's hands settling familiarly into his hair.

There was no leniency this time, instead Castiel took control right away, thrusting deeply into his mouth and using his Grace to override what remained of his gag reflex. Dean moaned before swallowed around the head. He was so swamped with pleasure that it took him a moment to fully realize his own position, kneeling on the bed and being taken from both end.

Being fucked from both ends.

It... was surprisingly enjoyable and if anything, the mere thought of what he must look like just now only turned him on even more and he strained against the grip on his hips in a desperate attempt to thrust his own hips forward. But it was futile, Gabriel's hold on him was just too strong, not that he could have achieved much anyway as there was nothing to rub his throbbing cock on. Instead it just jerked in midair, occasionally slapping his belly with a particularly hard thrust of Gabe's. The feel of his archangel's cock moving within him as if Gabriel owned him felt nearly as wonderful as the hot and heavy drag of Cas' in his mouth and throat and he lost himself to their rhythm.

It got harder and faster but also more erratic and just when Dean didn't think that he could take anymore, the band of Grace around his cock that had long since replaced Castiel's hand disappeared and he came with what would have been a shout if his mouth hadn't been full, clenching down on Gabe's cock that had just been pushed as far into him as possible. His vision went white and then he could feel both of his lovers coming within him, filling him up from both ends. He tried to keep them within him as he went boneless, but they both slipped out and he gave a little whine as he collapsed onto the surprisingly dry bed.

"He's almost angelic in his submission," Gabriel stated reverently.

"Yes," Castiel agreed as they both petted him and Dean all but purred under the attention.

"I'd never have let him go if I'd known."

When the hands left him, Dean had thought that he'd soon have his lovers snuggling up beside him, but instead he heard the wet sound of a kiss. With an extreme effort he was able to drag his eyes open and he stared at the sight before him. Gabriel and Castiel were kissing, but not only that, his archangel was already half hard again. Cas sure as hell hadn't been kidding when he said that angelic doms were dom in the extreme! Lazily he watched as Gabe slowly fingered open Castiel before spinning the seraph around so that Cas was leaning over the bed towards him. His eyes locked with the impossibly blue ones of his lover and he could tell the moment that Gabriel took Cas.

Dean was so completely and utterly spent that even the sight and sounds couldn't rouse the slightest interest within him, but he knew from past experience that he didn't simply enjoy giving blowjobs when he was aroused himself. With an effort he pulled himself closer to his two angels and reached out to take Cas into his mouth once more. One of Castiel's hands came to tangle in his hair, but he knew better than to think that his lover was in charge here now. No, this rhythm was being set entirely by Gabriel who was now essentially also fucking Dean through Cas. It didn't take long for either of his angels to come and he suckled Cas' cock until it slipped from his mouth, completely lax.

He snuggled up against Cas when his lover collapsed to the bed beside him and they were quickly joined by Gabriel, who crawled in beside Dean. He was not so far gone not to notice how their wings folded around him, Cas' first and Gabriel's on top, and he wondered at all of the layers of meaning behind that. Not that he really cared just now, warm and sated between his two angels. Instead he just allowed himself to lie back and enjoy the post coital bliss that still thrummed through him, fighting off sleep just to be able to continue basking in it.

"Well," Dean said what felt like ages later when he finally felt recovered enough to attempt speaking. "That was different."

Castiel huffed into his hair and he felt fondness and love seeping out over their bond.

"I'd call it something a little bigger than that," Gabriel laughed. "What with seeing that we cleared out the rooms on either side of us as well as those above and below us."


"Oh yeah."


The feel of fingers on his skin, made Dean raise his head a little, but as far as he could tell Gabe was just tracing random patterns over his skin from freckle to freckle.

"Did I mention earlier that your reaction in Wellington might have had a not insignificant influence on my decision to seek you two Hardy boys out?" Gabriel inquired.

"Great," Dean muttered, dropping his head back onto the pillow. "Just brilliant."

If Sam ever heard that, Dean would never live it down.

Dean sighed as he closed yet another book on the Apocalypse and the horsemen that proved to be useless for what they needed, just like all of the other books he'd flipped through the past few weeks. He'd claimed the laptop at first, but Sam had taken it away from him when his brother had caught him surfing non-research related sites. He'd only been looking for good places to get pie in the area, but Sam had said one thing would lead to another and he'd get round to a porn site soon enough and get all kinds of malware on his brother's computer again. As if he needed porn anymore. Between his two angels, he didn't think that he'd ever want for sex again. And his brother had said that he was insatiable!

"Uh, Dean?" Sam questioned softly, nervously.

The tone of his brother's voice alone was enough to tell Dean that he wasn't going to like this. A quick glance up at the expression on Sam's face merely confirmed it and Dean felt his stomach drop.

Now what?

"Yeah?" Dean replied carefully, tone guarded.

"Remember that conversation we had a while back in Indiana at the abandoned house?"

As if he could forget. "Yeah."

"Well... uh... you'd said that you and Cas were, uh, together."

Dean didn't think that his brother could make this any more painful if Sam tried to. "Just get to the point, bitch."

"My point, jerk," Sam bit out, eyes narrowed. "Is that you and Gabriel seemed very touchy feely given that you're dating his brother."

Oh. Of course Sam would notice that. Fuck.

"Did you and Cas break up?" Sam demanded.

"What? No!" Dean retorted, his heart clenching unpleasantly at the mere thought.

"Then what? Because I have to say, Dean, that didn't look so innocent yesterday with Gabriel."

If only Sammy knew what had happened after, then his brother wouldn't even be thinking of the word innocent, let alone actually using it.

"Fine, but just remember, you asked," Dean replied, getting to his feet and taking a few steps away from his brother. How to put this? "Remember what I said before, about angels having their own set of... eh... customs when it comes to sex?"

The face Sam pulled proved that his brother did and Dean felt a vindictive little streak of pleasure at that. It was probably too much to ask for that this would teach his little brother to stop prying, but he could hope. That was free after all.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Sam asked. "You and Cas seemed to have worked things out from what I could see and you wouldn't have gotten so worked up about it in the first place if you didn't care about him."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Dean protested, hands shooting up as if to ward off his brother though Sam hadn't actually gotten up and moved towards him. "I know that you're a little girl, but I'm not and we're not discussing my feelings."


"Not a chance in Hell we are."

"Be serious for once."

"Oh, trust me, Sammy, I am."

"It's Sam. And if you didn't want to have to talk about it, then you should have thought about that before you and Gabriel decided to play grab ass in public where I and anyone else could see it."

"Hold your horses, Sammy," Dean retorted. "I was explaining before you went off on your chick flick tangent. Now, do you want to hear it or would you rather go on a self-righteous snit about something you know nothing about?"

Dean was well aware of his sharp tone and words, but he couldn't help it. Just the mere intimation that he was cheating on Castiel was enough to infuriate him. Not to mention that it made his stomach and heart twist so that he felt vaguely ill as well. He already had enough of his own doubts about all of this without his little brother going and adding any more to it. But Cas had seemed genuinely okay with all of it and he didn't feel bad when he saw the two of them together, so perhaps this really could all work as advertised.

"Fine, go ahead and explain," Sam forced out though Dean could tell his brother wanted to react to what he'd said.

"Good. Now, as I was saying, angels have their own set of rules and they aren't like ours. I've already told you about the power play before," Dean began, catching the slight wince that crossed his brother's face. "What I didn't say then was that unlike us, angels aren't into twosomes."


Dean could tell the moment that Sam got the meaning of his word choice.

"Holy shit! Dean, do you mean?"

"Yep, apparently angels do it with three as the norm."

Because watching his little brother squirm was always good, Dean got some enjoyment out of the current situation, but it was largely overshadowed by his fear of just how Sam would react when all of the puzzle pieces had come together for his brother. It didn't take long as Sam was smart as hell, and he could tell the exact moment that they did. Instead of saying anything, Sam's mouth dropped open in shock and his brother just stared at him, making him uncomfortable, which was less fun.

"Yes, before you ask, I am saying what you think I am. Me, Cas and Gabe."

"But... that..."

"That what, Sammy?"

"That's incest!"

Dean jerked back at that before pulling a face. "Dude, gross!"

"Well it is."

"I don't think it works like that with angels."

"What do you mean?"

"Well they're not human and there are thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of them. It's not like with us. Apparently Cas and Gabe had never even met before Wellington."

"They hadn't?"

"No, Cas is a seraph and was a member of Anna's garrison before she fell. Only the garrison leaders had cause to interact with the archangels and even then only in special circumstances. Gabe admits that he'd heard of Cas before, but that was it. So, no, it's not the same thing."

"I guess not," Sam responded slowly, face still twisted. "But still, it's weird."

"Bad weird or just weird weird?" Dean asked, his heart in his throat, though he managed to make his voice sound mostly normal.

"Just... weird weird, I suppose. Man, you really don't like normal, do you?"

Relief shot through Dean at his brother's teasing tone. "God, no. Why do that when I can have kinky threesome angel sex?"

"TMI! Dude, TMI!" Sam complained loudly, hands rising to cover his ears. "I don't want to know."

"You asked."

"I regret it already. Just, so long as you're happy."

"Yeah, I'm happy."

And he was, Dean realized. Sure, there were some lingering uncertainties and questions that needed answering, but he felt really good. Better even than he had before, which said a lot. The fact that he could tell from the bond that Castiel felt the same way about everything only added to his feeling of contentment.

Part 5

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Wow, amazing fic I’m still in the middle of reading it but I’m really enjoying it.

Glad you like it and thanks for letting me know!

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