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And Trickster Makes Three, Part 3
Title: And Trickster Makes Three
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Dean, Gabriel/Dean/Castiel & Gabriel/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: set early season 5, particularly "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester" & "Changing Channels", plus a minor little spoiler for some information we learn about angels in "Exile on Main Street".
Warnings: slash, AU, switch!Castiel, sub!Dean, bare backing, orgasm denial, Grace!sex, oral, het, dom!Gabriel, threesome, reference to previous gender bending, wing!fic, double penetration
Word Count: 51,385
Note: This fic was written for the deancasbigbang 2014. It is the third in the Trinity Trilogy and cannot be read on its own without reading the first two fics in the trilogy.
Summary: After Avalon, Dean is plagued by doubts about his role in his new relationship with Castiel and as he struggles to come to terms with it, he also has to deal with Sam asking questions and the little fact that there is an Apocalypse going on. So when Gabriel shows up, it does not make things any easier, but rather far more complex, especially when Dean starts to subconsciously remember his last meeting with the archangel.

Beta: aerilex

Artist: chemart - Art Masterlist

"Hey, Sam, I've got lunch," Dean called out as he pushed his way into the house a few days later. "And a new hunt."

"A hunt?" Sam called back and Dean was pleased to hear that his brother sounded almost relieved.

For the past few days Sam had been able to research to his heart's content as Dean desperately tried to find them a hunt. Given that it was the Apocalypse, things were surprisingly quiet. Though his brother and Bobby had told him not to look a gift horse in the mouth, he just couldn't shake the feeling that there had to be something. It was the freaking Apocalypse after all and Lucifer was walking the Earth. Zachariah's little back to the future spiel had proven that the devil wasn't just going to idly sit by, not that he'd ever thought that Lucifer would, but still.

Yet so far nothing and Dean couldn't help but fear that it meant that the devil was up to something big. Like Croatoan big. But if Lucifer was, then the bastard was doing so quietly as Dean couldn't trace hide nor hair of it despite all of his efforts and all of his contacts' efforts. Hell, even this hunt that he'd finally found the next state over wasn't even remotely Apocalyptic, at least not on the surface.

"Yep," Dean confirmed. "Locals have it down as an animal attack of some kind."

"What makes you disagree?" Sam asked as he entered the old kitchen area and grabbed his girlie salad.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact that said animal chased the poor guy through the forest, smashed into his house and chased him up the stairs before ripping his head off in the bedroom."


"I kid you not," Dean replied as he unwrapped his own lunch.

"Well it's different at least even if I have no clue what might have done that."

"That's what we'll have to figure out, Sammy."

"It's Sam, and what the hell is that?"

"What, this?" Dean asked as he picked up his lunch with relish. "A breakfast bagel."

"So you manage to resist getting a burger only to substitute it for something else that has bacon and cheese in it."


"You're going to have a heart attack before you're forty at this rate, you do know that, right?"

"Only if I live to be forty."

"Dude, that's not funny."

"Neither is starving on rabbit food, now eat your salad before it wilts."

Now that he was finally starting, on some level at least, to come to terms with the fact that he appeared to like guys as well as girls, Dean began to suspect that there might have been something more behind his fascination with Dr. Sexy, M.D..

Not that he'd tell Sam that.

No, Dean wouldn't put it past his brother to be the type who'd attended rallies while at Stanford. Not to mention that he'd totally filled up on, and hell even exceeded, his decadely quotas of chick flick moments. And yes, decadely was a word if he said that it was. If Sam wanted to have another little heart to heart, then his damn brother would just have to wait until two thousand and nineteen. At the utmost earliest.

Yet, despite all of that and wanting to keep a low profile, it was all that Dean could do to contain his excitement at somehow actually being in Dr. Sexy, M.D.. He'd thought it before and he was sure that he'd think it again, but man did this Trickster have class. He even had to, grudgingly, give the guy points for some of the ways in which the Trickster had apparently killed him if all of what Sam had said while drunk was true. After all, the piano thing alone was a classic.

All further thoughts on the subject fled as Dean looked over and caught sight of Dr. Sexy himself headed their way.

And damn if his desire to kill the Trickster didn't fade just a little bit more. Why in God's name did the demigod have to possess such a great sense of humor and irony, and be so downright classy? Dean would infinitely prefer it if he could just hate the guy like all of the other creatures and monsters that they faced. Luckily the Trickster obliged and gave him a couple dozen more reasons to despise him.

Even if he had to admit to himself that he couldn't help but laugh with the whole Herpexia commercial thing.

"Where did you just send him?" Dean demanded as the Trickster waved his hand and Castiel vanished in a flash of static.

"Relax, he'll live... mmmaybe," the Trickster replied and anger flashed through Dean as the odd deadening of the bond that he'd felt since first entering TV land returned after briefly having disappeared when his lover had entered the room.

"Alright, you know what, I'm done with the monkey dance," Dean stated, getting right up into the guy's face. "Okay, we get it."

Or at least so he'd thought anyway. Turned out that he was wrong, very wrong. Dean could hardly believe it as the Trickster explained what it was that he really wanted from them and he just didn't get it. Sure, he hadn't been fully on board with Sammy's Hugh Hefner comparison, but it was more true than not, so why the hell would the guy want to hasten the Apocalypse along?

There was only one reason that Dean could think of and that was that the Trickster had already chosen a side and was getting something out of all of this. The flash of dismay and disappointment that shot through him at the realization genuinely surprised him and he cursed himself for coming to like anything about the demigod at all.

Not wanting to think too deeply about it, Dean did what he did best. Antagonizing creatures and or people, depending on what the situation might be.

"Hm, oh, you're somebody's bitch," Dean stated.

What followed happened far too quickly for Dean to be able to put up a struggle (not to mention that he'd already noticed earlier just how freakishly strong the Trickster actually was) and the next thing he knew, he was pinned up against the motel room door with both of the guy's hands clenched in his shirts at his throat, making it hard to breath.

And just to prove (not that he needed any more of it!) that life hated him and loved to throw him curve balls, Dean felt a jolt of arousal shoot through him at the rough treatment. Though his current situation was far different from the time that Castiel had pinned him against a wall in Avalon, his body it seemed, didn't care and reacted anyway.

What the fuck was wrong with him?

Here he was, being pinned to a door by a demigod that seemed determined to make him and Sam say yes to Michael and Lucifer, respectively, and he was getting aroused? Yeah, Dean was sure of it now, he was definitely certifiable. And maybe it was because of the direction his thoughts were taking, but when he looked up to meet the Trickster's eyes, he was sure that he saw a quickly concealed rush of lust in those golden brown depths.

"Dude!" Dean protested, shocked.

Even as he did so he couldn't help but wonder how many times he'd been checked out by guys in the past and just never noticed. Oh, sure, Dean had caught guys looking at him before, but normally only when they were being really obvious about it to the point of staring or just outright leering. But what if they hadn't? Like he hadn't gotten any hint of interest from the Trickster before now, so if there had been any signs, he'd completely missed them.

Then, before Dean could do or say anything else, the lust in the Trickster's eyes morphed to shock and disbelief.

"Well, now isn't that interesting," the Trickster mumbled softly before anger took control and his voice rose. "Don't you ever, ever presume to know what I am."

"You okay, Cas?" Dean asked as they reached the outskirts of Wellington and he'd finally gotten enough control of his own emotions to realize that he couldn't quite tell whether the pain that his lover felt was solely emotional, or physical as well. "Did he hurt you?"

The brief look of hesitation that Dean saw when he glanced at his angel in the rearview mirror made his heart clench, but then reassurance flowed over the bond and he could tell that it was genuine and not just meant to appease him.

"I have not sustained serious injuries, Dean," Castiel reassured him verbally. "Merely cosmetic ones from attempting to break free from Gabriel's prison."

"Where did he stash you anyway, Cas?" Sam asked, twisting in his seat.

"At first it was a surreal country landscape with odd houses built into small hills occupied by strangely colored and supernaturally cheerful creatures. It was most disconcerting."

"Teletubbies?" Dean questioned in disbelief and horror as he looked at his brother.

Sam shuddered. "It would be right up Gabriel's alley as the Trickster. You said at first, Cas, did he send you somewhere else the second time?"

"Yes. The second time it was to an angel prison between this world and Heaven."

"Angel prison?" Dean inquired, fingers tightening on the wheel in anger. "Like with Zachariah?"

He could only all too easily remember what had happened to his lover the last time Heaven had stuffed Castiel into some kind of prison. Nor could he forget what it had done to his angel.

"No, this was different. Zachariah kept me confined in Heaven itself. This was something else and it is harder to achieve successfully. Gabriel was only able to trap me there because I had not yet realized that he was one of my brothers."

"That's no brother," Dean bit out angrily.

The look his lover gave him when their eyes met in the rearview mirror told Dean that the sentiment was appreciated even if not entirely believed.

"I am glad that you are alright, both of you. I was worried when you vanished so unexpectedly."

Yeah, Dean could only imagine all too well just what Cas had gone through when he and Sam had entered TV land. He didn't even want to think of what he'd have thought and felt if their bond had suddenly been dampened as it had been and he'd had no idea where his lover was.

"How did you find us anyway?" Sam asked with a frown.

"Bobby told me where your hunt was and then I flew around town until I found the Impala."

As always when Dean had this dream, the details of the room were fuzzy and indistinct as he just couldn't remember what the room had looked like as his attention had been focused elsewhere. What was in perfect focus was the slinky, red dress lying discarded on the floor with the matching lacy panties and bra just a short distance away.

Other than that there was just a huge king sized bed in the middle of the room and that Dean did remember, in perfect detail. Just the thought of that night was enough to arouse him even before Miss Chocolate Martini materialized beside him, fully naked but for her three inch, fire engine red heels.

"Fuck," Dean muttered looking at her hungrily.

"That's the idea," she purred before rolling on top of him.

Dean's hands and lips found her and he moaned as she shifted her hips and his aching cock slid along her slickness.

"Please," Dean begged as she pulled back slightly so that they could breathe.

He'd long since learned that even in his own mind he couldn't make her do anything she didn't want to and giving up control had definitely not been on her agenda.

"Patience is a virtue," she teased, though it turned into a moan as Dean palmed one breast and rolled the nipple between his fingers.

She leaned close for another kiss before she finally, finally, shifted and ground down on him. Dean moaned, desperate now, but it was a few more seconds before she lifted her hips and reached down to guide him to her entrance. Then moist heat enveloped him and he was lost as she started to ride him. From the way that she'd positioned herself, he could do nothing but lay there and enjoy the ride, though he was unable to resist fondling her breasts and from how she reacted, it was clear that she didn't mind in the slightest.

She rode him hard and fast, clenching down on him frequently and soon Dean was right on the edge, her adamant refusal to let him have any control hurtling him along all the faster. He didn't know what it was, but suddenly something in the bond with his angel shifted and he knew that they weren't alone anymore. Looking up, he found Castiel standing beside the bed, watching them.

There was a brief moment of confusion before Dean's lust addled mind fully realized that it was really his angel standing there, watching him get fucked, and not just another part of his dream, and then he was coming; hard.

The bliss of his orgasm lasted for only a split second before panic and horror set in and Dean scrambled up into a seated position as the siren and her clothes vanished like so much mist in the morning sun.

"Shit, fuck, Cas!" Dean managed to get out before his throat threatened to close up on him.

"Hush, Dean," Castiel replied, soothingly, though that was lost on Dean.

"I'm sorry, I don't know why I dreamed of her, I haven't done so in ages. I didn't mean to!" Dean stated, still panicked.

Even as he said it, though, he suddenly couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't all that had been going on lately with Sam and Cas and what they had said that had made him think of her, Miss Chocolate Martini. She had been the first to introduce him to giving up control and to finger him. Not to mention the fact that, other than his angel, she was by far the most dominant lover that he'd ever had.


His lover's words were cut off when the dream dissolved around Dean as his panic started to wake him up.

When Dean opened his eyes, he blinked in confusion, briefly disoriented. The motel room was still dark and he didn't need to look at the clock to know that it wasn't anywhere near time to get up.

So why was he awake?

Terror washed over him as his dream suddenly came back to him. Dean had pushed himself upright even before he'd consciously decided to do so, hyperaware of the warm arm at his waist that shifted at his movements. Since they'd left Wellington quite late, they'd decided to stop along the way back to Indiana and Sam had insisted on them getting separate rooms as his lover had shown no inclination of leaving them yet. Of course this had to happen the first time that they could officially spend the whole night together!

"Shit, Cas, I-" Dean began before his words were choked off in fear.

He couldn't believe that he'd done that. Dreamed of that. Sure, given what he'd had on his mind lately it wasn't all that surprising that he'd thought of her, but that should have been it. He knew that there was a world of difference between thinking of someone and dreaming of them. Especially so graphically. What the hell would Castiel think of that? Had this been some kind of subconscious sabotage on his part? Like those things that Sam sometimes accused him of doing? So that he wouldn't have to deal with this shit anymore?

"Dean, hush," Castiel replied, fingers wrapping around his chin and turning his face to look at his angel. "I told you it was alright."



"Why are you not freaking out right now?" Dean demanded, completely confused. "You just saw me dreaming of having sex with someone else. I'd have thought with all of your dominance that you'd be all possessive and territorial about shit like that."

Castiel made a little noise that could almost be described as a sigh if you squinted and looked at it sideways before reaching out and pulling Dean down onto the bed beside him. Dean squeaked (though he would forever deny doing it later!) and automatically tensed before it all faded as his lover pulled him close. He'd spent far too many hours lying safely tucked up against Castiel for his angel's touch and smell to mean anything other than love and comfort and he reacted to that instinctively despite the situation.

"Well first, as I've been trying to tell you, it was a dream," Castiel began softly.

Dean snorted. "Like that matters."

"It does. I know that humans have very little, if any, control over their dreams on their own. Then, secondly, you forget that I'm an angel and one who's bonded to you. Unlike another human, I know how you feel about me and so have no need for petty jealousies or insecurities."

The reminder of how easily his angel could see inside him made Dean swallow even if he was infinitely grateful for it this time. Slowly the rest of his tension faded and with it some of his alertness.

"She was the first woman who really dominated me," Dean explained, figuring that he owed his lover an explanation.

"So I saw," Castiel replied, voice rife with amusement. "Was she also the first to touch you?"

As Castiel said it, his angel's hand dropped from Dean's waist to his ass, one finger running along the crack before dipping in to circle his hole through the thin material of the boxers that he wore.

"Yeah," Dean admitted, freezing. "How can you be so calm about this?"

"She helped prepare you for me. Besides, I do not resent you your old lovers. And..."

The way that Castiel trailed off made Dean pull back enough so that he could see his angel's face.

"And?" he probed.

"And there is another aspect to traditional angelic relationships that I have not informed you of."


"It..." Castiel began hesitantly before seeming to reach a decision and continued on more steadily. "Sexually speaking there are three types of angels."

"Three?" Dean questioned, surprised.

"Yes. There are the subs like you, the doms who are the opposite, always in charge and on top, and then there are the switches."

"Switches? You mean angels that are both?"

"Yes, precisely, though they are less extreme than either."

"But surely they settle on one or the other when they find someone. Or do switches normally end up together?"

"No. Remember what I said of the power play being instinctive?" Castiel asked and Dean nodded his head. "Well angelic subs are so in the extreme in comparison to most humans and the same holds true for doms. So much so that having just one dominant partner or just one submissive partner isn't enough for them."

"Whoa, wait, what?!" Dean burst out, startled. "Angels are players?"

"No. We can get quite possessive of our mates, as I warned you about before. What I meant is that angels do... threesomes I believe you call them."

Dean could only stare at his lover in shock, hardly able to believe what he was hearing. First angels seemed almost asexual, then he discovered that they weren't and now he learned that they were actually really quite kinky.

"Threesomes consisting of one sub, one switch and one dom," Castiel continued. "With the switch being both dom and sub, depending on who he's with."

"Wow... that's... I don't know what that is," Dean finally admitted.

"It's normal for us."

"So how come you seem so comfortable? Don't you feel the need for a switch?"

Castiel smiled gently. "I am the switch, Dean."

"You're the switch?" Dean repeated numbly. It took a second or two for that to fully sink in, but when it did. "Holy shit!"

If Castiel was the switch, then it meant that his lover submitted as well as dominated and that was far hotter than it had any right to be seeing as Dean knew that it wouldn't be to him. But still! And... if Castiel was a switch rather than a full on angelic dom, then what the hell was a true dom like?

That too was surprisingly hot and Dean couldn't help but fear for his own sanity. None of this should be as arousing as it was, at least not for a human. But then Sam's words came back to him and he amended that thought. None of it should be so arousing to a normal human and since when had he cared about being normal?

The musing fled as Castiel reached out and pulled him onto his angel's lap as Cas sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. Both of their remaining clothes had vanished as well, bringing their cocks into direct contact even as Castiel claimed his mouth. Dean moaned at the dual onslaught of sensations and rolled his hips as much as he could in his current position. His angel growled and bit his lower lip. The little flare of pain only enhanced his anticipation as he tried to figure out if he was going to be fucked or given his lover's cock to suck. Just the thought of either was enough to make his own cock twitch and Castiel chuckled darkly against his skin.

"How about both and I take your soul as well?" Castiel suggested.

Dean could only whine at the thought of getting it all and he shifted his legs obligingly as his angel lifted him up. Castiel then spread his legs and lowered Dean to the ground between them. He had his face pressed into his lover's genitals even before he'd thought about it, the thought of being fucked like this driving him on.

He didn't want it to be over too quickly, though, so Dean forced himself to slow down. He nuzzled at the base of Castiel's swollen cock, breathing in deeply to catch as much of his lover's scent where it was at its strongest, mixed with musk and the smell of sex, which he'd always loved. Then he licked, quick, rough passes with his tongue as he moved down from Castiel's cock to his angel's balls, stopping only to suck at the skin connecting the two. His lover moaned, the sound going straight to his own cock even as his angel's fingers settled in his hair.

It was only a matter of time before Castiel asserted his dominance and took control, but until then Dean kept up his teasing. He rolled his angel's balls in one hand before sucking each into his mouth in turn, licking and sucking at them until they tightened. With a human lover, he knew that this meant that they were close, but he'd had enough experience with his angel to know that Castiel wasn't even close yet. He'd gotten back up to his lover's cock and was teasing the head when he finally felt the fingers in his hair tighten and take control.

That alone was enough to cause a spurt of precum to escape from his own cock and Dean moaned just as Castiel pushed his cock into Dean's mouth. The resulting vibrations must have felt nice as he felt the first touch of Grace along his soul and his eyes slid shut at the exquisite sensation.

"You have no concept of how amazing you look like this, do you?" Castiel asked, drawing Dean's attention back to the motel room.

Unable to reply verbally, he opened his eyes and looked up at his angel instead and he nearly moaned at what he saw. Castiel's eyes were blown and so were dark with only a sliver of blue showing. His lover's gaze was also, as so often, hyper focused on him and he couldn't help but wonder what he looked like, on his knees with his lips stretched wide around Castiel's cock. Whatever it was, it clearly worked for his angel as his lover moaned at the sight.

Then Castiel was thrusting and Dean just let himself go, his whole world narrowing to his lover and his own body and soul. The taste of his angel's precum was enough to produce more of his own and he hummed his approval, loving how Castiel's fingers tightened in his hair. The knowledge that he was the one doing that to Castiel, making his lover lose control enough to be rough was a thrill all its own.

And if that little rush of power caused his soul to be gripped tighter, well than that was just a fringe benefit as far as Dean was concerned. Not that he thought for an instant that his angel wasn't fully aware of that, but still, if it worked for both of them, then so much the better.

A Grace brush along his aching cock made Dean moan just as his lover bottomed out in his throat and he knew the timing had been deliberate. Opening his eyes, he looked up and Castiel's cock pulsed once in his mouth as their eyes met. His heart stopped for a beat, the complex mix of emotions in Castiel's blown eyes touching him as deeply as his angel's Grace currently was. There was lust, love, desire, possession, devotion and what he strangely suspected was a sense of disbelief that any of this was actually real, but then that could just be that he was projecting his own emotions. As he definitely couldn't believe that any if this was real half the time.

Then Castiel thrust forward again and Dean's eyes dropped closed to savor the weight and taste of his lover on his tongue. If he'd known that blowing a guy could be like this, he'd have switched to cock long ago. Or rather, he'd have added it to the menu as he didn't think that he could have given up women with their soft, hot bodies and curves without being in a committed relationship with a guy.

Castiel's balls bumping against his chin, drew Dean back to the present and he swallowed around the head of his angel's cock in his throat, getting a reciprocating tightening of Grace around his cock and soul in return that made him moan as Castiel pulled back. He instantly began sucking and licking, tracing the vein along the bottom of the cock before toying with the slit. He was rewarded with another shot of precum. Then Castiel was thrusting forward again, getting faster and rougher as both of them climbed higher and higher. Then his lover thrust in once more and stilled as Castiel came, cock pulsing in Dean's mouth and throat. He hummed once more, his own hips thrusting about frantically into thin air as his knees slid further apart. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Castiel pulled back just enough so that his angel finished in his mouth, the final pulses of Castiel's cock filling his mouth with his lover's cum. The taste of it briefly drew Dean's attention away from his own desperate state and a foreign sense of delight reached him from the Grace encompassing his soul.

Before Dean could try to figure out what it was, Castiel's now limp cock slipped from his mouth just as the Grace around his soul and cock tightened in just the right way and with just the right amount of pressure to wring his orgasm from him and Dean gave a shout as he came onto the floor.

The pleasure and utter relaxation that followed was so complete that Dean slumped forward bonelessly, falling against one of his lover's splayed thighs with his forehead leaning on Castiel's crotch. A hand lovingly stroked his hair and Grace his soul as he recovered. The taste of his angel was still in his mouth when he'd recovered enough for his upstairs brain to come online once more and he licked his lips unconsciously, instantly becoming aware of the action when his tongue touched something other than himself.

When Dean opened his eyes it took him a moment to focus his gaze and realize that what was hanging right in front of him was Castiel's spent cock. A penis with spots of cum still on it. Without any real thought, he began to lick it clean, claiming every last bit of cum that he could find and savoring the flavor as it burst to life across his tongue. He didn't know what it was about Castiel's cum, but he really loved it and wondered if he would all cum or just that of his lover. Or maybe it was just angel cum?

The hands in Dean's hair tugged him upwards before he was bodily lifted into Castiel's lap once more.

"The things you do to me," Castiel murmured before angling his head for a kiss.

His angel's tongue swept into Dean's mouth as if Castiel owned it and, in a way, he supposed that his angel did. His own attempts to reciprocate were clumsy and ineffectual at best, the haze of satiation clouding his mind, blocking out all rational or deep thought. He could hum his contentment though and open up his soul even more to the Grace still possessively curled around it. The emotions he got back were love and amusement as well of a hint of something else. It took him a moment to recognize it as arousal as he was too spent to feel any himself, but the slick finger that traced his ass crack a moment later and lazily circled his hole told him that he'd identified it correctly.

Dean made a little sound and turned his head into his lover's neck even as his legs automatically spread a bit wider to give Castiel easier access. The thrill of delight that he felt from his angel coincided with the feel of his lover's hardening cock brushing against his thigh. The knowledge that he was about to be fucked again made him moan though he was still completely limp and sated. There was just something about being used for his angel's pleasure that got to him even when he wasn't aroused.

Without that to distract him, Dean could really feel his lover's fingers inside of him in a way that he never could when his own orgasm was curling its way around his spine. Now the feel of the one, two and finally three fingers moving inside of him and slowly spreading him open for Castiel's cock made him feel full and owned in a way that nothing else could. Well, almost nothing else, he amended as they were pulled out. Then, in one fluid movement, he was flipped over onto his back on the bed and Castiel was on top of him, covering him from head to toe with the hot, hard length of his lover's cock pressed up against the cleft of his ass. They stayed like that for a moment and Dean couldn't help but wonder what it said about him that he felt safe and protected laying just like that.

Then, with a single thrust, Castiel was in him physically as well as all around him with his Grace and Dean could feel his lover everywhere and it was amazing. He knew that even a short while ago it would have freaked him out, but now he'd come to crave the possessiveness and all-encompassing nature of it. All of his life he'd had to fight to keep those most important to him close, so for one of them to now need and want him so much... it was his idea of nirvana now that he'd stopped letting himself be bothered by how different it was from what he'd always thought he wanted.

The sheer intensity of it also did wonders for his ego, Dean knew. Like how his lover seemed completely unable to draw his eyes away from Dean's own just now allowed him to see all that it was that Castiel felt for him even as it flowed over their bond as well. As usual it took his breath away and normally he would have closed his eyes, but he couldn't. That just made him even more hyperaware of each and every glorious inch of his lover's long, hard cock as it moved within him, the ridge of the head tugging at the rim of his hole every time Castiel pulled back and the light slap of his angel's balls against his ass every time Castiel bottomed out within him, burying his cock to the hilt inside him.

The feel of it all, without the haze of arousal clouding his senses, was surprisingly exquisite and Dean loved it. In addition to the thrill of being taken and fucked like this for Castiel's own pleasure (at least at first), being able to feel every vein and detail of his lover's cock as it moved within him was a delight all of its own and he knew he'd never be able to go back to using a condom if the need for it ever arose. The thought of not being able to properly feel his angel inside of him was not a pleasant one.

Just as Dean started to feel a spark of arousal deep in his gut, Castiel shifted position slightly and nailed his prostate head on. He gasped as exquisite pleasure burst to life within him and his hands tightened reflexively on the sheets and his lover's arm where they'd been resting.

"Fuck," Dean muttered and then moaned as the next thrust was just as hard and accurate as the one before it.

Then Castiel was lowering himself fully onto Dean and drew him into a hot, dirty kiss and Dean felt like his angel was trying to make his cock and tongue meet inside of him. Even folded nearly in half as he was, he did his best to shift to allow his lover even closer, not that he thought it was possible, but he needed it. Therefore he made an inadvertent sound of disappointment when Castiel released his lips, even though he needed to breathe.

The disappointment vanished a second later when his angel nudged his chin up and back, granting Castiel full access to his neck. Dean's next groan was louder as his angel bit down on the skin at the base of his throat just as Castiel nailed his prostate once more. With a little shift of his hips as his lover pulled back, the head of Castiel's cock catching on the rim of his entrance, Dean was able to angle himself sufficiently to be able to clench down as hard as he could when his lover bottomed out inside of him once more.

Castiel growled against his skin and Dean gave a shout as the Grace all around his soul tightened even further, claiming him completely.

Or rather as completely as Dean was allowing him to.

It was with a start that he realized that he still had some of his defenses up. They were ones that Dean hadn't even known that he had, but he was familiar enough with his own soul to recognize them for what they were now that his attention had been drawn to them. He hesitated for a split second before he tore them down. Shock and surprise rippled from Castiel's Grace as his lover froze inside of him before pulling back just far enough to look him in the eye. This close together, both physically and on the soul-Grace level, no words were necessary and a second later his angel's Grace slipped forward to slide over his soul, completely free of any impediments.

Dean gasped, head falling back at the rush of pure and raw emotion that threatened to overwhelm him and he clutched at his lover as Castiel rolled them and held him cradled in his arms.

By far the strongest of the emotions was love and Dean was helpless against it, melting into the sensation he'd never felt so strongly before in his life. The next strongest was the possessiveness that shivered and rippled all along his soul, but was tied to the love in such a way that he knew couldn't be undone and so it could never turn on him as the human version of that particular emotion did more often than not when felt in a human romantic relationship. The others was far more complex and not as easy to untangle, at least not in his current condition anyway.

A slight shift on Dean's part caused his lover's cock to brush up against his prostate and arousal exploded both within and all around him and it was more than enough to trip him over the edge and he came untouched but feeling more complete than he could ever remember feeling before in his life. The orgasm was so fantastic that he was only partially aware of being flipped back onto the bed as his toes curled and his vision went white for a second.

When he'd peaked, Dean found himself on his back once more with Castiel on top of him, still buried to the hilt in his ass. The fingers of his left hand were intertwined with his angel's and lay on the pillow above his head while his other hand clutched at his angel's shoulder, hard enough to bruise if Castiel had been human. He didn't even need to check to see if his lover had come as he knew that Castiel hadn't.

Automatically, Dean shifted his right leg up and curled it around his lover's hip, providing easier access.

"Come on, come on," Dean breathed into his angel's ear.

Castiel drew back at the words, shifting slightly and Dean gasped at what he saw for there, arched out behind his lover were two gorgeous sets of obsidian feathered wings. But then his angel was drawing back before thrusting forwards once more and he concentrated instead on rhythmically clenching and unclenching the muscles of his ass, feeling Castiel shudder against him even as arousal battered at his soul, driving him on as it met his own satiation and bone deep state of relaxation. Castiel thrust once, twice and then cried out as he buried himself to the hilt once more as Dean could feel his lover's cock pulse inside of him before liquid heat filled him.

The pleasure that washed over Dean from Castiel was like a third orgasm and this time he did black out. Well he slowly regained awareness once more it was to find himself held cradled up against his lover, Castiel's wings wrapped around them both. The feel of the surprisingly warm and soft feathers against his skin made him shiver involuntarily, drawing his angel's attention from where his lover had been absently tracing his handprint scar with a finger.

"Are you alright?" Castiel inquired. "Do you want the sheet or a blanket?"

"No, it's not that," Dean replied, shifting a little so that he could look at his lover.

Other than that, though, he had absolutely no intention of moving. Being held like a chick or not, Dean was far too comfortable just now to budge. Not only did he have his angel's arms and wings wrapped around him, but Castiel's Grace was still also cocooning his soul. The latter was why he wasn't yet fully alert as he normally was upon waking. The sense of safety, security and belonging he got from having his soul so thoroughly encompassed by his lover's Grace was indescribable and he had no intention of disrupting that unless it was for a damn good reason and his old prejudices didn't even come close to qualifying.

Not even close!

"It's just that your feathers feel a little odd against my skin," Dean explained. "But I like it."

"My feathers?" Castiel repeated in shock, eyes widening and wings drawing back.

Dean made a little noise of disappointment at the loss of contact but followed the movement of the two wings with his eyes. It was amazing, there really was no other way to put it. Amazing, graceful, magnificent, powerful and beautiful. Almost without thought, he was reaching out for the nearest wing, fingers brushing lightly over the long primary feathers at the tip of it.

They were as warm and soft as they'd felt before, but this time Dean could also feel a little spark, like liquid power, and he realized that was what had made him shiver before. His breath caught in his throat at the raw strength of that power and, yeah, he could now totally see why Castiel couldn't help but view him as the submissive. He would too if he were that much more powerful than his lover.

"You really can see them," Castiel marveled, closing one wing over Dean once more.

The other wing his lover flexed, running the feathers over Dean's fingers before his angel shifted his wing and the feathers brushed against Dean's face. The spark of liquid power along his lips made him lick them automatically, brushing his tongue against the feathers in the process.

Castiel's sharp intake of breath told Dean that the feathers and wings were sensitive, so when he carded his fingers through them, he did so carefully.

"Have you always wrapped me in your wings after we've had sex?" Dean finally asked.


"So how come I can see them now but not before?"

"I can only think that it is because you've fully opened up your soul to me, submitting to me completely," Castiel replied.

As his angel did so, Dean could feel the Grace shifting along his soul and his eyes dropped closed to savor the experience. With surprisingly little effort, he was able to stretch his soul, causing more of it to slide up against his lover's cocooning Grace. It was as he did so that he noticed it. As tightly as Castiel was wrapped around him, his angel's Grace should be covering his soul entirely and that's what he'd thought was the case. Now, however, he realized that there was one spot where he couldn't feel his lover's Grace.

In the exquisite pleasure and all of the other emotions bathing his soul, Dean hadn't before noticed the lone little part of himself that still called out its loneliness. He was so used to feeling like that all of the time that it hadn't caught his attention, not when the vast majority of himself was feeling things that he'd never felt before. But now that he had noticed it, he couldn't help but see, and more importantly, feel it. It was now like a great big gaping black hole in an otherwise sea of tranquility.

"Cas?" Dean questioned. "What is that? Why aren't you there as well?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it is where Michael is meant to bond with your soul when he takes you as his vessel," Castiel replied.

Dean scowled. "Yeah, well he's not getting me."

"Nevertheless, I can't seem to touch you there."

"That sucks," Dean paused. "Wait, you think?"

"Michael is different from me in a lot of ways. I didn't have that kind of bond with Jimmy before he died, but then Michael is the only archangel who doesn't burn his host's soul out of existence when he takes them. Well, except perhaps for Lucifer."

Not really knowing what to say to that, Dean huffed. Part of him wanted to complain, but he knew well enough that doing so wouldn't help matters any. He did, however, file it away as yet another thing to bring up if his angel ever found God.

That was for later, though, and for now Dean just snuggled (though he'd never admit it) down and let himself drift off to sleep, safe in Castiel's embrace.

"First dibs on the shower," Sam called as they pulled into the motel parking lot.

Dean's nose crinkled as he looked at his brother and the towel he'd made Sam sit on so as not to ruin his baby's upholstery. "No arguments there," he said as he put the Impala into park and pulled the keys from the ignition. "I suppose it's too much to hope for that you'll leave me any hot water."

"Dude, you know how hard it is to get half dried ectoplasm out of your hair," Sam protested, getting out of the car.

"Well we could always shave it all off, that would solve the problem quickly."

"No, there will be no shaving of my head!"

"What? Don't want to lose those pretty long locks of yours, bitch?" Dean teased as he put the key into the motel room door and opened it.

"You're the one normally called pretty, jerk," Sam retorted.

"I'd definitely have to agree with that," Gabriel said from where he lounged on Dean's bed, sucking on a lollipop. "Hello again, boys. Did you miss me?"

"Gabriel!" Sam spat, going for his gun.

Rather than doing the same, Dean held out his arm before his brother, waving him down. He knew better than anyone just how powerful angels were, let alone archangels, so there really wasn't any point in drawing a gun. Besides, if the archangel had wanted to hurt them or do anything else to them, then Gabriel could have done it already as evidenced by how easily the archangel had sucked them into TV land only just last week. No, the important question was what the hell was Gabriel doing here?

"What are you doing here?" Dean asked, keeping his voice calm and level despite the heat that had started to pool in his gut at the archangel's initial comment.

What was wrong with him? This was the second time that Gabriel had managed to elicit a response from him in almost as many interactions. He was in a perfectly good relationship with Cas already, hell it was more than good, more like better than anything that he ever could have hoped for or dreamed of. Well, once he knew what it was that he really needed. It all made him feel like a cheat and a fraud.

He really wasn't worthy of Castiel. His angel deserved someone better than him. Someone who'd treat Cas right.

"Waiting for the both of you, obviously," Gabriel replied, leaping to his feet before he pulled a face. "What on Earth is that smell?"

"Ectoplasm," Sam deadpanned, pushing past Dean into the room. "Now, what did you want?"

"Ectoplasm? Gross," Gabriel stated as he snapped his fingers.

Dean had tensed from the moment he saw the archangel bring his fingers together, but that had been far too late to actually do anything. Luckily the only thing that seemed to have happened was that all traces of the ectoplasm had vanished, leaving his brother clean once more.

"Well that's one way of dealing with the problem," Dean stated, amused despite himself.

"Ow," Sam complained, rubbing his arms. "You took off a layer of my skin."

"I was being thorough," Gabriel shrugged. "There's just no pleasing you, is there, Sammy?"

"It's Sam, only Dean gets to call me Sammy."

Dean raised an eyebrow in surprise. That was news to him. His brother normally gave him shit for using that old nickname. Not that it stopped him from using it, rather the opposite in fact.

"As for why I'm here, well, let's just say that I've given your offer some thought and realized that there might be some merit to it after all," Gabriel explained, finishing his lollipop.

"Seriously? Now you want to join us?" Dean demanded. "After everything that I said to you last week?"

"Like we're going to fall for that," Sam snorted. "How about you tell us what you really want? Is this another trick? Or a mind game? Do you want to teach us another lesson in the hopes that we'll say yes?"

"No," Gabriel replied. "I meant what I said."

"Sure, and I'm a monkey's uncle."

Dean frowned at his brother. "Hey, this was your idea to begin with, why are you so against it now?"

"That was before we learned that he was an angel," Sam replied before turning his attention back to Gabriel. "Or before you turned me into a car."

Dean couldn't help but bite his lip at the reminder of that particular little incident. In retrospect, now he knew that everything turned out okay, that particular prank was actually quite funny. Classic even, in more ways than one, not that he'd tell his brother that. But it made him think back to their first encounter with Gabriel and how much he'd appreciated some of the tricks even then. Well, at least the ones that hadn't been fatal anyway.

"Oh, I see, that's it, is it?" Gabriel inquired, stepping closer to Sam in a way that should have been utterly ridiculous given the height difference between the two of them and yet it somehow wasn't. "You're upset because I don't match your mental ideal of an angel, is that it? Well, newsflash, Sammy, humans get it wrong more often than right when it comes to angels. I'd have thought that you'd have lost that naiveté by now."

"Cas isn't a douche, forgive me for having faith that some of the rest of you might not be either," Sam shot back.

"Uh, guys?" Dean said, not quite sure of where this might lead and not liking it.

His brother had a nasty habit of pushing people too far, but this was one case where Sam really, really shouldn't. As the Trickster, Gabriel had already proven that he was willing to kill humans who annoyed him too much. And while Dean loved his brother, he'd be the first to admit that Sam could be a self-righteous, annoying brat when his little brother wanted to be.

Almost as soon as Dean had spoken, the archangel's attention swung away from his brother and back to him. It was a little disconcerting in a way as he was used to the people he was trying to break up ignoring him, so this was a refreshing and unexpected change. Especially since Gabriel really did seem to be focusing on him and not just reacting to another person being present.

"It's not like I didn't say a hell of a lot worse than what Sam just said," Dean pointed out.

Gabriel shrugged. "Yeah, well, I like you better than I like him."

Okay, that wasn't doing anything to help him overcome these odd feelings of lust around the former Trickster, even if Dean couldn't help but like the way his brother sputtered indignantly at that.

"You like him better?" Sam repeated in disbelief. "What are you, five? Grow up!"

"No," Gabriel replied, only briefly glancing at Sam.

Dean pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation. "I feel like I need to send each of you to a corner for a time out."

"You can't seriously believe that he's here to help?" Sam demanded, now looking at him as well. "Not after everything that he's done in the past?"

"We're hardly models of good behavior ourselves, Sam," Dean reminded his brother. "Besides, like you said yourself, we could do with having someone of his power on our side."

"Oh, I see how it is, you just want me for my abilities," Gabriel groused, popping another candy bar into existence and settling back onto Dean's bed.

"Oh, poor baby, do you feel taken advantage of?" Dean questioned, making the archangel's eyebrows shoot up. "And that's my bed."

"I know."

Since Gabriel clearly wasn't going to budge, Dean sighed and took of his jacket, throwing in on the table before he sat down in one of the room's two rickety chairs. "So, what we said made an impact, did it?"

"Well that and the fact that you two are clearly as stubborn as Michael and Lucifer are, only about not becoming vessels."

"Damn right we're not!" Sam declared vehemently.

"So, what, you decided that meant you wanted to help us?" Dean probed, sensing that there was more behind this sudden change of heart.

Gabriel shrugged nonchalantly, or at least the archangel appeared to do so, but Dean frowned at the gesture. Something about it was off. Maybe it was because in a lot of ways Gabriel was like him and that meant he could tell when the archangel was bullshitting, or maybe it was because of all the time that he'd spent with Cas, learning to read angelic body language, such as it was. Either way, he knew that there was more to this than Gabriel was letting on. The question was, was it something that would come back to bite them in the ass later if they didn't pry it out of the archangel now? He really didn't wanted to look a gift horse in the mouth, but he'd been burned too much in his life not to be suspicious and to want reassurances.

"Not quite," Gabriel admitted. "It made me think and take a long hard look at the state of things."

"That must have hurt," Sam said snidely, crossing his arms over his chest.

"And I realized that there wasn't much difference anymore between Michael's side and Lucifer's side."

"Yeah, we noticed that too," Dean responded. "Both seem to just be out for themselves. I take it that wasn't always the case?"

"No, it wasn't. Once Michael genuinely cared about humanity and what happened on Earth. He was a big brother to you as much as he was to the rest of us."

The archangel's eyes had gone distant and it was as close as Dean had ever seen the guy come to true emotion. A quick glance at his brother showed that Sam saw it too as the sasquatch's face had softened and now looked torn. Thinking about the angels as one big family really put things into perspective about the two of them. They had nothing on the dysfunctionality of Heaven. Then Gabriel's gaze sharpened once more and Dean found his gaze captured by the archangel's surprisingly golden one.

"And then I had a little peek into Hell," Gabriel stated, an odd tone to his voice.

"Hell?" Dean asked, not following.

"I just wanted to check on where things stood. Imagine my surprise to find the place overrun with fae."

Dean laughed at the news. "So Oberon finally went in, did he? Man I wish I could see that."

"Well I can tell you that it's chaos, complete and utter chaos. Mind telling me just what you did there, boys? 'Cause I have to say, I'm impressed."

"It wasn't us, not really," Sam replied.

"No? Then who was it?"

"Cas," Dean stated, watching the surprise blossom across the archangel's face.

"Cas? Little Cassie did that? How?"

"It's a long story, but suffice it to say that he convinced Oberon that there might be some nice human slaves in Hell."

"Cas told Oberon that he found Dean there," Sam interjected with glee.

"I see," Gabriel commented, golden eyes looking Dean up and down and he got the distinct impression that the archangel really did understand better than he might have liked the guy too.

Dean sent an irritated glare at his brother before looking back at their guest who was still lounging on his bed, only now with a chocolate bar. "Dude, if you get chocolate in my bed, I'm gonna pluck you bald and make myself a nest from your feathers."

Though Gabriel made no outwards sign of worry on his vessel, Dean did catch the archangel's wings twitching before going very, very still. It took him a second to realize that Gabriel had caught the way his eyes had moved while watching the wings and that the Trickster had realized what that meant.

"You can see my wings," Gabriel stated, clearly shocked.

"Yes," Dean replied, not seeing the point in denying it.

"You can see his wings?" Sam demanded, incredulous. "Since when?"

"Uh, since Cas and I completed the bonding."

"Bonding? What bonding?"

"You and Castiel are fully bonded?" Gabriel questioned, an odd tone to the archangel's voice.

"I'll explain later," Dean said to his brother before looking at the Trickster. "And yes, we are."

A weird expression flitted across Gabriel's face, but it was gone before Dean could fully decipher it. It felt strangely familiar though in the most peculiar way. Almost as if he'd seen it before, but on someone else's face. He just couldn't figure out who and either when or where. It niggled at the back of his mind, though, as if he should know and that was driving him nuts.

"What's it to you?" Sam asked, shifting.

"Nothing, I... let's just say that there aren't many humans who can easily put up with angels when it comes to our sexual desires," Gabriel answered and Dean couldn't help but wonder if the archangel was deliberately being so blunt to make Sam squirm. "Human notions of sexuality and what's normal and all."

"Since when have you known us to be normal?" Dean inquired.

Gabriel looked at him once more and Dean had to fight down the urge to shift uncomfortably. He got the distinct impression that the archangel could see right through him and his false bravado and he didn't like it one little bit. In addition to that, he could also detect the same lust that he'd witnessed before in Wellington in those captivating eyes and it was like he was back there all of a sudden, being pinned to the door once more. Arousal spiked deep within him and he did his best to ruthlessly suppress it all the while cursing himself.

What on earth was wrong with him?

There was a flicker of annoyance and displeasure from the bond and Dean went still as he realized that Castiel had felt the way his last thoughts had gone and didn't like the deprecation. If only his lover knew why it was that he was feeling them!

Before Dean could do or say anything, though, he could already tell that it was too late and the next second his angel was in the room with them, going rigid as soon as Cas realized that Gabriel was there.

"Hello, little bro," Gabriel greeted his sibling, not reacting when Castiel's blade appeared in his hand.

"Gabriel," Castiel replied, shifting to stand between the archangel and Dean and Sam. "What are you doing here?"

Dean scowled at the protective stance, though on some level he got it. With the way that Gabriel tended to act it was very easy to forget that the guy was an archangel, unlike Raphael who had thrown his power out there carelessly for all to see and feel. Thinking of Raphael, though, only made him remember what the douche had done to Cas and his own anger sprang to life, hot and heavy within him which quickly countered the arousal that he'd felt. Not wanting things to escalate to anything like that, he stepped forwards and put a hand on his lover's arm that held the blade, pushing it down.

"He wants to help us," Dean explained.

"At least that's what he's saying," Sam stated. "Any way you can tell if he's being honest?"

"I am a seraph, Sam, even if I were at full power I would not be able to tell if an archangel were being honest and I am not at full power," Castiel stated.

"How about I help him with that as a gesture of good faith?" Gabriel offered.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked, frowning. "He's cut off from Heaven, how can you help with that? I thought you hadn't been there for millennia?"

"I haven't, but as an archangel they can't cut me off. And since it's all about connections, my acknowledging Castiel would be enough to hook him back up, so to speak."

"That true, Cas?" Sam questioned.

"Yes," Castiel confirmed. "Angels are normally all connected to each other. It is by cutting those ties that one is isolated from the Host. If Gabriel were to do as he says, then it would restore my connection."

"Even if he were the only one acknowledging you?"

"A direct connection with an archangel is better than a hundred with other seraphs."

When his lover looked at him, Dean spread his hands. "Hey, don't look at me, I don't know anything about all of this."

"No, but you are a better judge of character than Sam or I seem to be," Castiel spoke directly into his mind.

As if he wasn't already feeling enough guilt about all of his stray feelings for Gabriel, that just made Dean feel a whole lot worse. That his lover picked up on his change of mood was obvious, but luckily Cas didn't push it just now. So that begged the question. Did he trust Gabriel? Given their past experiences, he really didn't have a whole lot of reasons to say yes, and yet there was something. He couldn't put his finger quite on what it was, but whatever it was, it made him inclined to give the archangel a chance.

Dean didn't even have to say it, one look was all his lover needed to look back at Gabriel and give him a nod.

"Dean, are you sure about this?" Sam questioned softly as his brother stepped close to him while Gabriel got up and approached Castiel. "He is the Trickster after all."

"I know, I just... I can't explain it," Dean admitted.

"Your gut telling you to go with it?"


"Can't say I'm happy with it, but I'd be lying if I said we wouldn't still be here if it weren't for your instincts in the past."

Dean acknowledged his brother's words with a nod, before he focused on what the two angels were doing. Castiel still stood where his lover had been, only now Gabriel stood before him. As he watched, the archangel reached out and brushed two fingers over Cas' forehead. Outwardly nothing seemed to change, but he could suddenly feel the shift that took place within his lover and how Castiel was suddenly flooded with power and Light. Slowly he began to see a change too. First Cas' wings shifted and brightened, looking healthier and glossier all of a sudden. Then there was a vague shift in the hue of his lover's skin before some of weariness began to fade from Castiel's frame, making his angel look healthier and less weighed down.

By the time Gabriel stepped back, Castiel looked far more like the angel that had come into barn that fateful night that he and Bobby had summoned him, and Dean couldn't help but smile. It only increased when Cas turned around and looked at him, a huge smile on his lover's own face.

"Wow," Sam said. "I hadn't realized how much you'd changed, Cas."

"His fall was gradual, so the changes would have been too," Gabriel explained.

"Thank you, Brother," Castiel said with feeling.

"You had not done anything to deserve being disbarred from Heaven, Castiel. In fact, it seems like you were the only one still following Father's last command. Even I wasn't doing that, though I tricked myself into thinking that I was."

"God's last command?" Dean asked.

"To take care of humanity."

"Yeah, about that. You gonna help us ice Lucifer now?"


"No?" Sam repeated, indignant. "I thought you were here to help us."

"I am," Gabriel confirmed. "What I'm not here to do is to commit suicide."


"That is what it would be for Gabriel to face Lucifer on his own," Castiel explained. "Lucifer is far more powerful than either him or Raphael. The only archangel that can match and potentially exceed Lucifer's power is Michael."

"Great," Dean muttered as he paced the room. "So we're back to square one, is that it?"

"Not exactly, big boy, there is one other option."

"Oh yeah? And what's that?"

"The cage."

"Lucifer's cage?" Sam questioned with a frown.


"What about it?"

"It's still down there and maybe, just maybe, we can shove his ass back in."

Part 4


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