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And Trickster Makes Three, Part 1
dean laughs
Title: And Trickster Makes Three
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Dean, Gabriel/Dean/Castiel & Gabriel/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: set early season 5, particularly "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester" & "Changing Channels", plus a minor little spoiler for some information we learn about angels in "Exile on Main Street".
Warnings: slash, AU, switch!Castiel, sub!Dean, bare backing, orgasm denial, Grace!sex, oral, het, dom!Gabriel, threesome, reference to previous gender bending, wing!fic, double penetration
Word Count: 51,385
Note: This fic was written for the deancasbigbang 2014. It is the third in the Trinity Trilogy and cannot be read on its own without reading the first two fics in the trilogy.
Summary: After Avalon, Dean is plagued by doubts about his role in his new relationship with Castiel and as he struggles to come to terms with it, he also has to deal with Sam asking questions and the little fact that there is an Apocalypse going on. So when Gabriel shows up, it does not make things any easier, but rather far more complex, especially when Dean starts to subconsciously remember his last meeting with the archangel.

Beta: aerilex

Artist: chemart - Art Masterlist

"Cas!" Dean shouted and he was rather proud of that because, at this point, it would be more natural to whine or beg, but he wouldn't.

His angel would have to work a lot harder to get him to do that.

Castiel chuckled darkly in his ear. "You forget who has the greater stamina here, mine own. I could keep this up for hours if I really wanted to."

Dean's eyes fell shut and his toes curled as his lover accompanied those words with a slow, almost lazy, thrust that still managed to nail Dean's prostate dead on, sending pleasure spiraling up his spine. He had to bite back the instinctive whimper that wanted to escape him. He was ready to come and had been for the past... well it felt like forever. The only problem was that Cas wasn't letting him. At least not until his angel got what he wanted.

"Do you have any idea how amazing you look right now?" Castiel asked, nipping at his lips before pulling back to look down at him.

He tried to scowl at his lover, tugging at the tie that kept his hands bound to the headboard. He made a mental note to make sure the next room he got for them had a solid bed frame without any of the convenient bars that this one had.

His angel laughed. "Then I'd just use my Grace to keep you in place."

This time a whimper did escape Dean as Castiel ran his Grace along his balls and perineum before the ghostly touch skirted the sensitive rim of his hole where it was stretched wide and stuffed full with his lover's cock. A cock that wasn't moving.

"Did you want something?" Castiel teased, grinding into him but not actually moving other than that.

It was a real struggle for Dean not to just moan at the sensations that flooded through him, but he knew that once he started, he wouldn't be able to stop and he didn't feel like giving in today. At least not so easily as he was starting to get that he wouldn't win this particular fight. Not with how wonderful his angel's cock felt, stretching him wide and filling him up. Hell, his balls were already pulled up tight and he was getting desperate to come, the need almost too much. Yet, at the same time, it felt wonderful to be kept dangling on the edge like this, extending the exquisite pleasure beyond anything that he'd ever experienced before.

"Bastard," Dean finally managed to get out, hardly recognizing his own voice.

It was wrecked and yet so clearly pleasure soaked and desperately needy that it would have turned him on even more if that had even been possible. That it did the same for Castiel was clear from the way his angel's eyes darkened and his lover finally (finally!) moved, thrusting a few times within him once more before stopping.

"Cas!" Dean whined before he could stop himself, clenching down, hard, on his lover's hot length buried once more balls deep within him.

Instead of replying, Castiel's head dropped down and bit one of his nipples. That made Dean writhe and shout, his resistance crumbling under the dual onslaught.

"Fuck, Cas, please!" Dean finally begged. "I want... I need..."

"I know," Castiel stated, claiming his lips as his angel shifted above him.

It was Dean's last coherent thought as his lover finally began moving in earnest, shifting Dean's hips slightly for the best leverage. After that Dean was lost as he still wasn't allowed to come but there was finally more. He was only vaguely aware of it when his hands were released and then only when he realized that he was desperately clutching at his angel. On some level he also knew that he was now babbling incoherently, begging and pleading, but he no longer cared. The feel of Castiel inside of him and on him was all that he cared about.

Just when Dean was sure that he couldn't take anymore, that he would literally explode, the band of Grace wrapped around the base of his cock vanished and he came with a shout, feeling Castiel come within him as well.

When Dean woke later he had tears in his eyes and his heart was in his throat. He just lay there, looking at the unfamiliar ceiling, blinking though that didn't prevent one of the tears from escaping and running down his cheek.

"Dean?" Castiel asked softly and he turned his head to see a slightly worried look on his lover's face.

"It's okay, Cas, tears don't always mean pain or sadness," Dean explained.


"No. They can be of joy or relief. Or bittersweet remembrance."

Dean could hardly believe that he'd said the latter but it was the truth. Besides, he knew his angel far too well to think that he'd be able to pan this off as pure joy, not with the way he was feeling just now.

"So it was good remembering?" Castiel inquired.

"Yes, definitely," Dean replied before his brow furrowed. His lover knowing what he dreamt wasn't unusual, but now that he thought about it, he had felt like Cas was there though he hadn't seen his lover. "Were you there?"

"Yes. I unlocked the memories of your mother as you seemed unable to access them on your own anymore."

Dean's throat tightened once more at the words. It had always been one of his biggest regrets that he couldn't remember more of his mother, but he'd only been four when he'd lost her, so it wasn't unusual. Therefore to be able to get more of those memories back now was unbelievable and amazing.

Not knowing what to say that could possibly explain how he felt, Dean just reached up and hugged his lover, trying to convey it all with his touch instead. He wasn't sure if he was successful, but Castiel's arms did close around him, holding him close, though his angel did shift them so Castiel took their weight.

"Thanks," Dean whispered hoarsely when he felt that his voice wouldn't betray too much.

"It was my pleasure," Castiel replied more genuinely than Dean had ever heard anyone say that phrase before.

"Come on, Dean!" Sam complained as they drove along the interstate into Arkansas.

"What?" Dean demanded in exasperation, turning his head briefly to look at his brother.

"It's just that..."

"That, what?"

"It hardly seems like you're taking this seriously."

Dean could barely believe what he was hearing. "Excuse me?"

"Well, every time I suggest that we do some research or anything else relating to the Apocalypse, you reject it out of hand."

"I do not."

"No? First there was the hunt in Canton with the idols, then the one in Ooltewah with the fairies-"

"Both of which were real hunts with people either dying or being kidnapped as sex slaves, some of them still kids!"

"Yes, but with the first one at least we could have just thrown it to another hunter," Sam argued.

"We needed the time together again."

"Yes, training wheels, I know. But we did it and the next one, both of which went well. So why not get back to what's important now? Or are you just going to dictate what we do again? Like you always did before?"

"I did not," Dean protested. "And I've yet to hear you come up with an actual plan other than finding the Colt."

"It could work."

"That's not what I'm saying. I agree that it could work and Cas also thinks that it's our only hope, not that he's at all sure we can manage to actually shoot Lucy even if we get our hands on it."

"Then what's the problem?"

"The problem is that we've had this plan for months and we're still no closer to finding the damn thing."

"So you just want to give up?"

"Hey, I didn't say that!" Dean protested sharply. "I just don't see the point in endlessly chasing our tails without more information or a clue to help us figure out where the damn thing is. Besides, it isn't like the Avalon hunt didn't do anything for our chances."

"Yeah, do we have any way of telling whether Oberon has made a move on Hell or not?"

"Cas hasn't heard anything yet, but even Oberon would take a few weeks to get his troops together before charging into Hell."

"Okay, great, but that still only buys us so much time before the demons either overwhelm the fairies or convince them of the folly of their actions."

"I know that."

"So let's actually look into our options if we don't manage to find the Colt."

Dean gritted his teeth but bit back what he wanted to say. Personally he felt that they'd exhausted all of their resources when trying to actually prevent Lucifer from getting out in the first place, but if this would satisfy Sam for a little while, he could deal with a small break. They were running rather low on cash and if they were somewhere for just a short duration, then he could do some intensive hustling before they got kicked out of town.

"Fine, what did you have in mind?" Dean asked.

Dean managed to wait until he reached the bar before he caved and pulled out his cell phone. He'd left his brother to carry out some research at the local library that Sam had dragged them out here to visit as his brother thought that it might have some books that could help them. He tried to tell himself that he was getting his cell out because he wanted to check up on Bobby, but he knew that it would just be an excuse for the call that he really wanted to make. Besides, he could somehow already guess exactly how Bobby would respond to anything the older hunter perceived as 'checking up' on him. That brought a smile to his face despite himself. That Ironsides was still his grumpy old self made him feel a bit better, but still a frisson of unease remained in his gut that he couldn't quite shake no matter how much he wanted to.

On the other hand, the fact that he was even thinking of calling Cas to check in also made Dean feel uncomfortable in the same way that thinking too much about the way that he acted when they were together did. How... submissive he was. His fingers clenched around his cell and his shoulders tensed. Why the hell did that always happen? Sure, he knew why Castiel acted the way that his lover did. Cas had explained to him about angels and their instinctual power play and all, but that still didn't explain why he caved so easily.

It bothered Dean almost more than he wanted to admit as he'd never seen himself that way. Hell, before Cas he'd never even thought of sleeping with a guy. Or, well, at least not seriously. Really. And even the odd stray thought that had occurred to him when he'd seen a particularly hot guy had always been with him on top. In charge and in control. So why did he give it up so easily with Castiel?

So instinctively?

Dean knew himself well enough to know that the latter was the real issue here. As a hunter, his style was to follow his instincts and he truly believed that was the best way to go, though Sam clearly proved that it wasn't the only one. But as a result, he'd come to rely on those instincts and often he followed them without really thinking about it. Which was great with hunting, but not so much when in bed with Cas apparently. But why would he so instinctively feel the need to submit to his angel? He just didn't get it.

Part of him wanted to call Bobby instead of his lover just to prove a point to himself, but Dean hesitated. Though he'd always denied it or told his brother to shut up when Sam called him a mother hen, in reality he knew that it was true. He did get protective of the people he cared about, but that was only because he knew how easily they could be taken away from him. Even Cas was vulnerable to that as he'd found out a few months ago when his lover had stood up to Raphael for him and been...

Immediately Dean's mind shied away from the description Chuck had given them of what had happened and of the evidence that he'd witnessed for himself at the prophet's house. The reminder did, however, make it easier for him to hit the speed dial button that Castiel had earned on his phone as soon as he'd learned that his lover had his own cell. He frowned as a new thought occurred to him while the phone rang. Given all that he knew about the sexual habits of angels now, he wasn't quite sure why Castiel'd had that deer in the headlights look on his face when questioned about women. Had it been because it had been about women? Or because he was the one asking and Castiel had been afraid of what he'd learn about angelic mating habits?

Finally the phone was picked up and before he'd even really thought about it the question was out of his mouth. "Hey, Cas, why were you so uncomfortable at the brothel?"

The pause that followed suddenly made Dean really afraid that he'd hit the wrong speed dial and was actually on the phone with either Bobby or Sam instead of Cas. He was desperately trying to think of an explanation to give when there was finally a reply.

"Angels do not mate lightly, Dean," Castiel stated. "We do not do... one night stands."

"Oh," Dean said, relief flooding through him at not having called Bobby or Sam by mistake. "Why not?"

"It is not in our nature. The possessiveness that we feel towards our subs is not something easily relinquished or forgotten."

Dean was sure that to any normal person that would sound far more ominous and dark than it did to him. Indeed, all it managed to do to him was to send a shiver of excitement up his spine.

Seriously, what was wrong with him? This was not how he should be reacting to all of this.

"Are you okay, Dean?" Castiel asked.

"Yeah, sure. Why?"

"Did you call me just to ask about the brothel?"

"No, I just wanted to check up on you, make sure you were okay and to see how the God hunt was coming along."

There was another little pause and Dean frowned. Was his lover surprised at him wanting to know about the search or because he'd called about a non-hunt related reason? If it was the latter then perhaps he'd have to call more often as he didn't want Castiel to think that all he cared about was the assistance his angel could lend them or the sex.

Dean froze almost as soon as the thought crossed his mind. Had he really just thought that? Him?

God, he really was turning into a chick.

"It has been... unproductive so far," Castiel finally replied wearily.

"Come on, Cas, you didn't really expect it would be easy to find him, now did you?"

"I had hoped that it would not be difficult."

"But you had to have known that it would be," Dean argued. "Otherwise why would the others have thought him dead?"

There was a burst of noise in the background like music before his lover was speaking once more. "I had hoped that with more pure intentions, I might be more successful than they had been."

Dean couldn't think of much to say that wouldn't be in some way insulting to his lover's Father, so he went with a more tried and true tactic. "Did you check New Mexico?"

"I already told you, Dean, God is not on any flatbread."

Despite the rather rapid evolution of their relationship since traveling to Avalon together, Dean still wasn't quite sure whether or not Castiel was pulling his leg here. Did his angel really not get it or was Cas just playing dumb and going along with it? The thought kinda intrigued him, but he wasn't quite sure how to probe for more without coming right out and asking his lover about it.

"Is that a hint of a smile I hear?" Dean asked teasingly instead.

"Smiles cannot be heard."

"Sure they can! People's voices change pitch with their emotions."

Now Dean could all but hear his lover blink and he had to bite back a laugh. No wonder Castiel had never quite known what to make of his sarcasm and references when they first met if angels didn't even realize that emotions could color spoken words. It did explain more than a few things now that he thought about it.

"It's why the same words can mean very different things in different contexts and why most people know what is meant when they're said aloud," Dean explained.

"I see."

Somehow Dean really doubted that but another riff of music from the other end of the line distracted him. "Where the hell are you anyway?"




"Why? Aren't they all Buddhists and Hindus out there? Doing the bendy yoga thing instead of praying?"

"I did not think it would be a place my brothers and sisters would have thought to look."

"Honey, I'm home!" Dean called out as he entered their motel room, balancing the bags of food he'd stopped along the way to collect on the notebook his brother had asked him to buy. "Whoa."

What he saw in the room made Dean stop in his tracks though he did have the sense of mind to kick the door shut behind him. It seemed like there had been a newspaper and printer explosion in the room while he'd been gone. Gone from view was the simply atrocious flower print wallpaper beneath a veritable collage of clippings and internet print outs. There even seemed to be some magazine and book cutouts in there if the glossy paper of some of the articles and pictures was any indication.

"You're back, good," Sam said, popping out of the bathroom, his hair still wet. "I'm starving!"

"Man, I leave you alone for a few hours and you go all Mulder on me."

"What? Oh, those? I thought it would help to lay out all that we know."

"Yeah, great. Now we're going to have to sneak out of here."

"Sneak out?"

Dean sighed and gestured at the walls. "Since I don't see any signs of thumb tacks, I assume you used something sticky to put those up and that won't come off of the wallpaper well."

"I hadn't thought of that," Sam admitted, biting his lip for a moment before shrugging. "It was shitty wallpaper anyway."

"No argument there."

"Do I even want to know what you did while I was busy here?"

"Earning us some spending money," Dean replied, putting the food on the table and chucking his brother his new notebook. "I take it those books you wanted to see didn't have anything?"

"Nah, but there was a Bible stand out front with all kinds of Biblical literature."

"What?" Dean demanded, looking up sharply. "Was there anyone there? With the stand?"

"No, why?"

"Are you absolutely sure?"

"Yes. Dean, what's going on?"

"Zachariah and the others have been reaching out to the fringier Christian groups and giving them our photos so that they can let him know if they see us somewhere."

"What?" Sam demanded, eyes going wide. "Is that how he found you?"

"Yep, some Bible thumper outside the motel recognized me."

"Crap. Let's just hope that none of them learn about GPS."

This time it was Dean's turn for his eyes to go wide. "Fuck. I hadn't thought of that. But if Cas is any indication, then that's not something we really need to worry about."


"Dude, have you heard his voicemail?"


"Try it sometime, it's worth it," Dean laughed as he sat down and opened his burger to add the extra sauces he'd grabbed on the way out. "So, did your little art project actually produce anything?"

"No," Sam admitted reluctantly. "What the Apocalypse is really like is all over the place when it comes to Scripture. Some of it's really accurate, like the whole thing with War, but in other areas it's nothing at all like what it should be."

"Could be a good thing."


"It'll keep people from figuring out what's really going on. Can you imagine the panic if that were to happen?"

"I'd rather not."

"So are you done here? Can we get back on the road again?" Dean asked.

"No, not just yet."


"There are a few more things I want to check while I've got the rest of this stuff up."

"Fine," Dean muttered before he took a big bite of his burger.

"What's the big rush anyway? I would have thought that you'd leap for the chance to mess around. What, weren't there any hot girls at the bar? Or were they all smart enough to turn you down?"

"Hey! I get several numbers, I'll have you know," Dean lied, feeling bad even as he did so.

The thing was, if he didn't then his little brother was bound to know that something was up. Hell, the fact that he hadn't even noticed if there were any hot chicks at the bar worried Dean and he knew the reason why. Or at least he thought that he did. He just wouldn't have expected his behavior to change so drastically so damn quickly.

"Yeah, sure," Sam snorted.

"Are you doubting my abilities?"

"Me? I wouldn't dare."

"You'd better not, bitch."

"Eat with your mouth shut, jerk, you're not a child."

Unable to help himself, Dean turned to his brother and started to really chew with his mouth open.

"Dude, gross!" Sam complained.

Although Dean had done it more than once lately, asking for a room with a single king or queen sized bed still felt really odd. He'd just been getting twins for so long that he'd had to stop himself from doing so more than once. The first time he'd actually had to go back and change his room because he'd asked out of habit. The fact that he was still getting the usual twins as well for himself and Sam wasn't helping at all either. Just so long as he didn't slip up and ask for a single with Sam he was alright because that would be just plain awkward. Surprisingly all presumptive offers of a single for him and his brother had stopped. The worst thing was that he wouldn't even have noticed it if Sam hadn't drawn attention to the fact.

Dean couldn't help but wonder why that was exactly. Did it show that he was with someone else? If so then why hadn't his brother noticed it yet?

The fact that he hadn't told Sam about his new relationship with Castiel was part of the reason that he was here now. He had to think about this alone where he wouldn't be disturbed so he'd slipped out as he had so often lately while Sam was at the library, desperately trying to find them something useful about the Apocalypse. Normally whenever he'd done that since the last hunt with Castiel, it had been to get a room like this one and call his lover to him. Now he had no intention of doing that, though the fact that he'd gotten a motel room at all rather than just driving out into the middle of nowhere showed how good his resolve was.

The excuse that Dean had told himself earlier was that this way he could have a few drinks and, if necessary, sleep it off before returning to his brother. It had worked long enough to actually get the room, but now as he was placing the bottle of whiskey on the table he realized that he couldn't get drunk if he actually wanted to get anywhere. But he couldn't do that completely sober either, so he quickly poured himself a glass and took a sip. Man that felt good. He'd splurged on a better brand with his second card and he could really taste the difference. The fact that he had a second card that his brother didn't know about, though, brought him right back to square one.

He was keeping secrets from Sammy.

Although Dean honestly didn't think that there was any harm in not telling his little brother about how his relationship with Castiel had changed, he knew that Sam wouldn't see it that way. All his brother would see were the secrets and while a part of him wanted to just say tough and let his brother learn what it felt like to be kept in the dark, the rest of him was still far too terrified of the future that Zachariah had shown him to risk any such confrontation or do anything else that could risk driving Sam away yet again. So, given all of that, it should be a relatively straightforward decision to just tell his brother.

But Dean couldn't.

He just couldn't.

Before, Dean had kept putting off thinking too closely about that but he knew that he really couldn't do that any longer. They already had far too much shit to deal with for him to keep worrying about this at the back of his mind, just waiting for the whole thing to blow up in his face.

So why didn't he want to tell his brother about himself and Castiel? Dean supposed that there were a few obvious reasons such as the fact that he was pretty sure that Sam would accuse him of having seduced or otherwise drawn his angel into temptation. That was so far off the mark that it wasn't even funny and he swallowed as he recalled what had really happened. If anything, Castiel had led him astray! Not that he really wanted to explain that to his little brother, nor would Sam want to learn it either. Then there was also the fact that his lover was in a male vessel and that he'd never been with a guy before. He was sure that his brother would have a field day with that one! And last, but definitely not least, there was the whole Ruby comparison thing that would inevitably arise even if left unsaid and that was one can of worms that he'd definitely rather not open again, not given how long it had taken to close in the first place. If it ever even really had been.

With another sip of whiskey, Dean cursed his own cowardice. There was another, more important reason, that he hadn't told his brother the truth yet. It was because he wasn't entirely comfortable with it all just yet despite the fact that he and Castiel had been lovers for just over a month now. That was longer than he'd ever been with anyone before, so really things were going great, it was just...

Dean cursed in frustration. If he couldn't even get it straight in his own head, then how the hell was he supposed to tell Sam about it? Finishing off the glass, he put his hands on the back of the chair pushed in under the table and took a few deep breaths. Okay, he could do this to keep his little brother out of Lucifer's clutches. Now what was it about his relationship thing with Castiel that bothered him so much? That at least was easy. His own submissiveness. He'd never considered himself to be the passive partner in any of his sexual encounters even if some of the women had been quite dominating, and he'd never really wanted to be either. And yet somehow, despite all of that, he always was with Castiel. He wasn't even sure how it happened, it just did.

That last was what bothered Dean the most. It wasn't that Castiel forced him to do anything that he didn't want. No, his angel was just (apparently) quite dominating in the bedroom and he himself had always just caved, and easily too. It just seemed like the right thing to do and that was what really bothered him.

The fact that he liked submitting and did it so naturally with Castiel. It wasn't that Dean didn't trust his angel, he did, he really, really did. But rather it was that he didn't see himself as a submissive. At least not until he was with his lover and rational thought went out of the window. It was kind of hard to argue with the reality of all of those times, especially since as a hunter he literally survived on his instincts half the time. The other thing was that while he could reconcile that with himself, he had absolutely no regrets about anything that had happened no matter how submissive of him it had been, like that first blow job for instance.

Thinking about it though had been a mistake as even the mere thought of being with Castiel like that was enough to make him hard. As for the memory of some of their times together, well those made his fingers twitch to pull himself out and jerk off but the impulse died at the twitching of his fingers. The fact that he was so whipped that he couldn't even touch himself anymore made him want to do it just out of principle, but he couldn't.

He just couldn't.

And the worst thing was that Castiel had never even told him that he couldn't even though his angel had wanted to. That Dean had been able to easily read in Castiel's face when Sam had explained that most guys masturbated when they'd discovered that it had been a witch's curse that had caused certain parts of most of the town's male population to literally shrivel up and fall off. Clearly self-pleasuring was not something that mated angels did, at least not the submissive ones.

The word still made Dean's hackles rise on some level, only unlike earlier, now he was already fully aroused and clearly unable to take care of it on his own. Much as a part of him wanted to just do it to prove his own independence to himself, he just couldn't. Not only could he still clearly picture the look on Castiel's face as his angel fought not to forbid him something that Sam had just described as perfectly normal behavior for men, but also because a growing part of himself just wanted his angel to take care of it (of him) for him.

"Cas," Dean whispered, hating how whiny and needy his voice sounded even to his own ears. "Cas, please."

Any fears that Dean'd had about Castiel being busy or just not hearing him were immediately alleviated as his angel appeared with the soft flutter of wings that he'd been able to hear ever since they'd been to Avalon. Instead of pretending not to know what was going on, Castiel took one look at him before stepping close. A hand at the back of Dean's neck pulled him close and he moaned into the claiming kiss. His angel quickly deepened it, sweeping his tongue into his mouth as his own rose up to meet it.

Dean soon gave up the play for dominance, already feeling the rest of his body just melting against Castiel's until he only had one tense muscle left. It still stunned him how quickly he just caved but it felt both instinctual and natural, not to mention far too pleasurable to resist. All he had to do was think of their last time together for all of his hesitance to just vanish. Instead all he could do was hold on and enjoy the ride which was an intensely liberating experience.

"You called me," Castiel said, pulling back and cradling Dean's face in his hands. "You called me instead pleasuring yourself, mine own."

Dean's eyes fell closed, that pet name still doing funny things to him despite how claiming it was. Or was it precisely because of that that it affected him so deeply? Could it really be that was the answer? Most people reacted negatively to that kind of claim, but he was hardly most people. Besides, in all of his life no one had even wanted to claim him before, never mind so completely and permanently. Or so urgently.

"Yes," Dean replied. "Need you."

Castiel claimed his lips in another dominating kiss and Dean hissed as his bottom lip was caught between his angel's teeth and nibbled on. Then he was released and spun around before he could protest. His clothes were gone in the blink of an eye but not Castiel's as evidenced by the fact that he was pulled back against a fully clothed chest and seated on the bed. Before he could complain, though, there was a hand on his left hip and teeth nibbling on the right side of his neck. He moaned, rolling his head to the other side and back giving his angel all of the access he could want.

"Mine," Castiel said fiercely, beginning to suck a hickey into the tender skin at the base of Dean's throat.

The possessive attitude made Dean mewl and buck his hips. The movement let him feel Castiel's own growing erection pressing up against his ass and his eyes slid shut at the thought of being fucked. Given that he'd never slept with a guy before his angel, he was still shocked at how much he loved taking it up the ass himself. If he'd known what it really felt like, he'd never have wasted so much time resisting his own impulses. He still didn't quite get why he had, especially not after he'd first had his prostate stimulated by that woman all of those years ago. God, what a night that had been!

All rational thought fled as Castiel's right hand reached around to grasp hold of his cock. Dean cried out and instinctively tried to buck forward into the tight heat but found that he couldn't, the hand on his hips firmly holding him in place. Instead he spread his legs as wide as possible to give his angel more room, but also so that his legs were pressed up against Castiel's own thighs. The more contact the better as far as he was concerned. That position also allowed him to feel each and every twitch of his angel's cock against his ass and he keened, knowing that as soon as he'd come that Castiel would want to take him. Whether it would be his mouth or his ass he didn't know and, frankly, he didn't care. He was sure to come again before the end of it and he liked both of them anyway, much to his initial surprise. And after that... well Castiel rarely let him up without taking him once more.

"Come for me, mine own," Castiel commanded and Dean climaxed on command.

As always with his angel, the orgasm was powerful, more so than any he'd ever had before and so Dean was only vaguely aware of being gathered up, turned sideways and gently cradled against Castiel's chest. His angel was finally naked as well. The kisses now were softer but still urgent and Dean remembered that his angel hadn't come himself. He sucked the skin next to his cheek before lifting his head slightly to bump the tip of his nose against the bottom of his angel's chin.

Castiel responded by spreading his legs before lowering him between them. The little displays of his angel's strength never failed to excite Dean and even now his spent cock twitched. It should have been a turn off for him given what he did and what had happened to him in Hell, but instead it aroused him and he secretly loved it when Castiel tied him down in bed, either physically or with his Grace. He supposed that it went back to how liberating he found some of his angel's other displays of dominance and he had absolutely no idea why that was.

Now, though, Dean didn't care, not with Castiel's weeping cock before him and his own post coital bliss still singing in his veins. Instead he leaned forward and nuzzled his angel's erection, stopping only to blow hot air over the base. Castiel moaned, thrusting lightly and he smiled even as hands settled in his hair, petting briefly before grasping more firmly. For now, though, they didn't guide his movements so he continued to tease his lover, licking the vein along the bottom of Castiel's cock, before turning away to nip lightly at the soft skin of his angel's inner thigh. Already satisfied himself, he liked to test Castiel's patience, as he liked to see how long it would take before his lover started tugging on his hair.

The moment that Castiel's fingers tightened further, Dean opened his mouth and took the already wet tip of his lover in. He swirled his tongue around the head, sucking lightly, before taking in more. He moved slowly, still not quite used to the way that Castiel could simply reach out with his Grace and override his gag reflex. The thought of both how it had to feel to be taken as deeply as he took his angel combined with the fact that Castiel hadn't even asked before doing it the first time, just assuming control like that, caused a new spike of arousal to unfurl deep inside of him and he knew that by the time that his lover was ready to come, he would be too.

Another moan from Castiel had Dean looking up at his lover and he made a small noise himself at the sight of the naked pleasure on his angel's face. He was the one doing that, him and no one else. He slid further down Castiel's cock and then suddenly he had the full length in his mouth as his lover thrust forward, his angel's cock sliding all the way to the back of his mouth and then down his throat. He moaned as there was absolutely no sign of his gag reflex and the action made Castiel's fingers tighten in his hair even as his angel pulled out and thrust back into his mouth. His eyes fell closed as he focused on the wet slide of his lover's cock, swirling his tongue around the hard length and sucking when he could.

No one had ever taken Dean as deeply as he took his angel, nor had he ever fucked a girl's mouth like this so he could only imagine what it felt like, but that combined with the invisible touches he felt stroking all over his body and the sheer fact of being taken like this, so dominantly and possessively, was enough to make him achingly hard all on its own. He keened, thrusting his own cock into the air even as Castiel's hips thrust forward once more, his angel's balls slapping against his chin as his lover bottomed out in his throat. He swallowed reflexively, making Castiel moan loudly and he did it again, feeling precum spurt down his throat.

If anyone had told Dean before that he'd be here, voluntarily on his knees before a guy, giving them the blow job of their life, he'd have knocked them out. Yet here he was, not only doing that, but letting the guy control him and take his mouth, quite literally fucking it. And somehow, despite all rhyme or reason, he not only liked it, but loved it. The feel of Castiel's fingers in his hair, guiding his every move, the full length of his lover's cock in his mouth and the feel of his angel bottoming out so Castiel's balls bumped against his chin all thrilled him. In fact the more control that his lover took from him during sex, the harder he came and the more he wished and begged for it like a bitch in heat.

It also never quite seemed to be enough on some level though Dean honestly didn't know how much more Castiel could take him.

Dean mewled as Castiel finally (finally!) touched his own cock with his Grace. It wasn't nearly enough, but it just felt so good not to be thrusting into thin air that he nearly cried with relief. His lover's thrusts were getting more erratic now so he knew it wouldn't be long and he sucked all the harder and made sure to swallow every time his angel bottomed out in his throat. Then Castiel pulled him close and came, his lover's cock pulsing in his mouth. Dean suckled it, determinedly milking each and every drop and making a small noise of satisfaction when Castiel pulled back just enough to finish in his mouth, letting him taste his angel. Despite what he'd expected that first time in Avalon, he actually loved the taste of his angel's cum. It was salty, but there was another, unidentifiable taste in there that he suspected might be more angelic than anything else, but whatever it was, he craved it and eagerly milked every last drop from his lover.

When Castiel finally slipped from his mouth, Dean slumped against one of his lover's thighs, eyes half closed. He was enjoying the light petting his sated angel gave him so much that it was with some surprise that he realized that he hadn't actually come yet. It only took a few further light touches of Grace to bring him off. It wasn't the explosive climax from before but rather something far more intimate, but just as satisfying. It left him feeling utterly boneless and it was a wonder to him that he didn't just slip through Castiel's fingers like water when his lover lifted him up onto the middle of the bed.

Instead Dean all but purred as his angel curled around him proprietarily, one leg sliding over his own even as an arm slipped possessively around his waist. He was almost entirely asleep when he sensed what felt suspiciously like feathers wrapping around him.

When Dean woke next, his lover was gone from behind him. Before he could worry about it, though, a hand gently combed through his hair and he opened his eyes to find Castiel seated on the bed beside him, fully dressed.

"Cas?" Dean questioned worriedly. "Is something wrong? Do you need to go?"

"No, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't distracted or tempted until I've learned what is wrong," Castiel replied.

"What do you mean, what's wrong?"

"You were drinking alone."

Oh, that, Dean threw the whiskey bottle a dark look as if it had betrayed him and in a way it had. Somehow he didn't think that he'd be able to fob his angel off with a snarky comment so he rubbed his face and sat up. The way his lover's eyes followed the sheet down to his lap did wonders for his ego and he suddenly got what Castiel had meant with seeing dressing as a precaution.

"It's something I do, Cas," Dean stated, which was, strictly speaking, true.

"Yes, but normally you don't get a motel room to do so, nor do you end up aroused as a result," Castiel pointed out. "No, this was different. You were thinking about us, weren't you?"

"I..." Dean began, unsure of what to say.

How did you tell a lover that you had some serious reservations about your relationship? Especially when Dean could hardly even admit to himself what it was that was really bothering him? Luckily (though at times disconcertingly!), Castiel had always been very intuitive of his emotional state and he could tell that his angel got some of it when their eyes met and locked.

"Ah, you are having trouble dealing with the extent of the dominant dynamics of an angelic relationship," Castiel stated.

Dean laughed at his lover's usual forthrightness before his restlessness drove him to his feet and he began to pace back and forth in the confines of the small room. "It's not quite that straightforward, Cas. I honestly don't know quite what it is myself."

It wasn't until he stopped before the closed curtains of the room's sole window that Dean realized that not only was he naked, but he was essentially putting on a show for his angel. A quick look over his shoulder, though, proved that Castiel's attention was focused on his face and he felt a measure of relief. He'd been with far too many people just for the thrill of a good lay not to realize the significance of that telling action. His angel might have gotten dressed out of fear of being distracted, but Castiel's actions just now proved that his lover had no difficulty ignoring the physical when there were more important matters at hand.

"When we're together it's as close to perfect as I can imagine," Dean admitted with some difficulty, only Castiel's steady and slightly worried gaze allowing him to get the words out. "But afterwards... it, I don't know, my head's just a bad neighborhood to be I guess. Not that that's any different from normal lately."

Castiel contemplated him silently for a few more moments, head tilting to one side, and Dean suddenly wished that he could read his angel as easily as Cas could him. Without the normal body language that almost all people displayed on some level, it was surprisingly difficult to read his lover and that was something he wasn't used to. He might not be book smart, but Dean knew damn well that he was street smart and reading people was one of the things he normally excelled at. He could, however, see it when his angel came to a decision.

"There is another aspect to angelic relationships which I have so far neglected to mention as I feared that it would be too much for you all at once, but perhaps that was remiss of me to do so," Castiel finally said.

"There's more?" Dean asked, incredulous, as he turned back to face his lover.


"Okay, what?"

"A far more intimate coupling," Castiel explained. "Namely that of my Grace with your soul."

Dean felt his eyes go wide at that. Did his lover really mean what he thought that Castiel meant? "Wait, you mean Grace sex?"


For one horrendous second, Dean had a flash to Hell, before he could slam the lid back onto that particular set of memories. What he had with Castiel could never compare with anything that had ever happened to him downstairs. The reminder of the worst period of his life did make him think of the first time that he'd met his angel, even if he couldn't recollect that particular encounter. Unlike before, though, there was a flash of something and a rush of heat and power centered on Castiel's mark on his shoulder. He touched it unthinkingly and watched his lover's eyes track the movement, darkening in a way that Dean had literally become intimately familiar with ever since their trip to Avalon.

"You remember," Castiel stated, eyes moving back up to lock with his.

"No," Dean denied before he frowned. "Or not really. There's something there that I didn't have before, but it's feelings rather than memories. Does that make any sense?"

"It is possible that our evolving relationship is helping to unlock parts of those memories."

"So more might come out if we do this Grace sex thing?"

"It is definitely possible."

"What did happen anyway? We've never talked about it." The way Castiel's eyes skittered away made Dean frown. "Cas?"

Surprisingly, his lover sighed and Dean wondered when the hell Castiel had acquired that particular habit.

"When I finally found you, you were... busy with a soul."

Busy, Dean winched at the euphemism, more than able to guess exactly what he had been doing. He remembered more than enough about the rest of his time in Hell to have absolutely no doubts about any of that.

"You don't have to sugar coat it, Cas, I know what I did," Dean stated.

"It was not entirely undeserved," Castiel argued. "The man had been a prolific pedophile who had never been caught."

"You can tell that just by looking?"

"He still retained just enough of his soul for me to be able to do so."

"Oh, okay."

Castiel looked at Dean again briefly before his lover dropped his eyes to his clasped hands. The fact that his angel had even done that with his hands caught him by surprise. Dean was so used to his lover being rather stiff that to see Cas sitting there with his arms resting on his thighs, hands clasped together and shoulders hunched was startling to say the very least.

"It was immediately clear to me that we were too late and that you would most likely resist me," Castiel continued and now it was Dean's turn to look away, not even wanting to contemplate what his lover had thought of him then. "I should have just been able to grab you and raise you from Perdition without any difficulties despite any protests on your part."

"Isn't that what happened?"

"You would not have my mark on you if it had."

Again, subconsciously, Dean found his hand rising to touch the mark, fingers brushing the raised edges of the red skin. As before, Castiel's eyes seemed drawn to the gesture and the level of emotion in them just now made him swallow thickly. So far he'd shied away from inspecting the emotional side of what they were doing too closely, instead just rolling with it all as it just felt so damned right and good on some level, so having the proof before him was startling in a lot of ways.

"This isn't just from you grabbing hold of my soul while without a vessel?" Dean asked.



He'd never asked, but Dean had always just assumed that was what had happened to cause the scar. It made sense in a lot of ways. If Castiel's true voice could blow out his ear drums and his lover's true visage could burn out his eyes, then why wouldn't his touch sear his flesh and soul?

"I didn't do it intentionally, but even then I was already incredibly attracted to you," Castiel explained.

"Even then?" Dean questioned in disbelief.

"Yes. Remember, you were not in your body, Dean, and when I touched your soul, I knew you as you fully are."

Crap. He'd never really thought too much about it- not really allowing himself to if he was honest with himself- but now that he did, Dean felt a lump in his throat. It was little wonder that Castiel had always felt so comfortable to be around on such an instinctive level. In all ways that counted, this meant that Castiel knew him better than anyone else ever had. It definitely explained the strange duality of how his lover both seemed to know and understand him really well and not at all, depending on the situation.

What he'd shied away from immediately acknowledging or even thinking about was just how long this revelation meant that his angel had wanted him. It was mindboggling to Dean in a way that Castiel could have felt this way about him from even before he'd ever laid eyes on his lover topside. That was...

"So what is this then, if not a burn from your true form?" Dean inquired.

"The physical manifestation of a bond between us," Castiel replied.

"A bond?"


Dean sighed, gesturing with his hand. "Meaning what, exactly?"

"It is what I said, a bond or connection between us."

"Grace to soul?"



Dean wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that, but that might have been due more to the fact that he still wasn't quite sure what to do with the fact that he could now sense himself as a soul even within his own meat suit if he concentrated. It was quite disconcerting really. Before the hell hounds had ripped him apart, he'd never even known what it was like to be a soul. He'd just been, soul and meat suit as one, totally indivisible from each other. Then he'd gone to Hell and learned the difference between the two in the worst way possible. Being shoved back into his meat suit had been a shock all its own but that had been one of the ways that he'd known that he really was out of Hell when he'd woken up in his coffin. That and the fact that the air hadn't been heavy with the cloying scent of blood and sulfur, thick enough to constantly taste at the back of his throat.

What this bond could explain, though, was what had happened several months ago, not long before Lucifer had risen. Dean had been in their motel room on his own while Sam had been off God only knows where with Ruby, toying with the new connection to his soul. He'd been experimenting with what sensations came from his meat suit and which came from his soul when he'd done something. He still wasn't quite sure what it was, but he'd suddenly been flooded with the weirdest sense of Castiel. It had been so bad that at first he'd been sure that the angel was in the room with him, but no matter where he'd looked, he hadn't been able to find Castiel. Now he suspected that he must have inadvertently touched the bond while exploring his own soul.

That made Dean wish to know how he'd done it as feeling that close to his lover was definitely something that really appealed to him right now. Indeed, it would serve to fulfil the almost desperate need for more that he'd been feeling for a while now. Even right at the start in Avalon, there had been a rather large part of him that had wanted to get even closer to his lover than he already had been, even at the height of passion. He still didn't quite understand the desire, but perhaps it stemmed from the fact that he had previously been closer to Castiel then he could possibly imagine now that he was back in his meat suit out of Hell.

"So this bond, it lets us feel each other?" Dean asked.

"Yes," Castiel responded, looking startled. "You felt it, that time you touched it, you were aware of what you did."

"Not at the time, no, but the puzzle pieces just fell into place. Does it do anything else?"

"If left exactly as it is, no, not with the sigils on your ribs."

"And if it's not left as it is?"

The heat was back in his lover's eyes and Dean felt his dick twitch, making him glad that Castiel was looking at his face and not any lower. He actually wanted to know the answer to this question before they got distracted by other things.

"If further consummated, it would strengthen, allowing me to find you at all times even with the sigils," Castiel began. "It would also allow us to communicate on a very basic level over great distances and it would allow us to be constantly aware of each other, even if we were on opposite sides of the world."

Oh shit, that was definitely closer and Dean felt his mouth go dry at the sudden fierce longing that sprang up within him for this closer bond. Normally that kind of thing would scare the crap out of him, but not this time, not with Cas. And wasn't that what this all came down to?


His lover and angel.

The things that Dean was willing to do for and with Cas quite frankly stunned, baffled and frightened him at times, but never when he was actually with his lover. No, then it always felt natural and instinctive. Liberating in a lot of ways that he didn't fully understand but desperately craved for nonetheless. And hadn't that been precisely what he'd come here to think about in the first place? Somehow he wasn't terribly surprised that it had devolved into him and Cas ending up in bed together. What was actually worthy of surprise was the fact that they had actually gotten around to discussing things at all in any real way and all of the credit for that went directly to his angel for thinking to get dressed before he woke.

"And what would further consummate it?" Dean finally asked.

"Me taking your soul as well as your body," Castiel replied bluntly.

The wording made arousal shoot through Dean and he approached his lover once more, glad that Castiel rose to his feet as he did so. "And what does that entail?"

"It's hard to describe, but imagine the way I touch your body with my Grace, but on your soul."

By now they stood really close together, Castiel's words being whispered into his ear and Dean could feel the edges of his lover's trench coat brush his naked skin, causing his breath to hitch. He was hardening rapidly now and shuddered violently as his lover's Grace caressed him, making him moan.

"You'd feel me all around you; claiming, taking, owning," Castiel continued, closing the distance between them, his clothes suddenly gone.

Dean gasped at the sudden skin to skin contact, his cock pressed close to that of his lover, both of them slick with precum. "Cas."

"Yes, mine own?"

He wanted it, desperately. The sheer depth of the desire left Dean almost speechless. He didn't need to be told how much more serious and intimate that was. Not to mention how utterly submissive it would make him to his lover. Though a part of him was crying out for him to not only stop, but to run away screaming, he reacted instinctively as he almost always did. That was what had led him here in the first place.

"Please," Dean begged, the thought already driving him nuts.

In response, Castiel claimed his mouth in a dirty kiss before they were suddenly on the bed once more, though Dean paid it little thought, having long since gotten used to his lover using his mojo to move them around during sex. He gave a shout as his angel cheated and used his Grace to prepare him, the sensation as indescribable as ever and would probably always be enough to elicit a reaction from him. Then he was flipped over and only just had enough time to grab hold of the sheets before Cas started pushing into him, slowly but in one fluid motion.

Dean moaned loudly as his angel bottomed out within him and then froze, letting them both adjust. Much as he loved just feeling his lover inside of him, though, he loved being taken even more and he clenched down, hoping to entice Castiel into motion. Luckily his lover started doing so immediately, setting up a hard and fast pace that had him crying out and writhing against his angel in need.

"Are you ready, Dean?" Castiel asked, slowing down.

"Yes!" Dean replied, as soon as his mind had processed the question.

The realization that it was really about to happen, that he was really going to feel his angel's Grace along his soul again, sent a thrill through him and he reached out with his senses, stretching them out to feel his angel's true form. At first there was nothing, but then he felt it on his skin. It was similar to the Grace touches Castiel had already teased him with only just far more. More intense, more real, more all-encompassing, more absolute. At first his lover teased him with it, well either that or Castiel was making sure not to overwhelm him all at once, but fuck did he want to be overwhelmed! He wanted to bathe and bask in it, feel it all around him forever.

He wanted to drown in it.

Soon Dean had his first wish and he came when Castiel's Grace completely blanketed him even as his lover kept thrusting into him from behind. Then he felt it start to sink into him and it was like coming and he clenched down on his angel's cock, surprised when Castiel still didn't come, moaning instead before starting to thrust once more, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back in, nailing his overstimulated prostate and making his whole meat suit shudder. The physical was of secondary importance to Dean, though, and instead most of his attention was focused on what was going on inside of him. He was hyperaware of Castiel's Grace and his own soul. The two were rapidly approaching each other and the first touch was ecstatic and he was dimly aware of his lover coming inside of him. He had no words to describe what it felt like other than spiritual and destined. His soul melted into Castiel's Grace just like how his meat suit always did to his angel's vessel.

There was no thought involved, just pure, wonderful instinct.

Castiel instantly wrapped his Grace around him until it felt like his whole soul was enclosed in his angel. Dean mewled and keened in response, but then entirely lost it as his lover tightened around him and took him. He wasn't entirely sure what happened as feeling his soul this intensely while in his meat suit was odd enough, but it felt like being fucked and taken on a soul level, only far more encompassing. The scar on his arm burned with the sensation but in a good way and he could feel something from it. Whatever it was, it was growing and strengthening and then his sense of Castiel grew impossibly stronger and expanded far beyond the physical and he basked in it.

The sensation grew more and more intense until Dean blacked out, swallowed whole by the intense pleasure. When he woke an indeterminate amount of time later, he was back in his own meat suit with his angel curled around him as usual. It wasn't until he shifted slightly, though, that he realized that Castiel was still inside of him, spent but filling him nonetheless.

"Hello, Dean," Castiel said, brushing a kiss behind his ear. "How are you feeling?"

"Uhh..." Dean began, pausing as he took careful stock of how he felt. "Spent. Completely and utterly spent."

Castiel chuckled darkly in his ear. "As you should be. I just took you three times in as many hours."

Fuck, had it really been only three hours? No wonder he felt like his bones had turned to Jell-O. Dean honestly wasn't sure that he could move much, let alone get to his feet. The sensation was heavenly though as he felt completely and utterly sated as well. Combined with the fact that his lover was still currently in him, he also felt full in every way that mattered as well.

"It worked, the bond's completed," Dean muttered, already able to feel the difference.

He could now tell exactly where Castiel's Grace touched his soul without even trying. Finding it back would never be a problem now.


It took Dean's sluggish mind a few moments to realize that Castiel couldn't have said the word as his angel was too busy mouthing at the side of his neck. He blinked in shock before he remembered what his angel had told him earlier.

"Wait, I thought you said we'd be able to communicate on a very basic level," Dean thought.

"Over longer distances, yes. When we're closer, the ability is stronger."

Holy shit! "That could be useful."

"Mm, yes," Castiel replied, nipping at his skin.

Dean wasn't quite sure what it was, but there was just something, either about the way that his lover said it or that he was picking up from the bond, but he got the distinct impression that this ability wouldn't always be used... angelically. The mere thought made him smile wickedly. Well, two could play that particular game and Cas could bring it on as far as he was concerned.

"And before you ask if there will be anything else, it depends. Different humans gain different abilities and there haven't been enough to determine if there is any kind of pattern," Castiel said.

"Wait, there have been others?"

"Human angelic mates? Yes. Not many but a few of my brothers and sisters have found human submissives."

The wording still caught Dean up short even if he knew that it really was the correct one. After all, look at him now, he could hardly argue that he wasn't the very image of completely fucked out. Hell, he still had his lover's spent cock inside of himself and he didn't particularly want it out of him either. If that all didn't make him submissive, then how easily and readily he allowed Castiel to take control when they had sex most definitely did.

"Didn't they regret it?" Dean couldn't help but ask. "I mean after the human died?"

"Dean," Castiel began sternly. "Angelic mates are hardly souls destined for Hell. All that happened when they died is that they lost their physical body, the rest remained the same. Unlike normal humans, they don't go to the human portion of Heaven and instead remain with their dominants. Most of the times I saw Miriel, she had Sceptimus draped sleepily around her neck."

"Around her neck?"

"Ah, yes, my mistake. An angel's true form is far larger than our vessels, which is why we need special humans to house us in the first place."

"Just how large are we talking about here?"

"About the size of your Chrysler building."

The words stunned Dean speechless for a few minutes. The size of the Chrysler building? It was almost too much to wrap his mind around. Although on the other hand, Castiel did seem far larger than life in a lot of ways, not to mention that it seemed almost fitting for an angel to be so large and vast. His lover's Grace definitely felt that way and it explained how Castiel had been able to both be inside his vessel as well as all around his soul.

"So I take it the human soul isn't as large," Dean finally managed to ask.

"No, you are more as you are now," Castiel replied. "Which is why those angels who have human submissives tend to carry them around with them."

That much Dean could understand. If he had the chance to curl himself around his lover's Grace permanently, he'd definitely take it. Especially if the alternative was being alone. It had to be nice, not having anything else to worry about other than pleasing his mate. Not that he was sure that he could really enjoy doing nothing in reality, but it was a great little fantasy.

"We can discuss it later if you wish," Castiel said and Dean realized that he was starting to drift off once more. "For now just sleep."

And Dean did, without a moment's further thought.

Part 2


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