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The Soul Puzzle Masterpost
Title: The Soul Puzzle
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: up to and including 6.22
Warnings: slash, AU, dom!Cas, sub!Dean, bare backing, knotting, dark, destruction of a religious site
Word Count: 43,595
Note: This fic was written for the deancasbigbang 2012.
Summary: A year after the events of 6.22, Castiel awakes on the floor of a decadent mansion with little memory of what has happened and only Dean, whose soul has been horribly maimed, nearby. Can he figure out what happened and heal Dean? Especially when the horrible truth slowly starts to emerge?

Beta: aerilex

Artist: syrahde

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
PDF Version of fic & art
Art Masterlist

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User dehavilland referenced to your post from Edition 2,395 saying: [...] by (Dean/Castiel, R) The Soul Puzzle [...]

Awww crap another one of your emotionally explosive stories...


I am soooo excited....I book marked it to read with like a zillion others I need to catch up on:D

Yep, you did know it was coming :)
On the bright side, this one is complete and won't keep growing on you.

LOL! YAY!! I have one I have to finish tomorrow, then I will read yours;)

Oo, I've been moved near the top of the list, yay!

You're a bad influence on my ego

I tell it like it is. Your work be awesome:D

(Deleted comment)
Seconding this request! This fic deserves to be taken everywhere. :)

Thanks! But alas I don't have an account there and have no plans to get one. I will, however, try to convert this to a PDF.

I've now created a PDF of this, can you let me know if getting at it works well? I've never done this before!

Nope, sorry, I don't have an account over there. I am, however, going to give PDF-ing this a go. I'll let you know if it works.

(Deleted comment)
Eh, what's a mobi?
And that's okay, the reason I'm not there is because I'm not a huge fan of posting too many places as I tend to lose track of where WIPs are then :)

(Deleted comment)
Ah, I see. I don't know how to convert to that, but I'm pretty sure that someone told me there's a free software out there that does that. Calibre or something.

(Deleted comment)
Why? I was always under the impression it was one of the most versatile formats. Though I think it's quite clear by now I don't know much about this. I'd never even thought of coverting the fics to anything other than posting them here as I'd never download something from a non-official site.

(Deleted comment)
Huh, I know my friend has read PDFs on her kindle, I'll see if she can tell me how she did it.
I will be converting to PDF from Word, not sure if that helps, but I will also have that file available if it helps.

(Deleted comment)
Okay, I'll let you know when it happens. Might be a week or so as I'm the middle of nano madness!

(Deleted comment)
Please let me know, if there'll be a pdf available.

Okay, there's no a PDF. Please le me know how it works to get at it as this is the first time that I've done anything like this.

Now! I meant there's now a PDF, not no!

Thanks hon! I downloaded it, it looks like it working!

Great! Thanks for letting me know.

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