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The Five Acts Meme
dean laughs
Taken from sarkywoman. (The Dean/Cas comment fic I wrote for her is here)

- Post a list of your five favorite kinks/acts or themes in your journal. Inspiration can be found here. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.

- Comment to the master post with a link to your post.

- Read other people's lists and post comment-fic based off their themes.

1. Wing!fic
2. Animalistic behaviors and characteristics, dominant (snarling; sniffing; scent-marking or biting; other claiming acts; territoriality; predatory stalking; cuffing; forcing the partner's neck down; claws and other features)
3. Attention (singling someone out; treating someone specially in front of others; making a point of showing respect to or interest in someone who doesn't usually receive it; observing, studying, or analyzing someone to understand them)
4. Biological imperative (pon farr or mating drive; being in heat)
5. Claiming or establishing ownership (private or public; by gesture, word, or ritual; with sex; with a collar and leash; with scent-marking or by biting)

SPN: Dean/Cas, Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Michael, Dean/Crowley, Dean/Alastair, Dean/Lucifer (any combination thereof as long as Dean's in there)

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I'm going to try a Cas/Dean featuring 2. Animalistic behaviors and characteristics, dominant (Might be able to cram in 1, 4, and 5 too...) but I was just wondering if it would be alright to have Dean with submissive animal behaviours too to act as a counterpart to Castiel's dominant behaviour.

Oh, definitely! I looked at that kink option too, but figured one of the two would cover it and that way I'd be able to add more different options for people who didn't like this tack.

Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 1/8

Bobby had driven to Sam’s location as quickly as he could. He’d been in the middle of researching something for a friend, but Sam was adamant that he couldn’t get to Bobby, that the older hunter would have to come to them. Truth be told, Bobby was sort of expecting a trap, possessed Winchesters and the like.

What he saw in the motel room was far stranger than that. On the far side of the room Castiel and Dean were huddled together on the floor, Dean pressed into the corner as if Castiel was shielding him from something. The angel was shirtless and Dean’s t-shirt was torn and both men stared at Bobby with intense, wary eyes. A black-eyed Sam greeted him.

“Don’t know what’s causing it,” Sam said with a shrug. “We’ve taken on so many hunts lately. And with us stuck in the middle of the heaven versus hell thing…”

“A lotta potential causes,” Bobby agreed. “Have you checked for any markings on their bodies?”

“No, but…”

“Damn it Sam,” the older hunter snapped. First they dragged him from home with their constant trouble-finding and then they didn’t even bother to check for the obvious clues? They were grown men, they shouldn’t need so much hand-holding.

Bobby stepped towards the pair. On his second step in their direction, Castiel let out a growl that was downright animal. It made the hairs on Bobby’s neck stand on end. The hunter took another step closer. “Cas,” he said tentatively, “Castiel. You know me. Bobby.”

In response to that, the angel’s wings fluttered into visibility, large, blurry, black shadows that blocked Dean from view. Bobby was put in mind of cats trying to make themselves look big, fluffing out their fur.

“Bobby…” Sam said nervously. “As I was trying to say, Cas won’t let anyone close enough to check for anything. What did you think happened to my eye? Before you got here he was snarling at the curtains for flapping in the breeze. When the television was on he blew it up. He’s still got all his angel powers but he’s lost his mind. Dean’s no better, though he’s far less aggressive.”

As Bobby watched, Dean’s hand snuck under one of Castiel’s wings and toyed with the feathers at the tip. The angel shivered and shifted his intense blue gaze to the hunter he was hiding from the others. Bobby felt uneasy, as if he was watching something intimate. It was one thing seeing Castiel lash out like a territorial animal, but seeing Dean with his guards down was just bizarre.

“Sam, I think you’d better start from the beginning…”

Sam nodded and sat down on the edge of the bed furthest from his brother and Cas. Bobby moved back to join him, conscious of Castiel’s blue eyes tracking their movement.

“I guess the first I suspected that anything might be wrong was Sunday morning…”

Sam huffed as he returned to the motel with breakfast to find Dean was still curled up in bed, wrapped up in blankets with only tufts of his hair visible.

“Dean, come on,” he said with a sigh. “You’re the one who wanted to check the murder out this morning. Early, you said, before the cops drag their asses out. That means you gotta get up.”

Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 2/8

Dean made a displeased noise from within his duvet cocoon. So Sam grabbed his leg and shook him. He wasn’t expecting Dean to growl and kick out, slamming his heel into Sam’s stomach. The elder Winchester backed away, doubled over. “DUDE! What the fuck?!”

That got Dean awake, he sat up startled. “What? Oh shit I’m sorry Sammy…” He rolled out of bed in his boxers and rushed to his brother’s side. “I didn’t mean to. Guess I was still groggy or something. You okay?”

Pride had Sam standing up straight with a grimace, trying to hide the pain. “I’m fine,” he muttered, “you kick like a child.”

Dean raised his eyebrows. “Hey, kids can kick like mules. Little bastards.” His grin faded as he looked at Sam’s middle, as if he could see the bruise developing under the clothes. “You sure you’re alright? I’m really sorry.”

The sincerity of the apology kind of forced Sam to accept it. “I’m
fine, or at least I will be when you stop fussing over me and get ready to go question this Clive guy about his wife.”

His brother nodded. “Right, sure, sorry. Let me hop in the shower and I’ll be good to go. You grab me breakfast?”

“It’s on the table,” Sam nodded. He waited until Dean was in the shower before rolling up his shirt and looking in the mirror. It was starting to bruise already. “Mother fucker…”

“Dean’s always been liable to react faster than he can process stuff, but he’s never whacked me like that before. And the way he moved was instinctive and defensive, like a trapped animal. At the time I just figured he was having another of his nightmares.”

“But Dean didn’t say anything to you about feeling strange in any way?” Bobby asked.

“No, not at all. But he didn’t have to, not with the way he was acting when we interviewed Clive Roberts.”


“The guy whose wife was arrested for the ‘satanic ritual killings’,” Sam said, quoting the newspaper where they had originally learned of the hunt. “Clive Roberts, forty-five years old…”

“...Owns a local chain of hotels. Nothing too fancy, but he does have some money to show for it,” Sam finished as they walked up the driveway of the lavish home.

“Ever feel like you’re on one of those detective shows?” Dean asked idly as he rang the doorbell.

“Sometimes I feel like the intelligent sidekick,” Sam muttered quietly, wincing when Dean whacked him lightly in the same place he had kicked him that morning.

Clive Roberts was all smiles when they introduced themselves. Almost as tall as Sam but with a bigger build, his neatly-styled hair was at odds with his stubble. He shook Dean’s hand warmly, passing Sam by then inviting them in.

It wasn’t long before two realizations hit Sam. One, Clive Roberts might be a husband, but he was also gay as a day in May. Two, he was hitting on Dean.

“…Always a pleasure to be of assistance to a man in uniform…” The guy was hardly being subtle.

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Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 3/8

They utilized their usual search strategy – Sam pretended to need the bathroom and while he searched the upstairs for any signs of summoning rituals or supernatural knowledge, Dean would sweet-talk the home-owner.

Only in this case it looked like Dean might have overdone it a little. When Sam returned from his unsuccessful house-search he found Clive pressing his brother down into the sofa and kissing him like he’d been offered a million dollars to thoroughly clean Dean’s tonsils. Dean was wriggling and making sounds of protest, but for some reason was unable to throw the man off. Sam had a second of indecision – surely Dean would stop anyone forcing themselves on him like this? Concern won out and he grabbed Clive’s shoulders and dragged the bastard off his brother.

“Hey!” Clive fumed from where Sam had let him fall to the carpet. “What do you think you’re doing? We were busy!”

“Dean,” Sam snapped at his brother. “Let’s go.”

“Dean was clearly embarrassed. I believe him that the guy made the first move, but Dean should have been able to fight him off. He couldn’t explain why he didn’t, though when I asked if maybe…” Sam hesitated, clearly embarrassed by the circumstances himself, “…he wanted it, he was really adamant that he didn’t. Convinced me.”

Bobby cleared his throat and tried not to look over at Dean and Castiel who were quietly petting and nuzzling each other in the corner like a pair of friendly kittens. “But when this guy pounced on him, did Dean seem to want it? That’s a world of difference when it comes to curse. Was it ‘wouldn’t fight’ or ‘couldn’t fight’?”

Sam frowned, revisiting the mental scene he’d wanted to destroy with brain bleach. “I think ‘couldn’t’.
It was like for a moment he was physically weak or mentally, unable to get his bearings and stop it happening. I’d blame shock if it was anyone else.”

“Hmm. What about Castiel, when did he get here?”

“Dean stayed in the motel while I went to the library. We were kind of not talking about the whole Clive thing after arguing about it in the car. When I got back Cas was there, I’m not sure why. But the way he was acting, that was the first sign I got that Dean wasn’t the only one affected by the weirdness.”

“Sam.” Castiel nodded in greeting, though he barely spared the younger Winchester a glance. He lay beside Dean on the bed, watching the older brother read. Occasionally Dean’s eyes darted up to Castiel’s face and then away again, visibly nervous with the amount of scrutiny he was being subjected to.

“Hey Cas. Dean, you found anything yet?”

“No,” Dean replied, sounding snappy.

“I honestly don’t know what made me say it. Just teasing, I guess.”

“Too busy daydreaming about kissing Clive?”

“Who is Clive?” Castiel asked, his attention suddenly on Sam, his head cocked to one side curiously. “And why would Dean dream of kissing him?”

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Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 4/8

“Clive’s a guy involved with the case,” Sam explained. “The husband of the possessed woman – at least we think she’s possessed. We went to talk to him earlier and he practically sucked Dean’s tongue out.”

Castiel turned a furious frown on Dean. “You kissed this…Clive?”

“No, he kissed me,” Dean answered, still snappish.

The angel wrapped one strong hand around Dean’s arm and threw away his book with the other. “Did you allow it?”

Dean shook his head frantically. “No! I couldn’t stop him, he was strong.”

Cas pulled up Dean’s sleeve and slapped his hand down over the handprint. Dean cried out and Sam took a hesitant step closer. It had seemed the obvious course of action to intervene with Clive, but this was Castiel… “Do you know what this means, Dean?” the angel hissed. “This brand upon your arm marks you as mine. Do not parade yourself around as though you are free to be taken. You are

Dean actually
whimpered. “Okay,” he said meekly, sounding nothing like Dean Winchester.

“Cas, let go of him,” Sam said, trying to sound stern when he knew he was inviting an angelic ass-kicking. But with Castiel pinning a wide-eyed Dean to the bed in front of him, looking moments away from molesting him, Sam couldn’t exactly do nothing.

Castiel snarled up at him like a dog having its chew-toy taken, then suddenly… stopped. The angel looked down at his hand tightly wrapped around the mark on Dean’s arm and let go. “I apologise,” he said as he climbed off of the bed. “I have no excuse or reason for my behaviour. I should go.”

“You don’t have to,” Dean said quickly, but the angel had already disappeared. The brothers looked at each other awkwardly for a moment before Dean rolled away and got off of the bed.

“You, uh, you want lunch?” Sam asked, wondering how to phrase the more pertinent questions.

“Yeah, just let me shower,” Dean said, ambling guiltily towards the bathroom.

“But you already...oh.” Sam blushed and went to his laptop without another word, loading up some online resources and putting on some music.

“Thanks for sharing,” Bobby muttered sarcastically.

“Well it scarred me,” Sam said, “Misery loves company.”

“So another guy goes all alpha male on Dean and he loves it. Again.”

“Not just that though,” Sam said, “Castiel was somehow affected. That narrows down the causes a little bit, since he hasn’t been on all of our hunts with us.”

Bobby nodded. “Yeah, that’s right. You got a list?”

“Of the hunts Cas joined us for? Yeah, let me find it.” Sam stood from the bed and then Dean and Castiel caught his eye. “Hey, stop that! No frisky business!”

Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 5/8

Castiel growled angrily, but went back to protecting Dean from the intruders rather than ripping more holes in the hunter’s t-shirt.

Sam shrugged at Bobby’s raised eyebrow. “I’ve found shouting at them stops any dodgy activities from happening because Cas gets all protective and growly instead of frisky.”

“You’ve needed to do that a lot?” Bobby asked uneasily. He didn’t like this one bit. Whatever was wrong with Dean, he hadn’t consented to getting fucked by an angel. If Castiel hurt the boy, Bobby would find a way to hurt him, angel of the Lord or no.

“Constantly,” Sam sighed, bringing a piece of paper over from the table. “It’s like they’re in heat or something. Here’s the list. None of the hunts stand out as a potential cause to me though.”

Bobby scanned the list. “Any other weird behaviour from Dean before this?”

“Oh yeah.”

Sam stared, along with a substantial portion of the diner guests and staff. Dean didn’t notice until he was halfway through his pie, at which point he looked around the room then back at Sam. “What?”

“You’ve’ve got a little...” Sam gestured to his face.

“Huh?” Dean wiped at his face, beaming when he saw the sticky pie filling on the back of his hand. “Awesome.” He proceeded to lap the syrupy apple from his skin. Like a cat. There was still pie all over his cheeks and chin, as well as a small smudge on his nose.

“You’d probably get less on your face if you used the cutlery instead of putting your face in it,” Sam said, as though it was something he often had to remind his brother.

Dean blinked down at the massacred pie, then took in the clean knife and fork by the side of the plate. “I stuck my face in the pie.”

“Yeah. You’re lucky this place doesn’t seem to cook them to piping hot.”

“Why did I stick my face in the pie?”

Sam shrugged, watching his brother closely. “I honestly don’t know.”

Dean picked up the fork and smiled at the customers watching him before tucking into the rest of his meal. “Sam?” he said, mouth full of pie, “I think something weird is going on.”

“And it got weirder very quickly...”

They climbed into the car after leaving a substantial tip and a very messy table in the diner. Dean held the keys up, examining them closely. Then he looked around the interior of the car with utter bewilderment.



“How do I start the car?”

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Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 6/8

“After that it was a rapid deterioration. I was scared, Bobby. By the time I got him back to the motel he wasn’t speaking properly, like his whole vocabulary was failing him. And he kept sniffing at me and looking at me like he didn’t know who I was.”

“Right, how long before Castiel showed up again?”

“Not even an hour.”

“And how was he acting?”

“Cas!” Sam exclaimed when the angel appeared in the room. “Thank God you’re here, Dean’s acting...”

But Castiel completely ignored Sam’s presence, walking over to Dean and without preamble, pushed him up against the wall and ripped the man’s black t-shirt as he ravished his mouth. When he pulled away, Dean dazedly licked his lips then leaned in for more.

Sam knew he couldn’t let this happen. While he was absolutely certain that Dean and Castiel would greatly benefit from the resolution of their epic levels of sexual tension, he also knew they wouldn’t appreciate it if their first time was rutting like animals while under a supernatural influence. “Stop it!” he shouted, but Castiel was already pulling at the waistband of Dean’s jeans and Sam’s brother was moaning like a hooker.

“I said stop!” He tried again, this time pulling at Castiel’s arm.

“Mine!” Cas snarled, throwing his arm back with enough force to knock Sam across the room and knock him out.

“Something strange did happen then...” Sam mused, remembering.

“Strange in comparison to the rest?” Bobby asked sceptically. “Hey!” he barked at the pair of idjits in the corner. Castiel growled and removed his hand from between Dean’s jean-clad legs.

“Along with the rest, yeah. Dean came to my rescue.”

When Sam woke his eye was killing him, but he was able to see and he was surprised to find his head cradled in Dean’s lap. “Dean?”

“Sam.” Dean looked back over his shoulder and Sam noticed Castiel looming over them. “Sam,” he said, as if introducing him to Castiel. “Pack.”

Bobby startled. “What did he say?”

“Sounded like pack, I thought,” Sam said with a shrug. “I might have had a concussion.”

“Pack,” Bobby echoed. He quickly scanned Sam’s list again. “He called you pack. You’re his brother and he sensed the blood connection, warned Castiel off of you and Cas went with it because that’s what they do! The mate and all the mate’s family become part of the pack! Of course Cas and Dean aren’t really turned, but they don’t know that...”

Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 7/8

“Bobby, what are you talking about?”

“You fought werewolves not too long ago. There hasn’t been a full moon since, not until this week.”

Sam shook his head. “No, no way. They’re not werewolves, Bobby. I’d have known if they got bitten. Besides, Castiel is an angel. I doubt you can turn an angel into a werewolf.”

“Did I say they’d been turned?” Bobby asked, feeling surrounded by idjits.

“HEY!” Sam yelled over to the corner as Bobby yelled, “Pack it in, you two!”

Dean whined with disappointment as Castiel shifted him off of his lap, hiding him behind his wings again.

“So if they haven’t been turned, why are you talking about werewolves?”

“Because I’m starting to think you were facing a slightly different breed,” Bobby explained. “Did Dean or Castiel get the blood of the wolf on them at all?”

Sam paled. “Cas threw out a wing to protect Dean and it got soaked in gore. Dean felt bad so he helped him clean up.”

Bobby sighed. “With his bare hands?” These boys would be the death of him.

Sam nodded slowly. “Is that all it takes?”

Bobby realised the conclusion Sam had jumped to and quickly put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Relax, boy. It’s not as serious as a bite. Just some breeds of werewolf have particularly magically potent blood. Bela would pay you a pretty penny for the stuff you wash down the drain. In this case, it’s caused some mental regression in Dean and Castiel, made ‘em act on animal instinct.”

“How do we fix it?” Sam asked.

“We don’t,” Bobby admitted with another sigh. “All you can do is let it run its course. It soon wears off, especially if they washed straight after exposure. Doubt it’ll be more than another night.” He stood up and headed to the door. “Bring ‘em by my place after so I can see how mortified your brother is on a scale of one to ten.”

“What?” Sam jumped up. “You’re leaving?!”

Bobby shrugged his shoulders slightly. “Well, yeah! I ain’t ‘pack’ so there’s no way Dean and Castiel are going to relax with me around. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and hopefully everyone can get through this with their dignity intact.”

He let himself out of the motel room, chuckling as he heard Sam yell, “NO! Bad angel!”


Wet on his neck. Warm. Good. Fun.

Dean opened his eyes to see the dark black spikes of his lover’s hair as his neck was gently caressed with an eager tongue.

Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 8/8

Pack? Sleep.

Seeing his brother curled on the bed across the room, Dean relaxed under his mate’s touch. For some reason, his pack disliked his mate.

Mate. Cas.

Dean turned his head to lick at his mate’s lips, letting his love know he was awake and willing. Cas snarled softly, the sound rumbling against Dean’s skin.

“Want...” Cas growled. They had wanted for hours, Dean’s pack making them wait.

“Yours,” Dean whispered. “Have.”

Cas did as he was told, fighting their clothes straight away. After a moment he huffed and their clothes were gone. Dean’s mate smiled proudly then moved his mouth between Dean’s legs.

Good, so good, want mate now... Dean whined as his mate moved fingers in and out of him. Want mate. Want. Want Cas. Angel. Castiel, Angel of the Lord, holy shit, what the fuck am I doing?

Castiel’s movements slowed and Dean trembled against him. He looked down and clear green eyes met worried blue. The moment stretched out, neither knowing what to say and Cas still had his fingers in a place they had no right being. A place Dean really wanted them to stay.

“Cas...” He broke the silence with a whisper. “Don’t stop...”


Sam only realised he had fallen asleep when he woke up to sunshine outside. His head jerked to the other bed in the room. Sure enough, Dean and Castiel were wrapped up in a pile of blankets, enough of their bodies visible that Sam could tell they were naked.

“Oh fucking damn it!” he cursed loudly.

“One hell of a potty mouth Sammy,” Dean mumbled, eyes still closed.

“It is a disgrace,” Castiel murmured in agreement, nuzzling the back of Dean’s neck. “Very uncivilised.”

“He’s an animal,” Dean chuckled.

“I hate you guys,” Sam groaned, climbing out of bed. “This is the thanks I get for cock-blocking like a champ?”

“You are lucky I did not remove yours,” Castiel muttered darkly. “I was rather...focused.”

“Mmm, I’ll say,” Dean grinned, wriggling back against his angel.

“Ugh, I’m going to the bathroom,” Sam muttered. The door slammed shut behind him.

Cas licked a line up Dean’s neck. “Mine,” he growled softly.

“Mmm, yours,” agreed Dean.

Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 8/8

I'll be honest, this is totally and completely not what I was thinking when I selected that kink, and I never saw something like this coming, but I absolutely LOVE it!
Thank you so much!
Just one thing, you called Sam the elder brother at the start of the second part.
My favorite line by far was “NO! Bad angel!” I laughed aloud with it.

Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 8/8

Oops, so I did. It won't let me edit it now either. Oh well.

I'm glad you liked it :)

Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 8/8

'Liked' is such a weak word for how much I love this fic. I've been rereading it several times.

Re: Castiel/Dean - Animalistic Behaviour 8/8

LOL! Poor Sam!

Still, the image of Cas and Dean acting like animals is kinda hot.

1. Wing!fic... <3
Oh, I could have written this *shifty*

Could have?
*nudge, nudge*
In my book it's never too late. You posted one of these as well?

Well, you're right: I can always improve my English... XD Sadly, right now, I can only read others' works.
A friend of mine has translated one of my fic, pairing future!Dean/Dean. If you are interested in it... ^^

Hmm, that's not normally a pairing I read, but go ahead and give me the link and I'll have a look when I have some time (most get some more of UD written before I can read anything).

Well, UP is kinda my priority too, here :P
Here you are: You belong with me ^^

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